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Thunder On The Hill Closes Out 2015 With A Bang!!!

The IMCA Stock Cars will be 1 of 4 divisions that will have fans on their feet!! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The IMCA Stock Cars will be 1 of 4 divisions that will have fans on their feet!! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Mayetta, KS – It’s that time of year that brings the fans of Thunder Hill Speedway mixed emotions. This Friday and Saturday night, October 9th and 10th, Thunder Hill Speedway will hold their annual Thunder on The Hill Special!!!

It marks the end of the current race season, but it also brings one more big show to Thunder Hill Speedway for the current race season.

This race will be tough to contain as several of the best IMCA drivers from the Midwest will do battle against the best drivers that Thunder Hill Speedway has to offer. That means that there will be a slew of top notch aces this Friday and Saturday night at Thunder Hill Speedway.

The big bonus for the fans is that this isn’t your Mama’s typical special. This special event packs two big separate shows into 2 big nights. Oh yes, 1 show on Friday for the $$$ followed by 1 show on Saturday for the $$$! None of this qualify on one night to make the big show on the final night. Great door to door, wheel to wheel action action will be guaranteed both nights at Thunder Hill Speedway.

A practice will be held on Thursday night, October 8th, from 6 to 9 p.m. Gates will open up at 5 p.m. The cost to practice or get a pit pass will be $15.00.

Friday & Saturday night’s action will see the gates open at 5 p.m., a drivers meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. and the racing action will begin shortly after the conclusion of the drivers meeting.

The BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modifieds will be competing for $2,000 to win each night, $700 to win is on the line in both the Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stock Cars and Bad Boyz Bail Bonds IMCA Northern Sport Mods and the Midwest Vending Hobby Stocks will be lining em up to win $400 both nights! A Huge Payday to say the least. Lap money will be announced for all classes the night of the races. That means even more money will be on the line.

Fans GA Adult tickets are going to be $15 both nights, kids 12 and under are FREE and coolers (with canned beer only) can be brought in for $10!

Pit Passes are $35, unless you buy both days for $60.

Another added bonus is for the fans who might not be able to make it to the races this weekend. SpeedShiftTV will be broadcasting both nights via the internet at for just $19.95. Each night the action on the net will go green at 7 p.m. and the boys from SpeedShiftTV will have all the action from flag to flag.


 Brandon Blochlinger won the season finale, can he win the big one? Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Brandon Blochlinger won the season finale, can he win the big one? Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Last year was a down year for the Thunder On The Hill. We only say it was a down year because Saturday night’s portion of the show fell to rain. Friday night held a lot of action though last season. Troy Gemmill held off Cory Wray and Johnny ‘The Jet’ Saathoff to take down the win in the IMCA Modifieds, Mike Nichols was the man with the plan in the IMCA Stock Cars, always a stout field of cars in the IMCA N. Sports Mods and it was Shawn Harker getting the job done and Brian Stich was the King of The Castle in the IMCA Hobby Stock ranks.

Several drivers were ready to up their games on Saturday night but Mother Nature made sure that nobody had the chance to compete.


Even though the race season might be coming to a close at Thunder Hill Speedway don’t say that the crew at Thunder Hill doesn’t continue to work hard and make this premier facility even better! This year from the last race of the regular season to Thunder on The Hill, Mike & Pam Conkwright and their staff have been working diligently to make improvements at the track. A fresh coat of paint will be evident, the lawn and facility has been manicured to perfection and the little things, that maybe or maybe not, that have been done will be on display for everyone this weekend.

The weather outlook for Friday and Saturday night is very promising. Only a 10 percent chance of rain is in the forecast for Friday as Saturday is all clear. The high on Friday is set for 70 degrees while Saturday will see it warm up to 75 degrees.

Thunder on The Hill will have a lot to live up to as it nears. This season, in 2015, the crowds have been very good as well the car counts. Thunder Hill Speedway averaged close to 85 cars per night in 4 classes and the fans turned out in bunches this season.

If there was a big downer to the season it was the 6 straight rain outs that were suffered after the season opener.


Let the Modified Madness begin!!!! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Let the Modified Madness begin!!!! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modified Division is one that is filled with competition from top to bottom. These fire breathing power houses will look to speed around Thunder Hill Speedway’s high banks with the greatest of ease. All season long fans have enjoyed a strong field of cars all season long in 2015.

A whopping total of 23 cars per night is what Thunder Hill Speedway averaged in their IMCA Modified class.

Steven Bowers Jr. brought home the Thunder Hill Speedway Modified Track Championship in 2015. Bowers had several top 5 and runner-up finishes to go along with 6 wins in route to the title.

A total of 6 different winners drove into Pit Pass Liquor Victory Lane this season. Steven Bowers Jr. (6) and Jordan Grabouski (2) were the only ones to win multiple features. 2015 Modified Feature Winners: Steven Bowers Jr. (6), Jordan Grabouski (2), Darron Fuqua, Josh Everhart, Tom Charles and Brandon Blochlinger.

60 is the number of different drivers that raced in the Modified Class for the rain shortened season.

Several big names dotted the lineup last year at this event. It’s a great facility and a great race that draws some of the best racers from across the Midwest. Thunder Hill Speedway doesn’t like to release a per-registered list for the simple reason is that we can’t garauntee that everyone that per-registers will show up. If you look at the results from previous years, it’s a who’s who of racers that have competed at Thunder Hill.

