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Shuman Sensational at Springfield

WARlogo13Springfield, MO(August 15, 2015)- Taking over the lead on lap ten, Casey Shuman went unchallenged the rest of the way to pick up his fourth win of 2015 at Springfield Raceway on Saturday night.

Mitchell Moore led the Impact Signs, Awnings and Wraps WAR Series presented by Next LED field to the green flag. He moved immediately into the lead using the low line on the speedway as Kenny Potter was second early.

By lap two, Shuman had moved into third from his sixth starting spot as he used the high line and methodically cut into Moore’s lead. On lap five, Shuman moved past Potter and set his sights on Moore.

As Shuman inched closer to the top spot, Riley Kreisel was able to work his way past Potter and into third.

With six laps completed, the red came out for Ryan Rector, who turned over on his side in turn two. Rector was finished for the evening.

On the restart, Moore again set the pace using the low line as Shuman used the high line of the speedway.

By lap nine, Shuman had again inched closer to Moore and at the completion of lap ten, Shuman worked his way past Moore and into the top spot. At this point, the top five consisted of Shuman, Moore, Kreisel, Potter, and John Helm.

With Shuman slowly building a bigger lead over Moore, Kreisel, and Potter, seventeenth-starting Kyle Bellm moved into fifth on lap twelve.
Shuman would continue to increase his lead over the last half of the race as he also increased his lead in the Impact Signs, Awnings, and Wraps WAR Series presented by Next LED point standings in his Hockett Racing/Korte Transportation #75. Moore was a strong second in his Kelly Potter owned #51 as he was followed closely by Riley Kreisel in the Rick Smith owned #90. Potter was fourth in his own #55 with first time WAR starter Bellm fifth in the Dennis Jones owned #1. Fifteenth starting Cody Baker was sixth with Chris Parkinson, Helm, Jeff Wingate, and Taylor Walton rounding out the top ten.

The WAR Series will next be in action on Saturday August 29th as they make their first ever appearance at the 81 Speedway in Wichita, KS. A race has been added to the schedule as WAR will join the ASCS Warrior region for a winged and non-winged sprint car show at the Scotland County Speedway in Memphis, MO on Friday September 4th.

If you would like to know more about the Impact Signs, Awnings, and Wraps WAR Series presented by Next LED, please go to and join the WAR Facebook page.

1st Heat-10 laps
1. 75-Casey Shuman, Rattlesnake Bend, AZ (1); 2. 51-Mitchell Moore, Edgerton, KS (8); 3. 95-Rik Forbes, Omaha, NE (2); 4. 9-Casey Baker, Lone Jack, MO (7); 5. 8-Jeff Wingate, Centertown, MO (4); 6. 93-Taylor Walton, Warrensburg, MO (9); 7. 88RR-Ryan Rector, Jasper, MO (5); 8. 38-Cody Baker, Lone Jack, MO (3)-DNF; 9. 1-Kyle Bellm, Nixa, MO (6); 10. 11-Chris Morgan, Topeka, KS (DNS)

2nd Heat-10 laps
1. 31-Casey Wills, Sperry, OK (4); 2. 55-Kenny Potter, Harrisonville, MO (1); 3. 1A-Adam Jones, Wright City, MO (8); 4. 90-Riley Kreisel, Warsaw, MO (5); 5. 65-Chris Parkinson, Gladstone, MO (6); 6. 12-John Helm, Kearney, MO (9); 7. 13-Clyde Knipp, California, MO (7); 8. 88-Chad Tye, Independence, MO (2); 9. 3-Dustin Adams, Crystal City, MO (10); 10. 67-T.J. Cain, Wichita, KS (3)-DNF

A-Main-25 laps
1. 75-Casey Shuman (5); 2. 51-Mitchell Moore (1); 3. 90-Riley Kreisel (7); 4. 55-Kenny Potter (3); 5. 5. 1-Kyle Bellm (17); 6. 38-Cody Baker (15); 7. 65-Chris Parkinson (10); 8. 12-John Helm (9); 9. 8-Jeff Wingate (11); 10. 93-Taylor Walton (8); 11. 1A-Adam Jones (2); 12. 95-Rik Forbes (6); 13. 88-Chad Tye (16); 14. 13-Clyde Knipp (12); 15. 3-Dustin Adams (14); 16. 31-Casey Wills (4)-DNF; 17. 88RR-Ryan Rector (13)-DNF; DNS: 9-Casey Baker; 11-Chris Morgan; 67-TJ Cain.

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