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Everhart Wins Modified Thriller, Frye, Olmstead & Stallbaumer All Pick Up Wins at Thunder Hill

It was an epic battle between the #321 of Josh Everhart & #747 of Corey Burch. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

It was an epic battle between the #321 of Josh Everhart & #747 of Corey Burch. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Mayetta, KS – Hot action on the track produced a great night of racing for the fans in attendance at Thunder Hill Speedway.

This season has been like the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1893. All you have to do as a racer is show up and you might have a chance at getting a victory! It makes for exciting racing and the fans love to see it.

In the BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modified Feature Justin Becker jumped out to the early lead. Becker held the top spot for several laps but there were several drivers beating a path to the leader looking to take his spot.

Josh Everhart and Corey Burch were 2 of those drivers. Burch was making his 1st appearance at Thunder Hill this season and Everhart was making his 2nd start of the year. It looked these 2 were seasoned veterans watching them slice their way through to Becker. Once at his back bumper the 3 drivers would mix it up for the fans. Burch would take the lead from Becker and then Everhart would take the lead from Burch.

While the drivers at the front mixed it up there was several battles going on right behind them. Tom Charles, Steven Bowers Jr. had a great battle for several laps, Mike Peterslie was on the move at one point and Corey Lagroon was also on a run to the front.

Burch and Everhart would clear Becker and battled side by side for what seemed like 100 laps. The two would swap the top spot at the stripe a few times before it all came down to the white flag lap.

As the two came to the white flag it was going to be a barn burner. Everhart took the slight advantage in turn 1 and came away with an even bigger advantage heading out of turn 2. As the leaders entered turn 3, Everhart took the line away from Burch and slowed his momentum. It was enough for Everhart to speed out of turn 4 for the victory.

The win was Everhart’s 1st win of the season and he would become the 4th different feature winner of the season.

Burch, who put on a great race, finished in 2nd after starting 12th, the points leader, Bowers, finished in the 3rd spot after starting 11th, 4th went to Becker and rounding out the top 5 was Tom Charles, who started in the 10th spot.

All hail the Dominator, Tyler Frye after win #8. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

All hail the Dominator, Tyler Frye after win #8. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Fans might be witnessing one of the best dirt track seasons a racer has ever had in the Bad Boyz Bail Bonds IMCA Northern Sport Mods.

Tyler Frye came into the night with 7 straight wins on the year. That’s right, Thunder Hill Speedway has had 7 races and Frye has won all 7. The question remains; Can he win every single race this season?

Saturday night’s main event watched as Bryce Frakes and Bret Degand drove out and battled at the front of the main event. Degand would win the battle for supremacy at the front. Degand held on to a strong run, but Frye was flexing his muscle once again as he started 11th and quickly ran up to Degand and went by for the lead.

Luke Stallbaumer gave chase and followed Frye to the front. Stallbaumer would not lose touch with Frye as he gave it his best effort. A few late race yellows would bunch the field up and put Stallbaumer in a battle with Shawn Harker. The back and forth battle between those two drivers allowed Frye to open it up on the way to another win.

Frye would scoot to win #8 on the season. He has the most wins at Thunder Hill Speedway in 2015, in any division. His domination has been unrivaled this season and it’s a run that many have never witnessed before. Currently, Frye leads the track points and the IMCA National Points at this time. Another win certainly wouldn’t hurt those efforts.

Harker would get by Stallbaumer for the 2nd position, Stallbaumer would settle for 3rd, 4th, in his best finish of the season, was Degand and 5th went to Bryan Rigsby, who is currently 2nd in the points.

Mat Stallbaumer nails down win #3. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Mat Stallbaumer nails down win #3. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stock Car Feature was a crazy one.

Kyle Stallbaumer put his Stock Car at the point position early in the event. He would keep the lead before Bryan Rigsby would take the lead away. After a restart Rigsby went back out in front of the field and that’s where it got wild.

Heading into turn 1 contact was made between the top 2 cars. The contact would continue out of turn 2 and down the back straight and that’s when the melee erupted. Kyle Stallbaumer would end up off the top of the track and into the back straight wall, Rigsby, the leader, suffered considerable damage and after a quick discussion both drivers were black flagged from the event.

The lead would go to Jeff Tubbs as the race got restarted. Tubbs and Matt Haid, the current points leader, decided to run several laps side by side on the speedway. After the start of the race, this was exactly the kind of racing the fans wanted to see; good, hard nosed, clean racing! It would stay that way until late in the race.

