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Lance, Brooke, Crockett, Keller, Earls, and Reed Rule “The Cage”

Doug Keller takes home a tight win at the "Cage". Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Doug Keller takes home a tight win at the “Cage”. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

E-Modifieds would kick off yet another great night of racing action continuing the “Fast Friday” series at Atchison County Raceway. Kyle Henning #1 would jump to an early lead and appear to be the top car for this night of racing. Henning and Chris Dishong #41 would battle for the lead for several laps with neither gaining an edge until heat race winner Mathew Lance #12x would use a high side move passing both contenders. Lance would lead the remainder of the laps as he would not be denied the victory. Point leader Dishong would be forced to settle for second place with Henning placing third. Billy Spilman #63 would finish the feature in fourth with big mover Nicholas Carpenter #33 fifth. Other heat race winner was Corey Myers #15 until a flat tire would take him from contention.

Hobby Stocks were next into the cage and not disappoint as the two heat race winners Wayne Brooke #18 and Joshua Munsen #19 would battle to the checkers. Brooke would take the lead early only to see it evaporate in the latter stages as Munsen would race from the back of the back to challenge Brooke at the line. Brooke would not be shaken as he would maintain the lead to the line with Munsen placing second. Brooke would pick up win number three this 2015 racing season. Lonnie Myers #62 continues his moves to the front as he would hold off the fast Lane Chew #37 to finish third with Chew fourth. Darren McCray sporting the black Camaro #13 would race his way to a solid top five finish.

Street Stocks as always were in fine form on the one-fifth mile of dirt, racing side by side and wheel to wheel from start to finish. Point leader Brandon Crockett #98 would take the lead from the start and hold off all challengers on his way to victory lane. Big mover of the race was Marvin Griffith Jr #75m entertaining all in attendance racing through the pack to finish the feature in second place. Heat race winner Alvie Christofferson #22a was also in the hunt for the win only to settle for third on this night. Anthony Robertson #82m and Greg Keuhn #6x would finish fourth and fifth respectively with Robertson edging Keuhn at the line.
Keller and Brill battling to the checkers!!!

Winner of the “Best in Show” for this night of racing action would see the B-Modifieds put on a great display of driving skills. Doug Keller #77 would sweep the night earning wins in both his heat race and the feature. Keller would be challenged every lap by second place finisher Cody Brill #96 and third place finisher Truman Asher #73. Other heat race winner Austin Charles #81x was the big mover of the feature racing his way from a last starting position passing all challengers to end the feature in fourth. Tyson Lanfermann #47 would again show poise and consistency ending the night in fifth place. When the smoke had cleared and the finishing number was drawn, third place finisher Truman Asher would collect the additional $100 bonus.

Kids Mods would see Dakota Earls win both heat race and feature for the night. Nicholas Carpenter #33 would place second.

Ending the night in style going caution free the Sport Compacts would wheel a race to be remembered. Heat race winner James Reed #1/2pi would use that momentum to propel himself to the lead of the feature and on to victory lane. Reed was challenged continually by Will Guthrie #78 who would end the night second and Dusty Young #22 who placed third. Point leader James Lemke #17 would hold off other heat race winner David Miller III #55 as they would battle to the line, with Lemke fourth and Miller fifth.

Atchison County Raceway would like to thank all of our participants for the foot races that were held during Intermission.
Age 0-5 winner Jayce Bratton
Age 6-10 winner Ali Nash
Age 11-15 winner Madison Myers
Age 16+ winner Brent Billings

Congratulations to all the winners. See everyone Sunday Night for the Cageman Series Trailer Smash Race as well as the Powder Puff Mini-Van Demolition Derby. Gates open at five with the Demo Derby kicking things off at 7:00pm and the Trailer Smash immediately following.

“Don’t be Afraid of The Cage”
Race Results From Atchison County Raceway 8/7/2015

12x Matthew Lance (Heat Race Winner)
41 Chris Dishong
1 Kyle Henning
63 Billy Spilman
33 Nicholas Carpenter
90 Allie Mulich
16G Gunner Lanfermann
23 James Piper
15 Corey Myers (Heat Race Winner)
25 Jason Simmers
51 Dustin Lawrence

Hobby Stock:
18 Wayne Brooke (Heat Race Winner)
19 Joshua Munsen (Heat Race Winner)
62 Lonnie Myers
37 Lane Chew
13 Darren McCray
28 Tobin Bartlett
6 Darren Lofts
23C Cody Satterwhite
1/2S Steven Bunton
28K Chris Kiehl
11P Dodd Proctor
B5 George Bruning

Street Stock:
98 Brandon Crockett
75m Marvin Griffith Jr
22a Alvie Christofferson (Heat Race Winner)
82m Anthony Robertson
6x Greg Keuhn
9 Tom Smith
98w Gerald Wahwahsuck
24k Daniel King

77 Doug Keller (Heat Race Winner)
96 Cody Brill
73 Truman Asher
81x Austin Charles (Heat Race Winner)
47 Tyson Lanfermann
14 Aaron Myers
3D Matt Dorssom
25 Buddy Ray Jones
27 Jason Lewman
09m Derick Mahoney

Kids Mods:
15e Dakota Earls (Heat Race Winner)
33 Nicholas Carpenter

Sport Compact:
1/2pi James Reed (Heat Race Winner)
78 Will Guthrie
22 Dusty Young
17 James Lemke
55 David Miller III (Heat Race Winner)
08 Joshua Conrad
75d Chuck Warman
66b Barry Luthi
26g Jeffery Arbuckle
23g Morgan Gudgell
33d Devin Schmidt
82k Chris Lewis
17c Chris Christofferson

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