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Isaacs #66 Picks up B-Mod Feature Win at Atchison County Raceway Fast Friday!!!!!

Ethan Isaacs snatches a win at ACR. Reed Bros Racing Photos

Ethan Isaacs snatches a win at ACR. Reed Bros Racing Photos

Jr Sprint would tackle the smooth fast raceway first with Dakota Earls #15E and Camdin Couch #36jr starting side by side. Earls would take the early lead but develop mechanical problems allowing Couch to take over the front and on to victory. Couch would notch his second victory on the 2015 racing season at ACR with Earls placing second.

E-Modified were next to see action with Nicholas Carpenter #33 taking the early lead and never fading to capture the win. Carpenter would have to work for it as he had second place finisher Corey Myers #15 in contention the entire feature. In a rare appearance in the #63 car, John Brown would recover from an early race mishap and finish third with heat race winner Chris Dishong #41 fourth. Logan Blakley #8 would round out the nights top five.

Hobby Stock would see the familiar face of point leader Josh Munsen #19 race through the pack and pick up win #10 on the year. Munsen would use poise and patients working traffic to perfection and on to victory. Wayne Brooke #18 would try to run down Munsen to no avail and finish second with Alex Boyden #4D placing third. One time leader Rick Thompson #20T would fade late to place fourth with Steven Bunton 1/2s fifth. Heat race winner was George Bruning #B5.

Street Stock, as usual, would put on a great performance with Brandon Crockett #98 charging to a commanding lead early. With great racing throughout the pack, Crockett’s lead would start to diminish as Alvie Christofferson #22A would start his charge to the front bringing Anthony Robertson #82m right along with him. An early race collision in turn #4 would end heat race winner Marvin Griffith Jr’s feature as the #75m would have to retire to the pits. Also involved was Gerald Wahwahsuck, back with the familiar #11w, who would recover to make a run at the front. With laps winding down, Crockett would break a gear in the #98 but still maintain the lead and claim the checkers. Wahwahsuck would use the high line to perfection passing both Robertson and Christofferson to place second. Christofferson would finish third and Robertson fourth with a photo finish at the line. Rich Boyden #4U would end the night with a fifth place showing.

B-Modified was definitely the “Best in Show” on this night of racing action as you could throw a blanket over the pack as they raced so close. Heat race winner Curtis Dreasher #C4 would take the early lead and appear to be on his way until midway through the feature. Ethan Isaacs #66 would work high then low trying to find the fast line around Dreasher. The two would swap the lead on several occasions until Isaacs would take the lead for good and on to victory circle. This is Isaacs second feature win in as many trips to Atchison County Raceway this 2015 racing season. Dreasher would place second with the always fast Cody Brill #96 third. Aaron Myers #14 was in the hunt all race and finish fourth with Dustin Thulin #45 rounding out the nights top five. Position #7 was drawn for the best in show with Matthew Lance #12x picking up the added money.

Kids Mods would enter the Cage four strong and see very competitive racing. With contact as they entered turn #2, Eddie Ingram Jr #54 and heat race winner Nicholas Carpenter #33 would have to tag their cars to the rear of the field. As the race restarted Dakota Earls #15e and Cole Wayman #18 would battle for the lead until Wayman would get loose in in turns one and two as Earls would not look back and on to victory. Wayman would place a close second with Carpenter third. Ingram would give it a good run and place fifth.

Sport Compact would race to the 1/5th mile of dirt and put on a show to be enjoyed by all. Will Guthrie #78 would jump to the early lead and have all competitors covered until the last turn of the last lap when the steering wheel would come off forcing him in the infield and out of the race. Heat race winner John Willard 1/2cr was in the right place at the right time and would pick up the win. Other heat race winner and point leader James Lemke #17 would finish a close second with Josh Conrad #08 third. Barry Luthi #66B would show patients as he would recover from an early race mishap and finish fourth. Leroy Wagner #24L in the Scooby Doo special would end the night in fifth place.

