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Wouldn't it be nice????
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Author:  Racin Si [ December 3rd, 2015, 8:19 am ]
Post subject:  Wouldn't it be nice????

"WOULDN'T IT BE NICE???" If in classes like Hobby and Emod "especially" we could have a set of rules that didn't change every year. Maybe a guy could start building a car now and in five years that same car from the tires to the motor would be "legal" and "still be competitive". That is exactly my vision on these two classes. Rules creep and rules changes cost race teams money and it discourages new drivers. We need common sense rules from the tires to the motors that do not change annually. Also I think it is very important to "keep" both Hobby and Emod motors exactly the same. This is my vision at ACR and we are 2 years into that vision. There have been some growing pains but we have arrived and have very common sense rules in both classes. Once we get racers to buy into this vision we will see both classes grow. Wouldn't it be nice????

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