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Cleveland, Morgan Take Home First Wins of 2015 at Salina Speedway

Smokin Joe Cleveland gets it done. Dusty Wiegert

Smokin Joe Cleveland gets it done. Dusty Wiegert

SALINA, Kan. — Two racers finally earned themselves their first trophy on Friday August 21st at the Salina Speedway in a wild night of entertainment.

For Budweiser IMCA Hobby Stock feature winner Jason Cleveland, it’s been a long road. Cleveland was the 2014 Rookie of the Year in the division, but missed the last half of the season due to an accident that left him hospitalized and recovering the rest of the year. This year he quickly got faster and has become a factor for the win on many nights, leading until the last lap only a few events prior. This time he got it done, leading the way early and holding off a late surge from Aaron McBride. Shay Simoneau brought home his #22SS in third with Kelly Pihl in fourth. Pete Beaumont and Tommy Fose won the heat races.

Trey Morgan also found his way to Victory Lane for the first time this season in the Auto House Mod Lite feature event. The initial start of the race was waived off after a wild tumble by Danny Morrison in turns one & two, but once things got under way Morgan quickly took advantage of his fifth place starting position to set the pace for the win. Brandon Gray finished second with Earl Kinderknecht third and Mike Zrubek fourth. Morgan and Justin Kinderknecht won the heat races.

Even though Morrison had a rough night in the Mod Lite he turned it around and picked up a big feature win in the 1st Class Chassis IMCA Modified division. Beau Davis set the pace early and was on a rail until a caution grouped things up. On the restart Morrison slipped by and away and held off a late run by Brian Knoell for the checkers. Knoell wound up second with Davis third and Larry Sutton fourth. Sutton, Knoell, and Davis won the heat races.

The BSB Manufacturing NeSmith Late Models made their return on the night with Chris Kratzer getting it done from the third place starting position. Kratzer made it look easy, holding off Dusty Leonard, who was on a quest for his third straight win. Delbert Smith finished third with Justin Bussell fourth. Kratzer and Smith won the heat races.

With a low car count the end of the Xtreme Motor Sports was wild as Chris Humphries, who led most of the race, got upside down crossing the finish line. He was ok and ended up fourth. Daniel Gottschalk once again visited Victory Lane after the late race pass with Rodger Peck third. Kurtis Pihl won the heat race.

Racing continues at the Salina Speedway on Friday August 28th with the Barry Brittendall Memorial Race for the M&H Motors IMCA Sport Compacts. The 1st Class Chassis IMCA Modifieds, Coors Light IMCA Stock Cars, Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Northern SportMods, and Budweiser IMCA Hobby Stocks will also be in action.

For more information on the Salina Speedway please visit or call 785.292.9220


Hobby Stocks 8/21/2015
A Feature:
1. Jason Cleveland (Minneapolis, KS), 2. Aaron McBride (Barnard, KS), 3. Shay Simoneau (Damar, KS), 4. Kelly Pihl (Lindsborg, KS), 5. Travis Coop (Portis, KS), 6. Pete Beaumont (Concordia, KS), 7. Mike Traskowsky (Woodbine, KS), 8. Tony Slothower (Salina, KS), 9. Duane Wahrman (Pratt, KS), 10. Neil Normandin (Salina, KS), 11. Oscar Runyon (Victoria, KS), 12. Dennis Berry (Salina, KS), 13. Caleb Davis (Salina, KS), 14. Elliott May (Lyons, KS), 15. Eric Cross (Salina, KS), 16. Tommy Fose (Salina, KS),

Heat 1:
1. Pete Beaumont (Concordia, KS), 2. Caleb Davis (Salina, KS), 3. Eric Cross (Salina, KS), 4. Neil Normandin (Salina, KS), 5. Kelly Pihl (Lindsborg, KS), 6. Shay Simoneau (Damar, KS), 7. Mike Traskowsky (Woodbine, KS), 8. Oscar Runyon (Victoria, KS),

Heat 2:
1. Tommy Fose (Salina, KS), 2. Aaron McBride (Barnard, KS), 3. Duane Wahrman (Pratt, KS), 4. Jason Cleveland (Minneapolis, KS), 5. Tony Slothower (Salina, KS), 6. Elliott May (Lyons, KS), 7. Travis Coop (Portis, KS), 8. Dennis Berry (Salina, KS),

Late Models 8/21/2015
A Feature:
1. Chris Kratzer (Haysville, KS), 2. Dusty Leonard (Marysville, KS), 3. Delbert Smith (Wichita, KS), 4. Justin Bussell (Imperial, NE), 5. Kelly Dunn (Salina, KS), 6. Daniel Smith (Beloit, KS), 7. Kurt Abell (Beloit, KS), 8. Terry Malm (Lindsborg, KS), 9. Bill Grit (New Cambria, KS), 10. Brad Morris (Junction City, KS), 11. Adam Popp (Haven, KS), 12. Trinket Kinderknecht (Salina, KS),

