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No Racing-4-29-16 - How About Retro Racing - 4-30-10
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Author:  Metroracer#4 [ April 29th, 2016, 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  No Racing-4-29-16 - How About Retro Racing - 4-30-10

These are so much fun to look at because many of the racers in them are either not racing or have moved on to some other class, this is April 30th 2010, just 6 years ago.

The situation was just like this Friday night, rain all around the area as well as we had rain in the area the day before and the track was not ideal for racing but the races were on.

Things to watch for,

Count the Grand Nationals and who the front runners are.

Check out the condition of the track, you can actually see the ruts coming out of turn #4 and big soft spot in turn #1 right up next to the fence.

Crowd size, where are all these people at now?

Look to see what is the winning chassis in the a-mod class for the second week.

Hope you enjoy a look back, also listen to who is making the call on the races and it is only a high lite video because I could only do 10:00 minute video's on youtube, also it is only in 480 and not HD like they are now. Enjoy.

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