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quik results 8-8-15
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Author:  biggD [ August 8th, 2015, 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  quik results 8-8-15

1.27 Fose
Factory Stock
1.20p J Powell jr
Northern Sport Mod
1. 40 S Harker(finally broke the 55 stranglehold!)
1.77 S Bowers jr....only by a fraction,as he and J Everhart had an epic battle the final 4 laps! Wow!
Late Models
1.52 B Kosiski! :D
Not final or official...just a fan! :)

Author:  whosaid [ August 8th, 2015, 11:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: quik results 8-8-15

WtF does thunder hill have against rigsby... Someone(75) gets into his left rear. He wheels that car 4 laps only loosing 5 spots from the front. Finally goes completely flat loosens it in turn 3 and they say black flag. Off the track intend spin.... Are you serious. In front of the entire Feild... Please. THAT is bull shot.

Author:  DCdriver [ August 9th, 2015, 2:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: quik results 8-8-15

sorry but from where I was sitting ev1 thought it was an intentional spin and it sure looked like it

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