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Davis a Modified Hutch Nationals Champion!

ncraHutchinson, Kansas – July 25, 2015 – Former tour champion Tyler Davis saved his equipment early then made a pass for the lead late to pick up the National Championship Racing Association of Park City, Kansas presented by Precise Racing Products modified featuring Saturday night, during the 59th running of the O’Reilly Auto Parts Hutchinson Grand Nationals Presented by Mel Hambelton Ford atop the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, Kansas.

In Friday night action, Ryan McAninich claimed the fifteen lap dash and earned the right to start on the pole for Saturday night’s 20 lap championship feature with Andy Wilkerson starting along side.

McAninch led the first 13 laps before Wilkerson, who was running strong, spun in turns one and two. McAninch picked up where he left off once race action resumed before fifth starting Davis, aboard the Shipman Racing Engines powered GRT chassis took the lead on lap sixteen. “The race was great,” said Davis. “I tried not to use up my equipment too early in the race and I knew if I had a shot it would be late in the race.”

Davis would lead the final four laps and go on to claim his first feature victory of the season. McAninch settled for second while sixth starting and former two-time Nationals champion Brian Franz came home third. Scott Green and Josh Lanterman rounded out the top five.

Friday night’s heat races were won by Davis, Wilkerson, McAninch, Dan Powers and Franz while Troy Gemmill and Lanterman claimed the two, Saturday night “B” features.

NCRA Modifieds

59th Annual Hutchinson Grand Nationals


37 Cars

1st Heat: 1) Tyler Davis, 2) Bill Siemers, 3) Shelby Stucky, 4) Craig Crossette, 5) Brendon Gemmill, 6) Jeremy Green, 7) Matt Martin, 8) Bobby Bills

2nd Heat: 1) Andy Wilkinson, 2) Kenny Sweet, 3) Ross Shipman, 4) Bud Longpine, 5) Kirby Robe Colwich, Ks, 6) Tanner Lamb, 7) Shawn Bretthauer, 8) Brad Morris

3rd Heat: 1) Ryan McAninch, 2) Troy Gemmill, 3) Richie Wilson, 4) Greg Stephens, 5) Tanner Mullens, 6) Richard Wilson, 7) Heath Steffen

4th Heat: 1) Dan Powers, 2) Josh Lanterman, 3) Justin Moler, 4) Dustin Choate, 5) Dustin Belcher, 6) Don Morris, 7) Rick McReynolds

5th Heat: 1) Brian Franz, 2) Scott Green, 3) Johnny Whitmore, 4) Jacob Schmutz, 5) Kevin Newell, 6) Joe Adams, 7) Jon Thompson

Friday “A” Dash: 1) Ryan McAninch, 2) Andy Wilkinson, 3) Dan Powers, 4) Scott Green, 5) Tyler Davis, 6) Brian Franz, 7) Ross shipman, 8) Bill Siemers, 9) Troy Gemmill, 10) Josh Lanterman, 11) Bud Longpine, 12) Kenny Sweet, 13) Richie Wilson, 14) Justin Moler, 15) Shelby Stucky

1st “B” Feature: 1) Troy Gemmill, 2) Jacob Schmutz, 3) Joe Adams, 4) Brendon Gemmill, 5) Ross Shipman, 6) Bobby Bills, 7) Richie Wilson, 8) Jeremy Green, 9) Dustin Choate, 10) Matt Martin, 11) Shelby Stucky, 12) Rick McReynold, 13) Bud Longpine, 14) Richard Wilson, 15) Kevin Newell, 16) Dustin Belcher

2nd “B” Feature: 1) Josh Lanterman, 2) Bill Siemers, 3) Kenny Sweet, 4) Craig Crossette, 5) Justin Moler, 6) Kirby Robe, 7) Tanner Mullens, 8) Johnny Whitmore, 9) Tanner Lamb, 10) Shawn Bretthauer, 11) Brad Morris, 12) Jon Thompson, 13) Don Morris, 14) Greg Stephens, 15) Heath Steffen

Saturday Championship “A” Feature: 1) Tyler Davis, 2) Ryan McAninch, 3) Brian Franz, 4) Scott Green, 5) Josh Lanterman, 6) Kenny Sweet, 7) Troy Gemmill, 8) Dan Powers, 9) Bill Siemers, 10) Tanner Mullens, 11) Justin Moler, 12) Ross Shipman, 13) Andy Wilkinson, 14) Tanner Lamb, 15) Richie Wilson, 16) Johnny Whitmore, 17) Dustin Choate, 18) Brendon Gemmill, 19) Jacob Schmutz, 20) Joe Adams, 21) Bobby Bills, 22) Kirby Robe, 23) Craig Crossette, 24) Jeremy Green

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