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John Allen Gets 1st Win of The Season At Humboldt

humboldt_speedway_logoBY SCOTT L. STEWART – Humboldt, Ks. Driver Levi McGowen is fast in anything with wheels; his debut in this Friday’s Stock Car Division feature at Humboldt Speedway being a good example.

McGowen locked horns with dominant driver Patrick Kay from the front row of the field, and the duo waged a classic battle over the bulk of the 16 lap feature’; McGowen pulling away in the closing laps and relegating P.K. to runner up. Cody Vail finished third, Scott Collins fourth, and Chance Stevenson fifth.

In an environment where high speed and full on competition reign supreme, grinding wrecks are possible at any instant. Such was the case in this weeks B-Mod main, when a group of very fast cars tangled just past the flag stand on the front straightaway. In the ensuing crash, Dylan Allen’s car rolled, the remains coming to rest on the drivers side, with the roof facing oncoming traffic. At that point, Allen’s #98 was struck in the roof area full force by another race car. The 98 appeared to be totally destroyed, and it took several anxious moments before safety workers were able to extract Dylan from the remains of the automobile, amazingly unharmed! (A credit to the engineering that goes into today’s modern chassis.) No one else was injured, although several cars will require extensive repairs.

At the finish of the race, Jake Richards of K.C. held off Mike Striegel for the feature win. Jim Body, Riley Whitworth, and Mike Letterman completed the top five.

John Allen (Dylan’s father), turned in a classic performance in the USRA A Mod feature, winning the feature wire to wire. Tad Davis was the runner up, Tyler Davis finished third, Jessy Willard fourth, and Dennis Bishop fifth.

Ft. Scott driver Jon Odell debuted his new car at Humboldt with a commanding win in Pure Stocks, holding off defending points champ Derrek Wilson for the victory, while Wayne Johnson, Don McIntosh, and Joey Decoster completed the top five.

Aaron Farwell nearly ended the undefeated streak of Tyler Davis in Sport Compacts, until a flat tire on the last lap gave Davis yet another win. Tevyn James finished second, Farwell third.

Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers were on hand to add extra action to the program: Zac Simmons won the feature, Jack Simmons was second, Andy Wiles third, Chris Heitman fourth, and Allen Guthrie fifth.

Next week will be Kid’s Night, with bicycle races to be held at half time.

Humboldt Speedway
Race Results
Friday, May 08, 2015

Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod
A FEATURE 1, Jake Richards. 2, Mike Striegel. 3, Jim Body. 4, Riley Whitworth. 5, Mike Letterman. 6, Matt Rose. 7, Mark Hunziger. 8, Kenton Allen. 9, Jake Storrer. 10, Tim Phillips. 11,
Brian McGowen. 12, Jarrid Johnson. 13, Tyler Kidwell. 14, Jimmie Davis. 15, Andy Bryant. 16, Dylan Allen.

HEAT 1 1, Riley Whitworth. 2, Matt Rose. 3, Jim Body. 4, Jimmie Davis. 5, Jason Thurman. 6,Dustin Beisley. 7, Ryan Smith.
HEAT 2 1, Jake Richards. 2, Mike Striegel. 3, Tyler Kidwell. 4, Tim Phillips. 5, Kenton Allen. 6,Andy Bryant.
HEAT 3 1, Jarrid Johnson. 2, Dylan Allen.3 Brian McGowen. 4, Mark Hunziger. 5, Mike Letterman. 6, Jake Storrer.

McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified
A FEATURE 1, John Allen. 2, Tad Davis. 3, Tyler Davis. 4, Jessy Willard. 5, Dennis Bishop. 6, Jim Body. 7, Scott Daniels. 8, Allan Broers. 9, Jerry Morgan. 10, Chase Domer. 11, Dalton Kirk. 12, Jesse Folk Jr.

HEAT 1 1, Tad Davis. 2, Jessy Willard. 3, Tyler Davis. 4, Jerry Morgan. 5, Allan Broers. 6, Jim Body
7, Jesse Folk Jr.
HEAT 2 1, John Allen. 2, Dalton Kirk. 3, Dennis Bishop. 4, Chase Domer. 5, Scott Daniels. 6, Daniel Wosoba.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
A FEATURE 1, Jon Odell. 2, Derrek Wilson. 3, Wayne Johnson. 4,Donald McIntosh. 5, Joey
DeCoster. 6, Zoe Hannah. 7, Krew Walburn. 8, Jon Westhoff. 9, Mike Churning.

HEAT 1 1, Jon Odell. 2, Joey DeCoster. 3, Wayne Johnson. 4, Krew Walburn. 5, Derrek Wilson.
HEAT 2 1, Jon Westhoff. 2, Eldon Donald McIntosh. 3, Mike Churning. 4, Zoe Hannah.

Sport Compact
A FEATURE 1, Tyler Davis. 2, Tevyn James. 3, Aaron Farwell.

HEAT 1 1, Tyler Davis. 2, Aaron Farwell. 3, Tevyn James. 4, Jacob Ellison.

Stock Car
A FEATURE 1, Levi McGowen. 2, Patrick Kay. 3, Cody Vail. 4, Scott Collins. 5, Chance Stevenson. 6, Tyler James.

HEAT 1 1, Patrick Kay. 2, Levi McGowen. 3, Chance Stevenson. 4, Cody Vail. 5, Tyler James.

Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers
A FEATURE 1, Zac Simmons 2, Jack Simmons 3 Andy Wiles 4 Chris Heitman 5 Allen Gutrie 6. Kyle Wiles 7. Dennis Fair 8. David Baldwin 9. Josh Burt

HEAT 1 1, Chris Heitman 2. Kyle Wiles 3. Andy Wiles 4. Josh Burt 5. Allen Gutrie
HEAT 2 1, Zac Simmons 2. Jack Simmons 3. Dennis Fair 4. David Baldwin

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