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Burch, Frye, Powell & Fose Score Opening Night Wins at Thunder On The Hill

Corey Burch hustles to the big money win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Corey Burch hustles to the big money win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Mayetta, KS – As several big money races loomed in the area, nobody knew what to expect at Thunder Hill Speedway for the annual Thunder On The Hill Special.

After night number 1, fans can expect a solid field of great racers in all 4 IMCA classes. On the opening night Thunder Hill Speedway played host to 30 BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modifieds, 27 Hienen Repair Service IMCA Stock Cars, 27 Bad Boyz Bail Bonds IMCA Northern Sport Mods and 21 Midwest Vending IMCA Hobby Stocks. The field on night number 1 was full of former feature winners, track champions and former & current national champions.

The lion’s share of the purse money was put down in the BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modified Feature, $2,000 to win was on the line as 24 cars started the feature 3 wide.

Corey Burch, Eddie Ingram and Dylan Sherfick brought the field to the green flag.

The action was wild right from the start.

After putting together heat race wins earlier on in the night Dylan Sherfick and Burch would mix it up at the top of the field. Sherfick would assert himself as the early leader but the night wold belong to Burch.

The Junction City driver would slip into the lead and once at the front of the pack would put a strangle hold on the top spot and not let go.

A few late race yellow flag situations would bunch the field up and give them an opportunity to put a charge on Burch, but each time Burch met the challenge and would re-establish his lead. Lapped traffic, yellow flags and more couldn’t slow Burch down on his way to his 1st win of the season at Thunder Hill Speedway.

Steven Bowers Jr. would mount an assault at Burch on a late race restart, but it was deemed that Bowers and John Saathoff both jumped the start and were penalized and put to the rear of the field.

That left Sherfick and Jordy Nelson to try and unseat Burch at the top. Nelson and Sherfick would give their best effort but it was all Burch down the stretch.

The win was worth $2,000 to Burch. More than that it was vindication for Burch as he came up inches short earlier this year from winning a feature at Thunder Hill. With the win Burch becomes the 7th different winner to take home a Modified Feature win at Thunder Hill in 2015.

Sherfick would win the battle for the runner-up spot, 3rd would see Nelson grab the position, Eddie Ingram celebrated one of his best runs of the season finishing in 4th and former Thunder on The Hill Feature winner, Jay Noteboom, finished in the 5th position.

Heat race winners were Burch, Sherfick, Bowers and Ingram. The B Feature was won by Josh Blumer.

The Champ, Tyler Frye, cruises to the win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The Champ, Tyler Frye, cruises to the win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

No driver has had a better season than Tyler Frye in the Bad Boyz Bail Bonds IMCA Northern Sport Mods.

This season Frye picked up 9 wins, a track championship and his 2nd IMCA N. Sport Mod National Championship while racing at Thunder Hill Speedway. What could he do for an encore?

At the start of the N. Sport Mod Feature Luke Stallbaumer got out to the front of the pack in a hurry. Stallbaumer put down some extremely fast lap times early. Unfortunately for Stallbaumer something would go wrong with his hot rod and he would fall back in the field after fighting the problem as best he could.

In the meantime, Frye was quickly working his way to the front and as Stallbaumer faltered Frye pounced on the opportunity.

The yellow flag would fly several times in the feature event, but it wouldn’t slow down Frye. The racer from Belleville would maintain his hold on the top spot and sped off to win number 10 on the season at Thunder Hill Speedway.

Kelly Kneisler would give his best effort of the year and finish in the 2nd spot, Minot, ND driver, Jeff Hooker, finished in the 3rd spot, former track champ, Jeremy Pittsenbarger finished 4th in his return to Thunder Hill and rounding out the top 5 was Roger Sluka.

Heat race winners on the night were Stallbaumer, Frye and Kneisler. The B Feature was won by Eric Spreer.

It was a sweet victory for Tommy Fose. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

It was a sweet victory for Tommy Fose. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

In the Midwest Vending IMCA Hobby Stock Feature event it was a sweet win for Tommy Fose.

Fose spent all season long hauling to race at Thunder Hill Speedway from his hometown of Salina, KS. While his local track was also hosting a big event Fose drove by to race at Thunder Hill Speedway, a track he missed out on winning a championship by 1 lap. On the final lap of the season Fose lost his ride in a wild accident going for the championship.

In his first return to the track since that wild night, Fose put together his best effort on Friday night.

