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Purkey Scores USRA Mod Win At Humboldt

humboldt_speedway_logoBy Scott L. Stewart – For veteran racer Tim VanGotten, the 2015 Humboldt Speedway B-Mod season has been one of ups and downs. Friday night, July 17th, was definitely an up; as “The Hammer” outran an elite group of drivers to win the B-Mod feature.

VanGotten started fairly deep in the field, an excellent inside out move at mid race gave him the lead over eventual runner up Lucas Isaacs and third place finisher Jake Richards. Tim Phillips came in fourth, while Jim Body completed the top five.

Speedway fans had an extra added treat this week, with the appearance of the Oil Capital Racing Series 360 Sprints. A field of 19 winged sprints took to the Hummer High Banks: Robert Sellers topped the feature, just ahead of second place finisher Shayla Waddell. Third went to Andrew Deal, with Glen Passmore fourth and Johnny Kent fifth.

Al Purkey, Coffeyville Ks. Driver widely known as an ultra competitive Late Model driver, brought his USRA A Modified to Humboldt, and captured a hard fought “A” feature win, leaving Tad Davis in the runner up spot, and Chase Domer in third. Fourth spot fell to John Allen, while Chase Sigg battled his way through the field for fifth.

Trever Vann of Ft. Scott, Ks. Recorded his first ever Hummer feature win in a fine Pure Stock performmance. Current points leader Mike Churning finished second, third was Derrek Wilson. Jon Westhoff captured fourth, and Wayne Johnson fifth.

Sport Compact feature victory belongs this week to Aaron Farwell, who finally captured victory that has eluded him all season. Tuker Davis celebrated his 11th birthday (yes, that’s right; 11!) and racing debut by finishing runner up in the event, followed by Tevyn James and Kourtney Letterman.

Tyler James rolled to his second Stock Car division feature win in as many weeks, running down and passing runner up Jason Thurman. Patrick Kay claimed third, Devin Irvin fourth, while David Matlock made a post retirement appearance to finish fifth.

Next week, Midwest Outlaw Vintage racers will join the regular Humboldt Speedway line up. July will close out with a 100 lap Enduro race complementing the program, as part of Kid’s Night festivities.

Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod

A FEATURE   1, Tim VanGotten. 2, Lucas Isaacs. 3, Jake Richards. 4, Tim Phillips. 5, Jim Body. 6, Jimmie Davis. 7, Matt Rose. 8, Mike Letterman. 9, Brent Bloom. 10, Riley Whitworth. 11, Kenton Allen. 12, Tyler Kidwell. 13, Luke Phillips.

HEAT 1   1, Jake Richards. 2, Tyler Kidwell. 3, Brent Bloom. 4, Jimmie Davis. 5, Matt Rose. 6, Luke Phillips. 7, Mike Letterman.

HEAT 2   1, Lucas Isaacs. 2, Tim Phillips. 3, Tim VanGotten. 4, Jim Body. 5, Kenton Allen. 6, Riley Whitworth.


McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified

A FEATURE   1, Al Purkey. 2, Tad Davis. 3, Chase Domer. 4, John Allen. 5, Chase Sigg. 6, Scott Daniels. 7, Gene Hogan. 8, Mike Eisenhart. 9, Rob Powell. 10, Bob Kerbs. 11, Jim Body. 12, Tanner Mullens. 13, Dennis Bishop. 14, Colton Eck.

HEAT 1   1, Chase Domer. 2, Chase Sigg. 3, Scott Daniels. 4, John Allen. 5, Colton Eck. 6, Mike Eisenhart. 7, Bob Kerbs. 8, Jesse Folk Jr.

HEAT 2   1, Tad Davis. 2, Al Purkey. 3, Dennis Bishop. 4, Tanner Mullens. 5, Jim Body. 6, Gene Hogan. 7, Rob Powell.


Whitworth Construction Pure Stock

A FEATURE   1, Trever Vann. 2, Mike Churning. 3, Derrek Wilson. 4, Jon Westhoff. 5, Wayne Johnson. 6, Chance Monday. 7, Joey DeCoster. 8, Donald McIntosh. 9, Krew Walburn. 10, Ethan Vance. 11, Zoe Hannah.

HEAT 1  1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Mike Churning. 3, Zoe Hannah. 4, Chance Monday. 5, Krew Walburn

HEAT 2   1, Jon Westhoff. 2, Trever Vann. 3, Wayne Johnson. 4, Joey DeCoster. 5, Ethan Vance.


Sport Compact

A FEATURE   1, Aaron Farwell. 2, Tuker Davis. 3, Tevyn James. 4, Kourtney Letterman. 5, Drake Barker.

HEAT 1   1, Tevyn James. 2, Aaron Farwell. 3, Kourtney Letterman. 4, Tuker Davis. 5, Tyler Davis.



A FEATURE   1, Tyler James. 2, Jason Thurman. 3, Patrick Kay. 4, Devin Irvin. 5, David Matlock. 6, Rich Boyden. 7, Russ Moyer. 8, Daryl Drake. 9, Robert Garst.

HEAT 1   1, Tyler James. 2, Devin Irvin. 3, Russ Moyer. 4, Robert Garst. 5, Daryl Drake.

HEAT 2   1, Jason Thurman. 2, David Matlock. 3, Patrick Kay. 4, Rich Boyden.


OCRS Sprints

A FEATURE   1, Robert Sellers. 2,Shayla Wadell 3 Andrew Deal 4 Glen Passmore 5 Johnny Kent 6 Zach Cappell 7 Nigel Calvert 8 Brian McClelland 9 Brett Wilson 10 Cameron Hagin 11 Brent Bates 12 Michael Bookout 13 Frank Taft 14 Joseph Miller 15 Shane Sellers 16 Dan Schnackenberg 17 Casey Wills 18 Perry Pickard 19 David Baxter

HEAT 1  1, Shane Seller 2 Glen Passmore 3 Andrew Deal 4 Nigel Calvert 5 Michael Bookout 6 Dan Schnackenberg 7 David Baxter

HEAT 2   1, Zach Chapell 2 Shayla Wadell 3 Brent Bates 4 Frank Taft 5 Cameron Hagin 6 Perry Pickard

HEAT 3   1, Casey Wills 2 Robert Sellers 3 Johnny Kent 4 Brett Wilson 5 Joseph Miller 6 Brian McClelland

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