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Great Racing Action at Atchison County Raceway on a Sunday Night

Marvin Griffith Jr. races to a win at ACR. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Marvin Griffith Jr. races to a win at ACR. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Kicking off the great night of racing action at Atchison County Raceway the Jr Sprints would take to the fast and smooth 1/5th mile of dirt. When the laps counted down and the checkers fell racing royalty stood tall in victory lane as Eddie Ingram Jr. #54 picked up the win. Young Ingram is the son of “Fast” Eddie Ingram and the Grandson of Hall of Famer Buz Kaster proving the family connection in racing. Ingram would lead every lap with Camdin Couch #36jr putting up a challenge but have to settle for second.

Keeping the great racing action rolling the E-Modifieds would not disappoint with second generation driver Justin Asher #74 holding off the late charge of heat race winner Chris Dishong #41 to claim the feature victory. Dishong would make the finish close running the low line but have to settle for second on this night. Corey Myers #15 was in contention the entire race along with the #222 of Keith Simmons as they would battle to the checkers side by side and door to door. Myers would edge Simmons at the line to place third holding Simmons to fourth. Rounding out the nights top five was the “Dirt Track Darling” Philisa Birkinsha #7sis with her best finish of the 2015 racing season. Other heat race winner was Colby Kearney #89k.

Continuing the ultimate cage match racing where the always fast and entertaining Hobby Stock Division. Joshua “Magic Man” Munsen would use a front row starting position and heat race win momentum to launch him to the front of the field early. Munsen #19 would use a smooth driving style to hold off all challengers picking up win number two on the 2015 season. “Wild” Wayne Brooke #18 was in the mix for the win the entire feature, swapping second to fourth positions on the track, and mount that late race charge on the high side to finish second. Alex Boyden #4d would find the high banks of the cage to his liking as he and Tobin Bartlett #28 would duel to the finish side by side. Boyden would place third and Bartlett would take fourth place on this night’s feature event. Colton Miller #74c was the big mover and shaker of the race coming form the back of the field to the front to claim the night’s fifth place finishing position. Other heat race winner was John Willard #1/2crazy.

Not to be outdone by the Hobby Stocks, the Street Stocks would charge into the Cage, and put on a great show as always. With his first visit of 2015 to the high banks of Atchison County Raceway Marvin Griffith Jr. would tame the 1/5th mile and claim the top spot on the night. Griffith #75m would use heat race win momentum and a front row start to lead every lap on his way to the victory holding off the late race charge of second place finisher #5k of Steve Herrick. Big mover of the race was Alvie Christofferson #22a who would start last in the field and race his way to a solid third place finish. Newcomer to the track Chad Walker #04 proved his poise and driving skill as he would notch a fourth place on the night’s feature race. Fifth place finisher on the night would be the always fast and consistent Josiah “The Jet” Birkinsha. Other heat race winner was last week’s feature winner Brandon Crockett #98 who would challenge for the lead early but fade late with damage to his race car.

B-Modifieds rolled into the cage next and prepared for battle as the familiar face of “Mr. President” Truman Asher, who could not be outdone by his son, Justin, who won the E-Modified race earlier, and puts his #73 into victory lane. Asher was never challenged on his way to victory as fierce racing ensued behind the leader for second and third. Curtis Dreasher #C4 and “Mad Dog” Matt Dorssom would battle to the checkers with Dreasher holding onto second and #3d of Dorssom third. Tyson Lanfermann #47 was in the hunt the entire race swapping positions with Dorssom and has to settle for fourth with one time front runner #09x of Rick Dreasher battling back from an early race mishap to finish fifth. Heat race winners included Truman Asher #73 and Dustin Norris #27n.

Kids Mods being four strong on the night saw the future drivers in our sport compete for the win. Sweeping both the heat race and the feature “Chick Magnet” Nicholas Carpenter #33 would again accept the winner’s trophy in victory lane. Dakota Earls #15e, in only his second race in a kids mod, would make a late race pass on Cade Richards #1r to take second and move Richards to third. Improving each week “Tack Hammer” Hayden Hinton #36h would have a little mishap on the exit of turn #2 but recover to place fourth. After the feature each Kids Mod driver was not only awarded with a trophy but received $50 cash each for their efforts, a nice gesture form track owner Phil Birkinsha. The trophies for the kids are provided by Brown Construction and Team Christofferson Racing.

Last to round out the nights exciting racing action were the wild, swarming, and bee sounding Sport Compacts. James Reed #1/2pint would back up his heat race win by taking his second feature victory on the 2015 season. Dusty Young #22, bumper dragging and all, would race his way to the front and finish the night in second place. Devin Schmidt #33d would drive a very clean and smooth feature racing his way to the front and hold off the “Purple Nurple” of Barry Luthi #66b to finish third holding Luthi to fourth. “Underdog” 1/2cr of John Willard would run into some problems on the track but still manage to muster a fifth place showing.
At the end of the nights racing action the officials make a decision of which class had the best racing action. On this night it was determined the E-Mod class deserved the recognition and a position was drew from that class with $100 going to the driver finishing in that position. Drawing the 10th position from the E-Mod finishers, Colby Kearney was the recipient of the $100. Another example of Atchison County Raceway always giving back to fans and drivers.

