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Tad Davis #75 gets another win. Andrew Towne Photo

Tad Davis #75 gets another win. Andrew Towne Photo

BY SCOTT L. STEWART – The caliber of USRA Modified Competition at Humboldt Speedway has been so strong this season that, with three races left on the schedule, the number of drivers that have won two features in the division can be counted on one hand. Now, one man, Tad Davis of Mt. Hope, Kansas, can say that he alone has won three.

Davis was able to track down and pass Chase Domer, the eventual runner up, in the later stages of Friday night’s main event for his third season win. Third place went to John Davis is battling for the 2015 points championship. Colton Eck finished fourth, with Jeremy Chambers anchored the top five.

In B-Mod feature action, Brian McGowen returned to the winners circle with a wire to wire feature win. Ethan Issacs drove from mid pack to claim the second spot, while Jimmie Davis took third, Tyler Kidwell fourth, and Riley Whitworth fifth.

Red hot Tyler Davis added another Sport Compact feature win to his impressive resume of feature victories this season. Davis was joined by Tevyn James, Sean Felkins, and Kourtney Letterman.

In Pure Stock feature action, Mike Churning once again powered his way to victory. Bryce Weldon was runner up, while Norman Mackley scored third. Wayne Johnson finished fourth, with Donald McIntosh came in fifth.

Tyler James topped this week’s Stock Car division main event, as Devin Irvin captured the number two spot. Jason Thurman was third, Patrick Kay fourth, and Scott Collins fifth.

Finally, the last event of the evening featured a 100 lap Enduro race won by Jeremy Wilson. Derrek Wilson was second, Tim VanGotten third, Scott Stuart fourth, and Rick Mueller fifth.

Coming August 7th, the United States Modified Touring Series returns to Humboldt Speedway, as they continue the Hunt For The Casey’s Cup series. B-Mods, Stock Cars and Pure Stock will also compete. Adult admission will be $18.00, Kids 6 to 12 $5.00, wit $35.00 Pit Passes. Casey’s stores in Iola, Chanute, Yates Center, Fredonia, and Neodesha will offer $2.00 off coupons.

Humboldt Speedway
Race Results
Friday, July 31, 2015

Ray’s Metal Depot USRA B-Mod
A FEATURE 1, Brian McGowen. 2, Ethan Isaacs. 3, Jimmie Davis. 4, Tyler Kidwell. 5, Riley Whitworth. 6, Tim Phillips. 7, Kenton Allen. 8, Mark Hunziger. 9, Tim VanGotten. 10, Mike Letterman. 11, Brian Walburn. 12, Luke Phillips. 13, Andy Bryant.

HEAT 1 1, Jimmie Davis. 2, Tim VanGotten. 3, Ethan Isaacs. 4, Tyler Kidwell. 5, Kenton Allen. 6, Luke Phillips. 7, Tim Phillips.
HEAT 2 1, Brian McGowen. 2, Riley Whitworth. 3, Mike Letterman. 4, Mark Hunziger. 5, Brian Walburn. 6, Andy Bryant.

McCarthy Auto Group USRA Modified
A FEATURE 1, Tad Davis. 2, Chase Domer. 3, John Allen. 4, Colton Eck. 5, Jeremy Chambers. 6, Chase Sigg. 7, Tanner Mullens. 8, Houston Johnson. 9, Cody Schniepp. 10, Jim Body. 11, Austin Johnson. 12, Paden Phillips. 13, Bob Kerbs. 14, Dennis Bishop. 15, Scott Daniels. 16, Jesse Folk Jr.

HEAT 1 1, Chase Domer. 2, Jeremy Chambers. 3, Colton Eck. 4, Paden Phillips. 5, Tanner Mullens. 6, Dennis Bishop. 7, Jim Body. 8, Cody Schniepp.
HEAT 2 1, Tad Davis. 2, John Allen. 3, Chase Sigg. 4, Scott Daniels. 5, Houston Johnson. 6, Bob Kerbs. 7, Austin Johnson. 8, Jesse Folk Jr.

Whitworth Construction Pure Stock
A FEATURE 1, Mike Churning. 2, Bryce Weldon. 3, Norman Mackley. 4, Wayne Johnson. 5,Donald McIntosh. 6, Joey DeCoster. 7, Krew Walburn. 8, Ethan Vance. 9, Devin Phillips. 10, Mike Kay. 11, George Reimer.

HEAT 1 1, Mike Churning. 2, Derrek Wilson. 3, Joey DeCoster. 4, Norman Mackley. 5, Devin
Phillips. 6, Ethan Vance.
HEAT 2 1, Wayne Johnson. 2, Bryce Weldon. 3, Krew Walburn. 4, Mike Kay.

Sport Compact
A FEATURE 1, Tyler Davis. 2, Tevyn James. 3, Sean Felkins. 4, Kourtney Letterman. 5, Tuker Davis. 6, Aaron Farwell.

HEAT 1 1, Tyler Davis. 2, Aaron Farwell. 3, Tevyn James. 4, Sean Felkins. 5, Tuker Davis. 6,
Kourtney Letterman.

A FEATURE 1, Tyler James. 2, Devin Irvin. 3, Jason Thurman. 4, Patrick Kay. 5, Scott Collins. 6, Rich Boyden. 7, Daryl Drake.

HEAT 1 1, Devin Irvin. 2, Tyler James. 3, Scott Collins. 4, Patrick Kay. 5, Jason Thurman. 6, Rich Boyden. 7, Daryl Drake.

Enduro Race
A FEATURE 1, Jeremy Wilson. 2, Derek Wilson 3 Tim VanGotten 4 Scott Stuart 5 Rick Mueller 6 Floyd Pate 7 Curtis Wilson Sr. 8 George Pate

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