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LOgoBy Scott L. Stewart – “Refuse to Lose” was the catch phrase for USRA Modified ace Paden Phillips Friday night at Humboldt Speedway, as he fought off multiple challengers for this weeks feature win.

Phillips led the race from start to finish, despite being pressed several times by Chase Domer and Tad Davis down the back chute of The Hummer High Banks. Phillips met every challenge presented and claimed his first Humboldt win of 2015. Crafty vetran John Allen finished second, Davis was third, Domer fourth, and newcomer Tyler Davis took fifth.

USRA B-Mod action featured an unusually closely matched field that was topped by feature winner Andy Bryant. Tyler Kidwell, returning after a devastating crash several weeks back nearly destroyed the #54, came from mid pack to claim the runner up spot, while Tim VanGotten was third. Tim Phillips and Riley Whitworth rounded out the top five.

Mike Churning rolled on to claim Pure Stock victory yet again, holding back a very determined Don McIntosh at the checkered. Joey Decoster came in third, followed by Charles Brown and Krew Walburn.

Patrick Kay went three for three this week, winning the Stock Car division feature once again. Scott Co.llins tagged the runner up spot, Russ Moyer was third, Chance Stevenson fourth, and Tyler Vincent fifth.

Still undefeated, Tyler Davis was the winner in Sport Compacts. Tevyn James was second.

Midwest Outlaw Lightning Sprints will join the regular field next week at Humboldt Speedway. Gate open at 6pm, racing at 8:00

Humboldt Speedway
Race Results
Friday, April 24, 2015

Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod
A FEATURE 1, Andy Bryant. 2, Tyler Kidwell. 3, Tim VanGotten. 4, Tim Phillips. 5, Riley Whitworth. 6, Dylan Allen. 7, Jimmie Davis. 8, Jason Thurman. 9, Dustin Beisley. 10, Mark Hunziger. 11, Mike Letterman. 12, Kenton Allen.

HEAT 1 1, Mark Hunziger. 2, Jason Thurman. 3, Jimmie Davis. 4, Tim VanGotten. 5, Dustin Beisley.
6, Dylan Allen.
HEAT 2 1, Andy Bryant. 2, Tim Phillips. 3, Tyler Kidwell. 4, Riley Whitworth. 5, Mike Letterman.
6, Kenton Allen.

McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified
A FEATURE 1, Paden Phillips. 2, John Allen. 3, Tad Davis. 4, Chase Domer. 5, Tyler Davis. 6, Jeremy Chambers. 7, Scotty Bough. 8, Scott Daniels. 9, Dennis Bishop. 10, Jerry Morgan. 11, Barry Gifford. 12, Gene Hogan. 13, Cody Schniepp. 14, Daniel Wosoba.

HEAT 1 1, Paden Phillips. 2, Tad Davis. 3, John Allen. 4, Dennis Bishop. 5, Jeremy Chambers.
6, Barry Gifford. 7, Jerry Morgan.
HEAT 2 1, Scott Daniels. 2, Chase Domer. 3, Cody Schniepp. 4, Tyler Davis. 5, Scotty Bough. 6,Daniel Wosoba. 7, Chase Sigg.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
A FEATURE 1, Mike Churning. 2, Donald McIntosh. 3, Joey DeCoster. 4, Charles Brown. 5, Krew Walburn. 6, Zoe Hannah. 7, Devin Phillips. 8, Wayne Johnson. 9, Derrek Wilson.

HEAT 1 1, Mike Churning. 2, Joey DeCoster. 3, Donald McIntosh. 4, Charles Brown. 5, Devin Phillips.
HEAT 2 1, Wayne Johnson. 2, Derrek Wilson. 3, Bryce Weldon. 4, Zoe Hannah. 5, Krew Walburn.

Sport Compact
A FEATURE 1, Tyler Davis. 2, Tevyn James.

HEAT 1 1, Tyler Davis. 2, Tevyn James. 3, Chase Gore.

Stock Car
A FEATURE 1, Patrick Kay. 2, Scott Collins. 3, Russ Moyer. 4, Chance Stevenson. 5, Tyler Vincent.
HEAT 1 1, Russ Moyer. 2, Scott Collins. 3, Patrick Kay. 4, Chance Stevenson. 5, Tyler Vincent.

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