Atchison County Raceway would like to thank all fans for coming out and enjoying a great night of racing action. Thanks to the kids that participated in the watermelon eating contest during our short Intermission. We look forward to seeing everyone this Friday Night as the gladiators enter the cage for competition. Another great production from Atchison County Raceway, “We’ll be here all Season”!

Kids Mod – Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 33 Nicholas Carpenter Leavenworth , Ks 0.00
2 3 15E Dakota Earls Independence , Mo 0.00
3 2 1R Cade Richards Lincoln , Ne 0.00
4 4 36H Hayden Hinton Lancaster , Ks 0.00

Street Stock – Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 75M Marvin Griffth Jr. Holton , Ks 0.00
2 4 5K Steve Herrick Topeka , Ks 0.00
3 10 22A Alvie Christofferon St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
4 5 04 Chad Walker Kansas City, Ks 0.00
5 7 7SI Josiah Birkinsha Atchison , Ks 0.00
6 9 53 Larry Waters Kansas City, Ks 0.00
7 8 9 Tom Smith St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
8 2 98 Brandon Crockett Atchison , Ks 0.00
9 11 79 Dakota Osborn Savannah , Mo 0.00
10 6 24K Daniel King Meridan , Ks 0.00
11 3 27 Dominic Thyfault Wakarusa , Ks 0.00
12 12 J55 Jacob Bruning Everest , Ks 0.00 DNS

Hobby Stock – Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 19 Joshua Munsen Atchison , Ks 0.00
2 4 18 Wayne Brooke Atchison , Ks 0.00
3 3 4D Alex Boyden Topeka , Ks 0.00
4 7 28 Tobin Bartlett Atchison , Ks 0.00
5 12 74C Colton Miller Topeka , Ks 0.00
6 10 15W Derrick Williams Higginsville , Mo 0.00
7 2 1/2CR John Willard St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
8 9 44R Rex Bruning Everest , Ks 0.00
9 5 23C Cody Satterwhite Topeka , Ks 0.00
10 8 1/2 S Steven Bunton St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
11 6 37 Lane Chew Cummings , Ks 0.00
12 11 15 Preston Everett Atchison , Ks 0.00
13 13 39K Shane Schmidt Topeka , Ks 0.00 DNS

B Modified – Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 73 Truman Asher St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
2 5 C4 Curtis Dreasher Hoyt , Ks 0.00
3 8 3D Matt Dorssom Lancaster , Ks 0.00
4 6 47 Tyson Lanferman Atchiosn , Ks 0.00
5 3 09X Rick Dreasher Hoyt , Ks 0.00
6 9 1 Jay Genail Atchison , Ks 0.00
7 11 7H Chance Hug Mayetta , Ks 0.00
8 13 42R Jarrett Ross Kansas City, Mo 0.00
9 4 20XA Jeremiah Asher Effingham , Ks 0.00
10 7 03 Lance Dixon Topeka , Ks 0.00
11 14 A10 Bryan Adams Hamburg , Ia 0.00
12 12 10W Mike Wahwahsuck Atchison , Ks 0.00
13 10 12 Bryan Rigsby Topeka , Ks 0.00
14 2 27N Dustin Norris Atchison , Ks 0.00

E Modified – Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 4 74 Justin Asher St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
2 2 41 Chris Dishong Atchison , Ks 0.00
3 6 15 Corey Myers Atchison , Ks 0.00
4 9 222 Keith Simmons Agency , Mo 0.00
5 8 7SIS Philisa Birkinsha Atchison , Ks 0.00
6 5 20X Jeremiah Asher Effingham , Ks 0.00
7 7 1 Kyle Henning Atchison , Ks 0.00
8 3 33 Nicholas Carpenter Leavenworth , Ks 0.00
9 11 12X Matthew Lance Savannah , Mo 0.00
10 1 89K Colby Kearney Lancaster , Ks 0.00
11 12 16G Gunnar Lanfermann Atchison , Ks 0.00
12 10 63 Billy Spilman Atchison , Ks 0.00
13 13 7 Jason Teel Hiawatha , Ks 0.00 DNS

Sport Compact – Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 1/2PI James Reed St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
2 3 22 Dusty Young St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
3 7 33D Devin Schmidt Nortonville , Ks 0.00
4 6 66B Barry Luthi Topeka , Ks 0.00
5 4 1/2CR John Willard St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
6 9 53R Joshua Downing Dekalb , Mo 0.00
7 5 55 David Miller Iii St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
8 2 17 James Lemke Leavenworth , Ks 0.00
9 8 21AX Matthew Wickwar St. Joseph, Mo 0.00 DNS

Jr. Sprint – Feature

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 54 Eddie Ingram Jr. Basehor , Ks 0.00
2 1 36JR Camdin Couch Agency , Mo 0.00

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