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Matt Johnson gets a USRA Mod win at Humboldt. Andrew Towne Photo

Matt Johnson gets a USRA Mod win at Humboldt. Andrew Towne Photo

By Scott L. Stewart – It’s not too often that a driver pulls onto The Hummer High Banks and totally dominates as tough a feature race as USRA Modifieds.

Yet, that’s exactly what transpired on Friday, July 24th, as Matt Johnson came to Humboldt from the small town of Archie, Mo. and put on an absolute smooth driving masterpiece in winning both heat and feature. Johnson selected the high side of Humboldt Speedway’s ultra smooth dirt surface, the groove where many fear to tread due to it’s proximity to the concrete wall, and set sail. John Allen battled his way through stiff competition to claim second, while Chase Domer took third, Al Purkey fourth, and Tad Davis fifth.

Perhaps Johnson had observed Tyler Kidwell use the same real estate to dominate the B-Mod feature the race before. Kidwell was not to be denied, although Brian McGowen put forth a mighty effort, only to finish runner up. Jake Richards was third, Lucas Issacs started dead last and claimed fourth, with Matt Rose in fifth.

The Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers club made an appearance, where an old friend of the Speedway, Ray Maloney, who’s business sponsors the B-Mod division, came out of retirement and won his feature race. It was Jack Simmons in second, Andy Wiles third, Chris Heilman fourth, and Larry Thierer fifth.

Gremlins plagued many of the Stock Car division competitors; of 7 starters in the feature, only three survived. Tyler James was first, Patrick Kay second, and Devin Irvin third.

Derrek Wilson topped this week’s Pure Stock feature, holding off Mike Churning for the win. Don McIntosh started last but finished third, with Wayne Johnson and Krew Walburn finishing fourth and fifth.

Will Guthrie of Independence, Ks has been to Humboldt twice, and both times has won the Sport Compact feature. James Lempke was this weeks runner up, Ms. Kourtney Letterman was third, Bobby Matlock made his racing debut in fourth.

A 100 lap, $1,000 to win Enduro race is scheduled after next Friday’s regular show.

Humboldt Speedway
Race Results
Friday, July 24, 2015

Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod
A FEATURE 1, Tyler Kidwell. 2, Brian McGowen. 3, Jake Richards. 4, Lucas Isaacs. 5, Matt Rose. 6, Riley Whitworth. 7, Levi McGowen. 8, Jim Body. 9, Kenton Allen. 10, Mike Tanner. 11, Mike Letterman. 12, Tim Phillips. 13, Jimmie Davis. 14, Mark Hunziger. 15, Tyson Young. 16, Dawson Smylie. 17, Luke Phillips. 18, Brent Bloom. 19, Cody Vink. 20, Shawn Kisling. 21, Tim VanGotten.

HEAT 1 1, Tyler Kidwell. 2, Brian McGowen. 3, Mike Letterman. 4, Lucas Isaacs. 5, Riley Whitworth. 6, Tyson Young. 7, Tim Phillips.
HEAT 2 1, Jake Richards. 2, Matt Rose. 3, Levi McGowen. 4, Jimmie Davis. 5, Jim Body. 6, Mark Hunziger. 7, Mike Tanner.
HEAT 3 1, Tim VanGotten. 2, Brent Bloom. 3, Kenton Allen. 4, Shawn Kisling. 5, Dawson Smylie. 6, Cody Vink. 7, Luke Phillips.

McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified
A FEATURE 1, Matt Johnson. 2, John Allen. 3, Chase Domer. 4, Al Purkey. 5, Tad Davis. 6, Cody Schniepp. 7, Colton Eck. 8, Jim Body. 9, Scott Daniels. 10, Gene Hogan. 11, Dennis Bishop. 12, Rob Powell. 13, Paden Phillips.

HEAT 1 1, John Allen. 2, Tad Davis. 3, Chase Domer. 4, Paden Phillips. 5, Rob Powell. 6, Colton Eck. 7, Gene Hogan.
HEAT 2 1, Matt Johnson. 2, Al Purkey. 3, Jim Body. 4, Cody Schniepp. 5, Scott Daniels. 6, Dennis Bishop.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
A FEATURE 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Mike Churning. 3, Donald McIntosh. 4, Wayne Johnson. 5,
Krew Walburn. 6, Joey DeCoster. 7, Ethan Vance.

HEAT 1 1, Derrek Wilson. 2, Wayne Johnson. 3, Mike Churning. 4, Jon Westhoff. 5, Joey DeCoster. 6, Krew Walburn. 7, Ethan Vance

Sport Compact
A FEATURE 1, Will Guthrie. 2, James Lemke. 3, Kourtney Letterman. 4, Bobby Matlock. 5,Tuker Davis. 6, Tyler Davis. 7, Tevyn James.
HEAT 1 1, Will Guthrie. 2, Tyler Davis. 3, Aaron Farwell. 4, James Lemke. 5, Bobby Matlock. 6, Kourtney Letterman. 7, Tevyn James. 8, Tuker Davis.

A FEATURE 1, Tyler James. 2, Patrick Kay. 3, Devin Irvin. 4, Levi McGowen. 5, Tyler Vincent. 6, Ken Colston. 7, Jason Thurman.

HEAT 1 1, Tyler James. 2, Levi McGowen. 3, Patrick Kay. 4, Jason Thurman. 5, Devin Irvin. 6, Tyler Vincent.

Midwest Outlaw Vintage Racers
A FEATURE 1, Ray Maloney. 2, Jack Simmons 3. Andy Wiles 4 Chris Heitman 5 Larry Thierer 6 Dennis Fair 7 Josh Bert 8 Steve Hugh

HEAT 1 1, Andy Wiles 2 Chris Heitman 3 Steve Huge 4 Josie Burt
HEAT 2 1, Jack Simmons 2 Ray Maloney 3 Dennis Fair 4 Larry Thierer

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