During Intermission the “Power Wheels” race for the kids was fast and competitive. When the smoke settled and the checkers fell, Kaylin Cordur #99 was standing tall in Victory Circle! All participants received a trophy for their efforts and fun had by all. Atchison County Raceway would like to thank all our drivers and fans for another great night of racing action.

See everyone next Friday night for more great racing action!

Don’t be Afraid of the Cage!

Kids Mod – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 3 15E Dakota Earls Independence , Mo 40.00
2 4 18 Cole Wayman Lincoln , Ne 37.00
3 2 33 Nicholas Carpenter Leavenworth , Ks 34.00
4 1 54 Eddie Ingram Jr. Basehor , Ks 31.00

Street Stock – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 98 Brandon Crockett Atchison , Ks 40.00
2 4 11W Gerald Wahwahsuck Atchison , Ks 37.00
3 6 22A Alvie Christofferon St. Joseph, Mo 34.00
4 7 82M Anthony Roberston Savannah , Mo 31.00
5 3 4U Rich Boyden Topeka , Ks 28.00
6 1 9 Tom Smith St. Joseph, Mo 26.00
7 5 75M Marvin Griffth Jr. Holton , Ks 24.00

Hobby Stock – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 4 19 Joshua Munsen Atchison , Ks 40.00
2 5 18 Wayne Brooke Atchison , Ks 37.00
3 1 4D Alex Boyden Topeka , Ks 34.00
4 2 20T Rick Thompson Atchison , Ks 31.00
5 3 1/2 S Steven Bunton St. Joseph, Mo 28.00
6 6 B5 George Bruning Everest , Ks 0.00 DNS

B Modified – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 6 66 Ethan Issacs Bonner Springs, Ks 40.00
2 2 C4 Curtis Dreasher Hoyt , Ks 37.00
3 4 96 Cody Brill Harrisonville , Mo 34.00
4 1 14 Aaron Myers Atchison , Ks 31.00
5 7 45 Dustin Thulin Topeka , Ks 28.00
6 3 0K Kelly Kneisler Mayata , Ks 26.00
7 8 12X Matthew Lance Savannah , Mo 24.00
8 5 6 Lucas Isaacs Bonner Springs, Ks 22.00
More Results

E Modified – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 33 Nicholas Carpenter Leavenworth , Ks 40.00
2 3 15 Corey Myers Atchison , Ks 37.00
3 5 63 John Brown Lancaster , Ks 34.00
4 6 41 Chris Dishong Atchison , Ks 31.00
5 4 8 Logan Blakely Atchison , Ks 28.00
6 7 1 Kyle Henning Atchison , Ks 26.00
7 1 7SIS Philisa Birkinsha Atchison , Ks 24.00
8 8 12X Matthew Lance Savannah , Mo 0.00 DNS

Sport Compact – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 9 1/2CR John Willard St. Joseph, Mo 40.00
2 6 17 James Lemke Leavenworth , Ks 37.00
3 5 08 Joshua Conrad Leavenworth , Ks 34.00
4 3 66B Barry Luthi Topeka , Ks 31.00
5 11 24L Leroy Wagner Booner Springs, Ks 28.00
6 7 03 Chuck Warman Atchison , Ks 26.00
7 4 78 Will Guthrie Independence , Mo 24.00
8 10 22 Dusty Young St. Joseph, Mo 22.00
9 8 1/2PI James Reed St. Joseph, Mo 20.00
10 2 82K Chris Lewis St. Joseph, Mo 18.00
11 1 214 Jeremy Larabee St. Joseph, Mo 0.00 DNS
12 12 26G Jeffery Arbuckle St. Joseph, Mo 0.00 DNS

Jr. Sprint – Feature
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 36JR Camdin Couch Agency , Mo 40.00
2 2 15E Dakota Earls Independence , Mo 37.00

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