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Peck Roars to Life At Wakeeney!

by Mike Hughes WAKEENEY, KS (April 1)—Racing action returned to Wakeeney (KS) Speedway on Sunday afternoon, April 1 (no foolin’), with the regular four classes in action.

In the IMCA Modified feature, Chadd Brown led the first 2 laps of the 20-lap A-main before Rodger Peck of Minneapolis took control

and led to the checkers. A coupleof caution flags gave the field a chance, and runner-up John Fose chased Peck the final 18 laps but could not make a pass. Marty Clark finished third, followed by Jerry Teel and Travis ‘The Terminator’ Sherfick. Attrition took its toll as only 11 of 20 starters finished the race. Heat race winners were Ronnie Hill, Peck, and ‘Dynamite’ Dylan Sherfick. Tad Davis took top honors in the B-feature.

The IMCA Stock Car feature saw outside polesitter Jason Davis take an early
lead, only to be passed by ‘The Spiderman’ Nick Tubbs of Colby on lap 2. Heat two winner Tubbs led the remaining distance in the 20-lap race to find his way to the winner’s circle and his traditional climb up the frontstretch fence. Davis held on for second, with B.J. Wagoner, Austin Carter and Terry Cunningham rounding out the top five. ‘Sweet’ Wheat Lippelman won the other heat race.

Penokee’s Clay Money started the IMCA Northern Sport Mod A-feature for only
the second time in his young career. And Money took advantage of his outside pole starting spot to jump to the lead at the start of the green and drove on to score his first ever feature win in a race car. The lone caution waved on lap 12 when Cory Struckhoff stalled on the backstraight, but Money led the field back to green and held off a challenge from Chris Heim to make his way to victory lane. Josh Appel finished third, with Trenton Kleweno fourth and Clay Sellard fifth. Blaine Walt, Money, and ‘Wild’ Willie Wynn were victorious in the three heat races, while Mike Appel topped the field in the B- feature.

Cody Williams led the first 8 laps of the 15-lap IMCA Hobby Stock feature
before Cody ‘Bam Bam’ Graham took the lead, but Graham’s lead was shortlived as Russell’s Ron Wehling took the lead on lap 12 and led the rest of the way for the win. Austin Tammen made a late race pass on Graham for second, with Williams and Al Emmons completing the top five. But Emmons did not pass post-race tech and was DQ’d, moving Jason McIntyre into the top five. Garrett ‘Wild Child’ Hager and Cody Ghumm claimed the wins in the two heat races.

Racing returns to Wakeeney Speedway on Sunday, April 15, with a 5:00 p.m.
start time with the regular four divisions in competition.

IMCA Hobby Stocks
Heat 1: 1. Garrett Hager, 2. Cody Williams, 3. Jason McIntyre, 4. Cody Davis.
Heat 2: 1. Cody Ghumm, 2. Cody Graham, 3. Ron Wehling, 4. Austin Tammen.
Feature: 1. Wehling, 2. Tammen, 3. Graham, 4. Williams, 5. McIntyre, 6. Daniel Irwin, 7. Lee Sells, 8. Matt Giesenhagen, 9. Tyrel Smith, 10. Ghumm, 11. Randy Murphy, 12. Mike Giesenhagen (DNF), 13. Davis (DNF), 14. Hager (DNF), 15. Tommy Fose (DNS).

IMCA Northern Sport Mods
Heat 1: 1. Blaine Walt, 2. Josh Appel, 3. Chris Heim, 4. Colton Osborn.
Heat 2: 1. Clay Money, 2. Clay Sellard, 3. Justin Dietz, 4. Tyler Watts.
Heat 3: 1. Willie Wynn, 2. Brian Conness, 3. Daniel Gottschalk, 4. Trenton Kleweno.
B-Feature (top 8 advance): 1. Mike Appel, 2. Jason Brees, 3. Mike Wadel, 4. Dan Lauer, 5. Kaid Calhoon, 6. Cory Struckhoff, 7. Derrick Pfannenstiel, 8. Don Strecker, 9. Jay Weigel (DNF), 10. Clinton Hockersmith (DNS).
A-Feature: 1. Money, 2. Heim, 3. J. Appel, 4. Kleweno, 5. Sellard, 6. Conness, 7. Wynn, 8. Osborn, 9. Walt, 10. Watts, 11. Dietz, 12. Brees, 13. M. Appel, 14. Pfannenstiel, 15. Lauer, 16. Calhoon, 17. Gottschalk, 18. Struckhoff (DNF), 19. Strecker (DNF), 20. Wadel (DNS).

IMCA Stock Cars
Heat 1: 1. Wheat Lippelmann, 2. Terry Cunningham, 3. Eric Kinderknecht, 4. Bruce Plumisto.
Heat 2: 1. Nick Tubbs, 2. B.J. Wagoner, 3. Austin Carter, 4. Jason Davis.
Feature: 1. N. Tubbs, 2. Davis, 3. Wagoner, 4. Carter, 5. Cunningham, 6. Adam
Balthazor, 7. Lippelmann, 8. Plumisto, 9. Rich Beesley, 10. Tyler Tipton, 11. Darin Racek (DNF), 12. Kinderknecht (DNF), 13. Jeff Tubbs (DNF), 14. Austin Janousek (DNS).

IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1: 1. Ronnie Hill, 2. Rick Schwab, 3. Corey Lagroon, 4. Jerry Teel.
Heat 2: 1. Rodger Peck, 2. Nate Moore, 3. Chadd Brown, 4. Matt Henke.
Heat 3: 1. Dylan Sherfick, 2. Matt Fabrizius, 3. John Fose, 4. Marty Clark.
B-Feature (top 8 advance): 1. Tad Davis, 2. Travis Sherfick, 3. Kyle Rohleder, 4.Wheat Lippelmann, 5. Seth Beard, 6. Bobby Bills, 7. David Solberg, 8. Troy Plummer, 9. Shannon Maughlin, 10. Tim Watts, 11. Todd Schwarz, 12. Shane Hutson, 13. Milo Lippelmann (DNF), 14. Danny Keller (DNS).
A-Feature: 1. Peck, 2. Fose, 3. Clark, 4. Teel, 5. T. Sherfick, 6. Lagroon, 7. D. Sherfick, 8. Hill, 9. Rohleder, 10. Solberg, 11. Davis, 12. Moore (DNF), 13. Brown (DNF), 14. Henke (DNF), 15. W. Lippelmann (DNF), 16. Bills (DNF), 17. Beard (DNF), 18. Fabrizius (DNF), 19. Plummer (DNF), 20. Schwab (DNF).

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