Previous Thunder On The Hill IMCA Modified Winners:
2012 – Jay Noteboom & Brendon Gemmill
2013 – Jordan Grabouski & Brian Mullen
2014 – Troy Gemmill & Saturday Night Rained Out
2015 – ?????


Will track champ Dominic Thyfault have any luck this weekend? Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Will track champ Dominic Thyfault have any luck this weekend? Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Not very often do you see a Rookie take down a championship but that’s exactly what happened in the IMCA Stock Car division. Dominic Thyfault got better each and every week in 2015 moving up from the Hobby Stock ranks. Consistent finishes and a victory helped guide him to the championship.

During the 2015 season 17 was the average number of cars that raced in this class each and every week.

The Stock Car class was one of the most exciting classes at Thunder Hill in 2015. The points title came down to just 3 points between Dominic Thyfault (champ) and Greg Deters (runner-up). Brandon Conkwright (3rd) and Mat Stallbaumer (4th) were 10 and 18 points back of the leader respectively.

41 different drivers amassed points at Thunder Hill in the Stock Car class in 2015.

8 different drivers scored wins in the Stock Car division during the 2015 season.

Mat Stallbaumer logged the most wins this season in the Stock Cars with 4. Jim Powell Jr. (2) and Bryan Rigsby (2) were the only other drivers to gain multiple feature wins.

Previous Thunder On The Hill IMCA Stock Car Winners:
2012 – Jeff Tubbs & Marvin Griffith Jr.
2013 – Jordan Grabouski & Mike Nichols
2014 – Mike Nichols & Saturday Night Rained Out
2015 – ?????


Tyler Frye needs 1 win this weekend to reach double digit wins. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Tyler Frye needs 1 win this weekend to reach double digit wins. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The IMCA Northern Sport Mod division has been one of the most competitive and popular divisions in the IMCA ranks. Each and every year this class grows and sparks better racing! This season at Thunder Hill it was the most popular class among racers, but we saw a dominating performance.

Tyler Frye took home the championship after winning the first 8 IMCA N. Sport Mod Features on the season. It was an impressive feat considering the competition he was racing against. Frye would get his 9th win of the season on the final night and it closed out his awesome season at Thunder Hill Speedway. Frye’s track championship at Thunder Hill Speedway wasn’t his only one. He would win 3 track championships in all and last week he was named the 2015 IMCA Northern Sport Mod National Champ! Look for Frye to keep his great season going this weekend.

Frye wasn’t the only winner in the class this season. Four different drivers made their way to Pit Pass Liquor Victory Lane.

Bryan Rigsby was the only driver this season to win a feature in 2 different divisions this season. Rigsby picked up a win in the Stock Cars as well the Sport Mods.

In 2013 the N. Sport Mod Feature on the 2nd day was an absolute stunner as Bryan Rigsby edged out Shawn Harker and the night 1 winner, Tyler Frye, by the slimmest of margins.

Jesse Sobbing is the only driver to sweep both N. Sport Mod Features at Thunder On The Hill.

53 was the number of different drivers that amassed points in the class this season.

On a weekly basis the IMCA Sport Mods had the most cars and this class also had the most B Features in 2015.

This weekend Thunder Hill Speedway should host a ton of Sport Mod competitors. Look for the best of the best to come to Thunder Hill and give the High Banks a go!

Previous Thunder On The Hill IMCA N. Sport Mod Winners:
2012 – Jesse Sobbing & Jesse Sobbing
2013 – Tyler Frye & Bryan Rigsby
2014 – Shawn Harker & Saturday Night Rained Out
2015 – ?????


Get ready for 3 wide racing and then some with the Hobby Stocks. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Get ready for 3 wide racing and then some with the Hobby Stocks. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The tightest battle in the points at Thunder Hill Speedway in 2015 was in the IMCA Hobby Stocks. Tyler Garst and Tommy Fose went back and forth down the stretch and it was Garst getting the championship as Fose had a wild record just 3 laps away from the finish! Garst’s consistent finishes allowed him to gain the championship. Garst was able to win the championship without having won a single feature all season long. An impressive feat.

The Hobby Stocks has 8 different winners in the 2015 race season. Tyler Hinrichs had the most wins of any driver with 3. Jacob Olmstead and Nicholas Ronnebaum were the only other multiple feature winners.

Kent Husted is a top notch Hobby Stock ace. He is the only Hobby Stock driver to win a feature in two different years.

Last year Brian Stich made a late race pass after a late race restart to take the win on the opening night of Thunder On The Hill.

38 was the number of different drivers that raced in the Hobby Stocks during the 2015 season.

Previous Thunder On The Hill IMCA Hobby Stock Winners:
2012 – Kent Husted & Bill Richards
2013 – Kent Husted & Cody Nielsen
2014 – Brian Stick & Saturday Night Rained Out
2015 – ?????

This race is one that you should have on your schedule for sure. This Friday and Saturday night make your way to Thunder Hill Speedway for this year’s Thunder On The Hill!!

For more information fans can log on to Thunder Hill Speedway’s home on the world wide web,

Don’t Miss Any of This Year’s Action during the Thunder on The Hill!!!!

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