Tyler Garst, the 2015 track champ, got out in front of the field early on Friday night. A dry slick condition suited Garst’s driving style and it showed as he would lead a lot of the laps in the main event.

Fose, who started in the 6th position, made his way past the competition and mounted a charge at Garst. As the two drafted one another around the track, Fose pulled off a move for the top spot coming out of turn 4. Not only did the move work for the lead but he also brought 3 time feature winner Tyler Hinrichs with him to the front of the pack.

Hinrichs, started 14th in the feature and all night long his car sounded like it had big problems. Hinrichs must have figured them out as he would know challenge Fose for the win down the stretch.

In the end it would be Fose streaking to the win just ahead of Hinrichs and Garst. The win was sweet revenge on the way his season ended a little over a month ago. The feature win was Fose’s 2nd of the season.

Hinrich’s took in the runner-up spot, Garst finished in the 3rd spot, 4th would go to Bradley Sheetz and rounding out the top 5 from Blue Springs, NE was Eric Chab.

Heat race winners were Chab, Garst and Nicholas Ronnebaum.

It was win #3 for Jim Powell Jr. on Friday night. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

It was win #3 for Jim Powell Jr. on Friday night. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

One of the most exciting classes in 2015 at Thunder Hill Speedway was the Heinen Repair Service IMCA Stock Car division.

Friday night this class would not disappoint the fans.

Jim Powell Jr. and Mat Stallbaumer were both multiple feature winners on the 2015 season. These two were prime candidates to battle at the front of the pack during Friday night’s feature and they did.

Powell had a huge margin of victory early in the night in his heat race and it looked like it carried over into the feature. Stallbaumer would keep pace with Powell as the two went nose to tail for several laps.

During the first few laps another feature winner, Brandon Conkwright, raced his way from his 11th starting spot to 3rd and then found himself getting around Stallbaumer for 2nd.

It looked like Conkwright would overhaul Powell for the lead but a yellow flag would bunch the field back together a few times. On the restart Conkwright would have some issues and Stallbaumer would get back by for the 2nd spot.

At the front was Powell. Powell was becoming comfortable at the front of the field. It’s where he would spend almost all of his time racing on Friday night.

Win #3 would end up in the hands of Powell at the finish of the feature.

The action behind Powell would be fast and furious as several spots were decided at the stripe by slim margins.

Stallbaumer would finish 2nd, Conkwright would hang on for the 3rd spot, 4th would go to Josh Everhart and coming home in 5th was Jason Davis.

Heat race winners were Powell, Everhart and Dominic Thyfault. The B Feature was won by Bryan Rigsby.

The 2nd night of Thunder On The Hill gets going tonight at 5 p.m. when the gates open. The driver’s meeting is set for 6:30 and the racing begins shortly after the conclusion of the driver’s meeting.

For more info log on to Thunder Hill Speedway’s website.

Modified-BSB Manufacturing – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 747 Corey Burch Junction City, Ks 0.00
2 3 66D Dylan Sherfick Wakeeney , Ks 0.00
3 6 4J Jordy Nelson Marysville , Ks 0.00
4 2 1 Eddie Ingram Basehor , Ks 0.00
5 5 7N Jay Noteboom Hinton , Ia 0.00
6 18 M80 Mat Stallbaumer Tecumseh , Ks 0.00
7 12 81 Tom Charles Basehor , Ks 0.00
8 4 77 Steven Bowers Jr. Topeka , Ks 0.00
9 10 9 Brandon Blochlinger Concordia , Ks 0.00
10 8 1A Shawn Anderson Minot , Nd 0.00
11 9 BOOK Dylan Book Adel , Ia 0.00
12 14 22Y Yancy Shepard Smithville , Mo 0.00
13 17 7S David Solberg Kinsley , Ks 0.00
14 15 1M Brian Murphy Carbondale , Ks 0.00
15 24 19C David Conkwright Westmoreland , Ks 0.00
16 20 15M Shane Demey Denison , Ia 0.00
17 19 9S Devin Stock Topeka , Ks 0.00
18 7 96J Johnny Saathoff Beatrice , Ne 0.00
19 16 22H Clay Hale Cameron , Mo 0.00
20 23 32B Bobby Bills Wichita , Ks 0.00
21 11 34D Travis Neeley Meriden , Ks 0.00
22 22 20T Mike Tanner Smithville , Mo 0.00
23 13 427 Troy Baumgartner Auburn , Ks 0.00
24 21 21 Josh Blumer Marysville , Ks 0.00