Tubbs was trying to slow down the momentum of Haid and went to shut the door (take Haid’s line) on him heading into turn 3. Tubbs had the lead and it was close when he dropped to the bottom of the track and contact between the 2 leaders occurred and Tubbs would spin and bring out a yellow. Haid would be black flagged for rough driving and Tubbs was sent to the rear for bringing out the yellow.

All of this action handed the lead to Mat Stallbaumer. Stallbaumer, who has 2 wins on the season in the Stock Car division, had not problem nailing down win #3 as he would go on after the restart to sail to the victory.

Greg Deters would motor his way to 2nd, 3rd went to Shaylon Holloway after starting 12th, Gene Stigall started 11th and finished 4th and the 5th spot went to Leif Weyer in his 1st night out at Thunder Hill.

It's the 2nd straight win for Jacob Olmstead. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

It’s the 2nd straight win for Jacob Olmstead. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

During the 2015 season at Thunder Hill Speedway only 1 driver in the Midwest Vending IMCA Hobby Stock class has multiple wins, Tyler Hinrichs. After Saturday night’s race Hinrichs will have to make some room for Jacob Olmstead.

Last week Olmstead got his 1st win of the season at Thunder Hill. Tonight starting from the 7th position it wouldn’t take him long to get to the front and wrestle the lead away from Mallory Stiffler.

At the front of the pack Olmstead proved that he was too much for the competition as he picked up win #2 on the season. The win put him in the fraternity with Hinrichs as multiple feature winners.

Jamie Songer drove from Ankeny, IA to start 9th in the feature and finish 2nd, moving from 10th to 3rd in the feature was Zach Olmstead, Ryan Sutter continued his string of consecutive top 5s by finishing in 4th and Dalton Ronnebaum raced his way to a 5th place finish.

Next week the action continues at Thunder Hill Speedway with extra money and a special attraction being thrown in.

August 8th, will see Thunder Hill host the Conle White Tribute Race that will feature the NCRA/NeSmith Late Models compete with an added $2500 to the purse. The BSB Manufacturing IMCA Mods will be racing for a $1,000 top prize, while both the Bad Boyz Bail Bonds IMCA Northern Sport Mods and Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stock Cars will race for a top prize of $300!

Pit Gates Open At 5:00 p.m., the drivers meeting is at 6:30 p.m. and hot laps and racing follow soon after.

Ticket prices are $15 for Adults, Kids Under 12 are FREE!, Pit Passes are $30.00 and Kids Under 12 are $15.

To follow all of the action fans can keep up with Thunder Hill Speedway action by logging on to their website at http://www.racethunderhillspeedway.com or follow them on Facebook at Thunder Hill Speedway!

Thunder Hill Speedway is located at 11995 142nd Rd, Mayetta, KS.

Modified-BSB Manufacturing – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 8 321 Josh Everhart Burlingame , Ks 40.00
2 12 747 Corey Burch Junction City, Ks 39.00
3 11 77 Steven Bowers Jr. Topeka , Ks 38.00
4 2 70 Justin Becker Holton , Ks 37.00
5 10 81 Tom Charles Basehor , Ks 36.00
6 7 25P Mike Petersilie Hoisington , Ks 35.00
7 16 81S Richard Spriggs Savannah , Mo 34.00
8 17 21 Josh Blumer Marysville , Ks 33.00
9 14 8R Jesse Richter Great Bend, Ks 32.00
10 13 427 Troy Baumgartner Auburn , Ks 31.00
11 20 44T Tanner Black Mohave Valley, Az 30.00
12 9 24 Corey Lagroon Salina , Ks 29.00
13 5 178 Allen Halderman Hoyt , Ks 28.00
14 6 11JR Randal Schiffelbein Tecumseh , Ks 27.00
15 15 1M Brian Murphy Carbondale , Ks 26.00
16 3 10B Garry Billings Jr Prairie Village, Ks 25.00
17 19 00 Billy Shepherd Topeka , Ks 24.00
18 23 9S Devin Stock Topeka , Ks 23.00
19 21 37 Millard Gibson Junction City, Ks 22.00
20 18 14C Bill Carter Kansas City, Ks 21.00
21 22 54 Ricky Tanner Topeka , Ks 20.00
22 1 34D Travis Neeley Meriden , Ks 19.00
23 4 M80 Mat Stallbaumer Tecumseh , Ks 18.00 DNS

