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ACR chooses Imca!!!!
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Author:  Racin Si [ December 7th, 2015, 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  ACR chooses Imca!!!!

Well as everybody knows we have chosen our classes and we have sanctioned Imca for the newly added class of Modifieds and have moved our Stockcars to the Imca brand as well. The debate is over so its now time to move to the rules and transition rules. Dave Brenn has indicated it will not be a hard transition as the track size lends itself to close competition. There will be transition for Modifieds as well as Stockcars. Meaning that some of the things we had in our 2015 rules will be allowed for our 2016 "transition" year. Dave hopes to have his part done before the first of the year. The classes that are not sanctioned such as Kidzmodz, Hobby, compacts, and Emod will also be finalized by then. Thanks in advance for everyones continued patience in this matter of transition. A great on track product with good car counts will be a result. Make plans to be in the Cage for the 2016 season. Don't be afraid of the Cage!!!!!

Author:  racin78p [ December 13th, 2015, 11:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: ACR chooses Imca!!!!

Welcome to IMCA! Dave Brenn is a total class guy, one of the best out there for sure. Good to know he is helping with your transition period.

Question though Phil, why no BMods?

Good luck this year and wishing you and the crew the very best!

Race on.


Author:  Racin Si [ December 13th, 2015, 2:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ACR chooses Imca!!!!

Multiple reasons. First is that we had 60 bmods race here at least one time last year with our current rule set of letting both sanctions run competitively together. However; if you came and raced here between 5 to 10 times you could have been top 5 in points. Our second place in points missed half the season. It has proven to be a very inconsistent class at ACR. People say how stupid can you be… just cut the biggest class. Well here it is not the biggest class. We hit an all time low of seven cars one night. I don't think we have ever ran a b-feature in four years. We also have the emod class that is growing along with the kidzmodz class that is growing. The rules between Sportmod and Emod are really close so we thought with money being so tight there is no need to have two classes so close to each other yet you would have to purse both classes. We felt that if we put ourselves on an Island by sanctioning to northern sport mod it would be a slow build. Maybe an average of 8 to 12 cars perhaps less. When we asked around we couldn't come up with 6 sport mod drivers that said they would be here regularly. Changing our stock cars to Imca might be a slow build and bringing on the Modifieds might be a slow build. So in the interest of not running out of money we chose to put our chips on the Modified class. Most mods will have quick change rears now and they will be able to run here with $60 gears rather than a bmod having to go get $400 to $500 gears. The Modified class might just grow quicker and be more consistent. That is our hopes for sure. Another thing is we think that Modifieds will help create a better front gate which in turn will help bring back the Sportmods in the future. We will run three modified type cars on Friday as well as to stock bodied cars and then of curse compacts. In the future I do believe there may be a need of Sportmods along with Emods and Modifieds, however; we will need a stronger front gate to make that happen.

Author:  racin78p [ December 14th, 2015, 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ACR chooses Imca!!!!

Had no idea or would have thought that the BMods were not too consistent at ACR. :shock: It makes sense what you are doing now. Not that I was throwing a judgment call around, it is your track and you can do as you see fit. EMod class is a very good idea, and I remember you writing up about that when you were first thinking of putting them on the track. I hope they keep growing!

Once again, good luck and hope you prosper very well!

Race on.


Author:  Racin Si [ December 14th, 2015, 6:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: ACR chooses Imca!!!!

No problems. Very logical questions. The Emod class is growing and in the future I think there may be a need for three modified classes. The existing bmod class is already a hard class to enter having no experience in racing. The class is full of veteran modified drivers. As harmful as it is for a track to run so many classes I think it may be needful for the future of the sport. We had a few very new drivers win in the Emod class last year. That is what they need "A TASTE"!!!! Once they get that taste, hear the crowd cheer for them, hold that trophy, take the pictures, get the interview, and get that feature winner t-shirt it is on then for sure. Need to spread those wins out to as many as possible. Our Emod class had over 6 different winners this year. Not bad. Thanks for your well wishes!!!

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