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VanGotten Holds On For B Mod Win At Humboldt Speedway

By Scott Lee Stewart, Humboldt, KS – After nearly a month of pre-season blockbuster races at Humboldt Speedway, the 2015 racing season at The Hummer began in earnest April 10th.

The highlight race of the evening was the B-Mod feature, 18 cars starting the A-Main field. Among them was Tim VanGotten, starting on the inside pole, and Andy Bryant, starting dead last. Four laps in, Bryant spun, putting him dead last yet again, while VanGotten paced the field. From there, things went dramatic. VanGotten drove hard holding on to the lead, as Bryant blasted through the field. With 2 laps left, Bryant took the lead. At the white flag, VanGotten executed one of the gutsiest moves seen in recent memory, going absolutely wide open through turns 1 and 2, laying a massive slide job on Bryant, and taking both the lead and the win. Bryant was the runner up, Riley Whitworth finished third. Lance Lincoln and Tim Phillips rounded out the top 5.

Tad Davis, a strong contender in the recent Modified pre-season action, dominated the USRA A Mod feature, recording his first ever feature win at The Hummer. John Allen ran strong to secure a second place finish, Josh Everhart was third, Scotty Bough fourth, and Dennis Bishop fifth.

Stock Car Division ace Patrick Kay turned in a wire to wire feature win in that division’s feature race, with Ken Colston runner up. Third spot went to rookie Chance Stevenson, Russ Moyer was fourth, Scott Collins fifth.

In Pure Stock action, Mike Churning turned in a flawless performance to take the feature win, despite intense pressure from runner up Bryce Weldon, while Donald McIntosh came home third. Wayne Johnson and Derrek Wilson rounded out the top five.

A brand new class, Sport Compacts, made it’s debut this week at Humboldt Speedway. Tyler Davis established himself as a rising star with a wire to wire feature win, followed by Aaron Farwell and Tevyn James. As the season rolls on, look for this division to expand and become the scene of some really interesting

Humboldt Speedway Feature Results 4/10/15

Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod
A FEATURE 1, Tim VanGotten. 2, Andy Bryant. 3, Riley Whitworth. 4, Lance Lincoln. 5, Tim Phillips. 6, Ethan Isaacs. 7, Dustin Beisley. 8, Jason Thurman. 9, Mike Letterman. 10, Jimmie Davis. 11, Dylan Allen. 12, Mark Hunziger. 13, Jake Storrer. 14, Kenton Allen. 15, Tyler Kidwell. 16, Lucas Isaacs. 17, Jarrid Johnson. 18, Casey Meggison.

HEAT 1 1, Lance Lincoln. 2, Mike Letterman. 3, Lucas Isaacs. 4, Jason Thurman. 5, Ethan Isaacs. 6, Casey Meggison.
HEAT 2 1, Tim VanGotten. 2, Tim Phillips. 3, Jarrid Johnson. 4, Jake Storrer. 5, Mark Hunziger. 6, Andy Bryant.
HEAT 3 1, Tyler Kidwell. 2, Dylan Allen. 3, Riley Whitworth. 4, Jimmie Davis. 5, Dustin Beisley. 6, Kenton Allen.

McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified
A FEATURE 1, Tad Davis. 2, John Allen. 3, Josh Everhart. 4, Scotty Bough. 5, Dennis Bishop. 6,
Scott Daniels. 7, Gene Hogan. 8, Chase Sigg. 9, Jeremy Chambers. 10, Jesse Folk Jr.).

HEAT 1 1, Tad Davis. 2, John Allen. 3, Scotty Bough. 4, Gene Hogan. 5, Jeremy Chambers. 6,Dennis Bishop.
HEAT 2 1, Josh Everhart. 2, Scott Daniels. 3, Chase Sigg. 4, Jerry Morgan. 5, Paden Phillips. 6 Jesse Folk Jr.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
A FEATURE 1, Mike Churning. 2, Bryce Weldon. 3, Donald McIntosh. 4, Wayne Johnson. 5 Derrek Wilson. 6, Joey DeCoster. 7, Lucas Owen. 8, Justin Shadden. 9, Krew Walburn. 10, Jon Westhoff. 11, Bobby Brown.

HEAT 1 1, Bryce Weldon. 2, Donald McIntosh. 3, Derrek Wilson. 4, Wayne Johnson. 5, Krew Walburn.
HEAT 2 1, Mike Churning. 2, Bobby Brown. 3, Lucas Owen. 4, Joey DeCoster. 5, Jon Westhoff. 6, Justin Shadden.

Sport Compact
A FEATURE 1, Tyler Davis. 2, Aaron Farwell. 3, Tevyn James.
HEAT 1 1, Tyler Davis. 2, Aaron Farwell. 3, Tevyn James.

Stock Car
A FEATURE 1, Patrick Kay. 2, Ken Colston. 3, Chance Stevenson. 4, Russ Moyer. 5, Scott Collins.
HEAT 1 1, Patrick Kay. 2, Russ Moyer. 3, Scott Collins. 4, Ken Colston. 5, Chance Stevenson.

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