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Smashing Good Time Had At ACR!

Trailer Smash action at ACR. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Trailer Smash action at ACR. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

With cars and trucks with trailers attached entering the pits it was obvious what a great night of action it was going to be at Atchison County Raceway. Before the Cageman Trailer Smash could start, the ladies would take to the track in their Mini Vans to do battle till only one was able to move.

In fine fashion the four Mini Vans smashed, crashed, and started the night of destruction. The “Barbie Van” driven by Barb Chapman #88 appeared to have the upper hand until an ignition problem would force her to the sidelines early. As she sat idle the other three played ring around the “Barbie Van” with Chapman, whom would finish fourth, cheering them on while they smashed away at each other. “Sassy” Cassy Kelley in the #13 grocery getter would challenge “the Dirt Track Darling” Philisa Birkinsha #7sis backing into each other continually until the two would be slammed by “Auntie” Teri Robinson #GUEST. Birkinsha finally abandoned the reverse attack and turned her van into a front assault weapon crashing head on into the Kelley bursting the radiator on the #13 and creating a steam cloud. Kelley would not go quietly as she rebounded and continued to pound away at both the other competitors. Birkinsha would suffer trouble with the rear wheels not turning and would have to submit to the other two and finish third on the night. Kelley and the Nice “Auntie” Teri Robinson would continue to smash their Mini Vans to smithereens. Nice “Auntie” Robinson proved to have a mean streak behind the wheel and would continue to attack with it appearing to be a draw. The two would head nose to nose until the earlier radiator damage would cause Kelley’s van to overheat and it would not restart after stalling. “Sassy” Cassy Kelley would place second as “Auntie” Teri Robinson would claim the victory! Rear view mirrors were left on the vans so hair and makeup could be done before exiting! Thanks to the Ladies for putting on a great show for all the fans in attendance.

Battling it out in the Cage, Trailer Smash Style!

With thirteen Cageman Trailer Smash Competitors vehicles on the track, introductions would let the fans know who would be in what as they entered the cage. As the green flag was displayed by Shawn Wilson the carnage began with Tobin “The Hitman” Bartlett #28 would “Hitting” a lot of fans in the crowd with a stream of water. Dave Cattrell #99 would take the early lead and appear to be on his way until a hard hit would separate car from trailer. Cattrell would have contact with another competitor in the closing laps and roll his #99 ending his night. With Cattrell out, enter the lead #62 of 15 year old Cameron Seager, who would charge through the pack smashing his way to the front. With action so fast and furious, it was hard for scoring to keep up, but they were able to follow the action and Seager, driving a battleship of an Oldsmobile, was declared the winner picking up his second Cageman win of the season. Ryan Chalfant #41 would pilot his Gran Torino through and around other competitors keeping his trailer somewhat in tack finishing second. Pete Koch #4 was in contention the entire race but could not muster enough speed to get by the two leaders and end the night in third. As the field started to falter and the trailers disconnected from the cars, it was obvious why it was named a “Trailer Smash”. “Flying” Brian Seever would bang his way to the front, leaving his trailer wheels on the track but still dragging the remains to a solid fourth place finish. Rounding out the nights top five, current Cageman Point Leader Brad Simpson #30, would muster a fifth place showing and entertain with hard smashes and exciting racing. Other highlights of the action, and there were many, one mini Jeff Gordon car destroyed, a baby momma house destroyed (originally priced at $100, reduced to $25 after the race), fans watered down on lap number one, tires flying off trailers, little sisters playhouse destroyed, one helmet abuse, one ‘79 Camaro into the wall and an unhappy girlfriend (they made up), a Mopala with a rocket that got launched, two little minions that were destroyed, and a whole lot of clean up left for the track owner and great promoter Phil Birkinsha!

A great night at Atchison County Raceway!!! See everyone Friday Night for exciting racing action and family fun. “Don’t be Afraid of the Cage”!

Winners from Atchison County Raceway 8/9/2015

Mini Van Powder Puff Derby:
GUEST Teri Robinson
13 Cassy Kelly
7sis Philisa Birkinsha
88 Barb Chapman

Cageman Trailer Smash:
62 Cameron Seager
41 Ryan Chalfant
4 Pete Koch
14 Brian Seever
30 Brad Simpson
003 Matthew Abramovitz
06 Brandon Leach
8 Seth Howard
24 Richard Tolar
22 Jace Prater
28 Tobin Bartlett
99 Dave Cattrell
13 Darren McCray

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