Heat 1:
1. Chris Kratzer (Haysville, KS), 2. Justin Bussell (Imperial, NE), 3. Dusty Leonard (Marysville, KS), 4. Kelly Dunn (Salina, KS), 5. Kurt Abell (Beloit, KS), 6. Bill Grit (New Cambria, KS),

Heat 2:
1. Delbert Smith (Wichita, KS), 2. Brad Morris (Junction City, KS), 3. Terry Malm (Lindsborg, KS), 4. Daniel Smith (Beloit, KS), 5. Adam Popp (Haven, KS), 6. Trinket Kinderknecht (Salina, KS),

Mod Lites 8/21/2015
A Feature:
1. Trey Morgan (Junction City, KS), 2. Brandon Gray (Salina, KS), 3. Earl Kinderknecht (Salina, KS), 4. Mike Zrubek (Salina, KS), 5. Justin Kinderknecht (Salina, KS), 6. Ryan Ayers (Salina, KS), 7. Ryan Secrest (Newtion, KS), 8. Tyler Bradshaw (Gypsum, KS), 9. Andrue Halpain (Salina, KS), 10. Trace Ayers (Salina, KS), 11. Brian Davidson (Bennington, KS), 12. Danny Morrison (Bennington, KS), 13. Bryan Ward (Solomon, KS),

Heat 1:
1. Trey Morgan (Junction City, KS), 2. Earl Kinderknecht (Salina, KS), 3. Ryan Secrest (Newtion, KS), 4. Trace Ayers (Salina, KS), 5. Bryan Ward (Solomon, KS), 6. Brian Davidson (Bennington, KS), 7. Danny Morrison (Bennington, KS),

Heat 2:
1. Justin Kinderknecht (Salina, KS), 2. Mike Zrubek (Salina, KS), 3. Brandon Gray (Salina, KS), 4. Tyler Bradshaw (Gypsum, KS), 5. Andrue Halpain (Salina, KS), 6. Ryan Ayers (Salina, KS),

Modifieds 8/21/2015
A Feature:
1. Danny Morrison (Bennington, KS), 2. Brian Knoell (Falun, KS), 3. Beau Davis (Cheney, KS), 4. Larry Sutton (Beloit, KS), 5. Mike Petersilie (Hoisington, KS), 6. Jesse Richter (Great Bend, KS), 7. Corey Lagroon (Salina, KS), 8. Scott Brown (Meriden, KS), 9. Corey Burch (Junction City, KS), 10. Shannon Johnson (Salina, KS), 11. Briar Oelkers (Wichita, KS), 12. Jacob Schmutz (Junction City, KS), 13. Jerry Phillips (Galva, Ks), 14. Jimmy Brozek (Stafford, KS), 15. Alex Cammon (Wichita, KS), 16. Ron Jacobson (Scandia, KS), 17. Curtis Barnes (Lindsborg, KS), 18. Tanner Black (Mohave Valley, AZ), 19. Joe Cleveland (Delphos, KS),

Heat 1:
1. Larry Sutton (Beloit, KS), 2. Mike Petersilie (Hoisington, KS), 3. Shannon Johnson (Salina, KS), 4. Jesse Richter (Great Bend, KS), 5. Alex Cammon (Wichita, KS), 6. Ron Jacobson (Scandia, KS), 7. Curtis Barnes (Lindsborg, KS),

Heat 2:
1. Brian Knoell (Falun, KS), 2. Jacob Schmutz (Junction City, KS), 3. Danny Morrison (Bennington, KS), 4. Corey Lagroon (Salina, KS), 5. Briar Oelkers (Wichita, KS), 6. Jerry Phillips (Galva, Ks),

Heat 3:
1. Beau Davis (Cheney, KS), 2. Scott Brown (Meriden, KS), 3. Corey Burch (Junction City, KS), 4. Joe Cleveland (Delphos, KS), 5. Jimmy Brozek (Stafford, KS), 6. Tanner Black (Mohave Valley, AZ),

N. Sport Mods 8/21/2015
A Feature:
1. Daniel Gottschalk (Ellis, KS), 2. Kurtis Pihl (Falun, KS), 3. Rodger Peck (Minneapolis, KS), 4. Chris Humphries (Salina, KS), 5. Fred Traskowsky (Herington, KS), 6. Tyler Post (Brookville, KS),

1. Kurtis Pihl (Falun, KS), 2. Chris Humphries (Salina, KS), 3. Fred Traskowsky (Herington, KS), 4. Daniel Gottschalk (Ellis, KS), 5. Rodger Peck (Minneapolis, KS), 6. Tyler Post (Brookville, KS),

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