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Allen Uses Late Race Pass To Win At Humboldt

John Allen

John Allen #98 races past Al Purkey #33 for the win at Humboldt. Dayton Sutterby Finish Line Photography

Scott Lee Stewart – One week away from the ‘eturn of the USMTS Modifieds to Humboldt Speedway, and a shot at 4 Grand in cash to win, a field of thirty Modifieds that are not USMTS regulars packed the pits at “The Hummer.”

Between mechanical failures and the dreaded “B” main, a field of 20 stellar drivers from all over the area cranked off for the USRA Modified “A” feature.

Head to head on the front row were a pair of crowd pleasing vetrans; Al Purkey and John Allen. Purkey is best known as a Late Model guy who flies in a Modified. Allen grew up here, and has roamed the Humboldt high banks as long as many can remember. Oh yes; he too is extremly fast.

When flagman Tony Morgan dropped the green, Purkey took off like a scalded cat. Allen quickly settled in to second, waiting paitently to make his move. The first 15 laps of the 25 lap event were fairly routine as the bulk of the field settled into race trim. Purkey would rocket down the straights, Allen would gain ground in the corners. Then, the journey through lapped traffic began.

Both drivers mirrored each other as they weaved through slower cars. Again, Allen remained paitent.

Finally through the lapped cars, on lap 22, Allen struck. With a nice move through turns 3 and 4, he captured the lead, and the win. Purkey was runner up. Jeremy Payne finished third. Shad Badder and Mickey Burrell completed the top five.

Most of all, it would appear that the USMTS all stars will have some serious competition waiting when they arrive on June 22nd.

Derek Michael turned in yet another impressive performance in the Pure Stock feature, besting red hot Tyler Kidwell and defending points champ Jeremy Willard for the win. Forth place went to George Reimer, while Mike Churning was fifth.

The Factory Stock feature was an interesting affair; Scott Stuart won, but the battle was fierce. Acting as hired gun for the evening, Tyler James was runner up. Daryl Drake ran a tight third, while Todd Kidwell fought off apparent mechanical gremlins to claim fourth. In his best finish of the year, Jason Thurman was a strong fifth.

B-Mods? Well, Trever Hunt continues to win, but not without a fight, as Tim VanGotten emerged from the back of the pack to take second in an outstanding performance. Jack Simmons, abscent for a couple of weeks, finished third. Jeremy Wilson was fourth, Buddy Thompson fifth.

Next Friday: USMTS invades The Hummer once again, with the hometown boys locked and loaded! $4,000.00 up for grabs, winner take all. General admission $20.00, kids
are 5 bucks. Pit pass? $35.00. BE THERE!

Humboldt Speedway
Humboldt, Kansas 66748

Race Results
Date of Race: Friday, June 15, 2012

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
HEAT 1 Tyler Kidwell, Derek Michael, Robert Shaughnessy, George Reimer, Mike Churning,
Ryan Smith
HEAT 2 Levi Phillips, Jeremy Willard, Mike Aiello, Donnie Devers, William Joyce, Matt
Cornett, Floyd Taggart
A FEATURE Derek Michael, Tyler Kidwell, Jeremy Willard, George Reimer, Mike
Churning, Robert Shaughnessy, Ryan Smith, Floyd Taggart, Levi Phillips, Mike Aiello,
William Joyce, Matt Cornett, John Maloney, Donnie Devers
Factory Stock
HEAT 1 Scott Stuart, Jason Thurman, Daryl Drake, Rick Aiello, Patrick Kay, Trever Vann,
Chris Weldon, Brandon Tindle
HEAT 2 Todd Kidwell, Nick Fritch, Tyler James, Derrek Wilson, Chad Klauman, Tim Phillips,
Shane Ballew, Brandon Weide, Dennis Aiello
A FEATURE Scott Stuart, Tyler James, Daryl Drake, Todd Kidwell, Jason Thurman,
Nick Fritch, Patrick Kay, Brandon Tindle, Derrek Wilson, Chad Klauman, Rick Aiello,
Tim Phillips, Shane Ballew, Chris Weldon, Trever Vann
Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod
HEAT 1 Jeremy Wilson, Jimmie Davis, Riley Whitworth, Mike Letterman, Doug Scism, Scott
HEAT 2 Trevor Hunt, Jack Simmons, Jeremy Bennett, Ron Bunn, Jon Westhoff, Andy Bryant
HEAT 3 Leon Bash, Buddy Thompson, Steven Trester, Jack Knauss, Tim VanGotten
A FEATURE Trever Hunt, Tim VanGotten, Jack Simmons, Jeremy Wilson, Buddy
Thompson, Leon bash, Jimmie Davis, Jeremy Bennett, Riley Whitworth, Ron Bunn,
Scott Collins, Mike Letterman, Kenny Shaw, Doug Scism, Jack Knauss, Jon Westhoff,
Steven Trester
USRA Modified
HEAT 1 Scott Daniels, Mickey Burrell, Chase Sigg, Jeremy Rasmussen, Jessy Willard, Gene
Hogan, Jess Folk Jr., Johnny Bone Jr.
HEAT 2 Shad Badder, Dalton Kirk, Justin Rexwinkle, Cody Schniepp, Josh Griggs, Jerry
Reeves, Bryce Schniepp
HEAT 3 Jeremy Payne, Brent Holman, Paden Phillips, Allen Broers, Lewis Jackson, Mike
Phillips, Randy Zimmerman
HEAT 4 Al Purkey, John Allen, Zack Marsh, Chase Domer, Chris Deaton, Dennis Bishop,
Dusty Campbell
B FEATURE Jessy Willard, Johnny Bone Jr., Chase Domer, Dennis Bishop, Chris Deaton, Josh
Griggs, Dustin Campbell, Bryce Schniepp, Jerry Reeves, Colton Bunn, Lewis Jackson
A FEATURE John Allen, Al Purkey, Jeremy Payne, Shad Badder, Mickey Burrell, Chase
Sigg, Johnny Bone Jr., Brent Holman, Jessy Willard, Scott Daniels, Justin Rexwinkle,
Dalton Kirk, Jeremy Rasmussen, Zack Marsh, Paden Phillips, Chase Domer, Dennis
Bishop, Cody Schniepp, Allan Broers, Chris Deaton

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