Stock Car-Heinen Repair Service – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 5 M80 Mat Stallbaumer Tecumseh , Ks 40.00
2 7 29 Greg Deters Centralia , Ks 39.00
3 12 38H Shaylon Holloway Osborne , Ks 38.00
4 11 XX20 Gene Stigall Winston , Mo 37.00
5 9 15 Leif Weyer Centralia , Ks 36.00
6 20 27 Dominic Thyfault Wakarusa , Ks 35.00
7 1 38 Steven Corning Atchison , Ks 34.00
8 2 1N1 Bob Troutwine Topeka , Ks 33.00
9 18 37H Clinton Hockersmith Oakley , Ks 32.00
10 15 6 Hank Thompson Kansas City, Ks 31.00
11 10 37X Jeff Tubbs Colby , Ks 30.00
12 13 19X Brad Labonte Lecompton , Ks 29.00
13 3 40OZ Blake Peeler Trimble , Mo 28.00
14 14 A55 Bob Arnold Salina , Ks 27.00
15 16 24C Brandon Conkwright Wamego , Ks 26.00
16 17 C15 Eric Weyer Centralia , Ks 25.00
17 19 75M Marvin Griffith Jr Holton , Ks 24.00
18 21 60K James King Americus , Ks 23.00 DNS
19 8 22 Matt Haid Ozawkie , Ks 0.00
20 4 10 Kyle Stallbaumer Tecumseh , Ks 0.00
21 6 97 Bryan Rigsby Topeka , Ks 0.00

N. SportMods-Bad Boyz Bail Bonds – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 11 55 Tyler Frye Belleville , Ks 40.00
2 12 40 Shawn Harker Nebraska City, Ne 39.00
3 7 L26 Luke Stallbaumer Tecumseh , Ks 38.00
4 3 42 Bret Degand Topeka , Ks 37.00
5 10 12 Bryan Rigsby Topeka , Ks 36.00
6 22 18 Jacob Davis Berryton , Ks 35.00
7 1 27 Bryce Frakes Valley Falls, Ks 34.00
8 6 17JR Ricky Abrams Topeka , Ks 33.00
9 9 0K Kelly Kneisler Mayetta , Ks 32.00
10 5 07C Larry Cain Topeka , Ks 31.00
11 14 50 Gary Holthaus Topeka , Ks 30.00
12 13 4 Randy Davis Topeka , Ks 29.00
13 16 11 Tracy Schaefer Topeka , Ks 28.00
14 17 34F Tony Filbert Topeka , Ks 27.00
15 18 T25 Tim Stallbaumer Tecumseh , Ks 26.00
16 8 81 Austin Charles Basehor , Ks 25.00
17 15 23C Billy Carreno Hoyt , Ks 24.00
18 2 91J Jaylen Wettengel Topeka , Ks 23.00
19 19 4R Dustin Rawlings Hoyt , Ks 22.00
20 4 27B Jarret Beach Tonganoxie , Ks 21.00
21 21 17S James Seymour Oskaloosa , Ks 20.00
22 20 29X Jeff Davis Topeka , Ks 19.00 DNS
23 23 03 Lance Dixon Topeka , Ks 0.00 DNS

Hobby Stocks-Midwest Vending – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 7 88J Jacob Olmstead Overton , Ne 40.00
2 9 96X Jamie Songer Ankeny , Ia 39.00
3 10 98Z Zach Olmstead Overton , Ne 38.00
4 6 79 Ryan Sutter Rock Port, Mo 37.00
5 2 96R Dalton Ronnebaum Onaga , Ks 36.00
6 5 53T Tyler Garst Topeka , Ks 35.00
7 11 27 Tommy Fose Salina , Ks 34.00
8 18 2S Sterling Sorensen Portsmouth , Ia 33.00
9 8 75 Kurt Hansen Walnut , Ia 32.00
10 13 19 Bill Bonnett Knoxville , Ia 31.00
11 12 27X Bradley Sheetz Winston , Mo 30.00
12 19 25 Tyler Hinrichs Americus , Ks 29.00
13 4 7N Nicholas Ronnebaum Onaga , Ks 28.00
14 15 97L Levi Henery Berryton , Ks 27.00
15 14 75R Robert Griffith Sr Mayetta , Ks 26.00
16 16 67L Larry Hunter Meriden , Ks 25.00
17 1 M87 Mallory Stiffler Hoyt , Ks 24.00
18 3 97 Raymond Bosch Effingham , Ks 23.00
19 17 39K Shane Schmidt Topeka , Ks 22.00 DNS

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