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Show me the Money!!!!
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Author:  Racin Si [ March 7th, 2014, 7:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Show me the Money!!!!

ACR announces..... new for the 2014 season a money blowing booth. Thats right a booth were a few lucky fans will be able to access a little extra cash. Our own form of an ATM. During each event the booth will be used for the kids to catch various prizes. At intermission we will throw a pile of ones in the machine with one $50 bill. Good luck to all who have a chance to get into the machine. Keep your eyes on that fitttty!!! Any business that wants to throw in the big bill will get the mention on the night that they wish to do so. They will also get a sign all season on the machine!!! Stay tuned for many more attractions at ACR for this upcoming 2014 season!!

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