Stock Car-Heinen Repair Service – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 20P Jim Powell Lecompton , Ks 0.00
2 4 M80 Mat Stallbaumer Tecumseh , Ks 0.00
3 11 24C Brandon Conkwright Wamego , Ks 0.00
4 2 21J Josh Everhart Burlingame , Ks 0.00
5 6 76 Jason Davis Norton , Ks 0.00
6 10 XX20 Gene Stigall Winston , Mo 0.00
7 20 10 Kyle Stallbaumer Topeka , Ks 0.00
8 7 9 Robert Garst Topeka , Ks 0.00
9 17 292 Blake Peeler Trimble , Mo 0.00
10 14 22A Brent Alverson Oskaloosa , Ks 0.00
11 3 27 Dominic Thyfault Wakarusa , Ks 0.00
12 13 A55 Bob Arnold Salina , Ks 0.00
13 16 25 Justin Merriman Onaga , Ks 0.00
14 24 6 Hank Thompson Kansas City, Ks 0.00
15 22 99 Brian Labonte Lawrence , Ks 0.00
16 23 88 Mark Ronnebaum Centralia , Ks 0.00
17 18 35 Anthony Deters Centralia , Ks 0.00
18 9 19X Brad Labonte Lawrence , Ks 0.00
19 21 60K James King Americus , Ks 0.00
20 8 75M Marvin Griffith Jr Holton , Ks 0.00
21 15 9L Gary Laflin Beatrice , Ne 0.00
22 5 21 Eric Rempel Palmyra , Ne 0.00
23 12 29 Greg Deters Centralia , Ks 0.00
24 19 97 Bryan Rigsby Topeka , Ks 0.00

N. SportMods-Bad Boyz Bail Bonds – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 3 55 Tyler Frye Belleville , Ks 0.00
2 1 0K Kelly Kneisler Mayetta , Ks 0.00
3 4 7X Jeff Hooker Minot , Nd 0.00
4 7 32P Jeremy Pittsenbarger Cameron , Mo 0.00
5 10 5S Roger Sluka Lincoln , Ne 0.00
6 15 12 Bryan Rigsby Topeka , Ks 0.00
7 13 18 Jacob Davis Berryton , Ks 0.00
8 11 42 Bret Degand Topeka , Ks 0.00
9 9 17JR Ricky Abrams Topeka , Ks 0.00
10 5 81 Austin Charles Basehor , Ks 0.00
11 6 73 Dusty Leonard Marysville , Ks 0.00
12 14 03 Lance Dixon Topeka , Ks 0.00
13 8 22G Steven Goodman Gladstone , Mo 0.00
14 18 50 Gary Holthaus Topeka , Ks 0.00
15 21 71S Derek Smith Topeka , Ks 0.00
16 24 6 Cody Morgan St. Joseph, Mo 0.00
17 17 65 Aaron Hilderman Topeka , Ks 0.00
18 12 13 Trenton Kleweno Hays , Ks 0.00
19 20 T25 Tim Stallbaumer Tecumseh , Ks 0.00
20 2 L26 Luke Stallbaumer Tecumseh , Ks 0.00
21 22 4R Dustin Rawlings Hoyt , Ks 0.00
22 23 R42 Shawn Ray Topeka , Ks 0.00
23 19 214 Eric Spreer Perry , Ks 0.00
24 16 45W Kyle Williams Topeka , Ks 0.00

Hobby Stocks-Midwest Vending – A Main
Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 6 27 Tommy Fose Salina , Ks 0.00
2 14 25 Tyler Hinrichs Americus , Ks 0.00
3 2 53T Tyler Garst Topeka , Ks 0.00
4 8 27X Bradley Sheetz Winston , Mo 0.00
5 3 33C Eric Chab Blue Springs, Ne 0.00
6 12 96R Dalton Ronnebaum Onaga , Ks 0.00
7 16 18 Dalton Blow Onaga , Ks 0.00
8 19 59 Byron Glotzbach Topeka , Ks 0.00
9 9 53 Scott Garst Topeka , Ks 0.00
10 5 71 Patrick Pellman Creston , Ia 0.00
11 11 31J Jerry Morehead Ogden , Ks 0.00
12 13 4D Alex Boyden Topeka , Ks 0.00
13 20 14 Ricky Tanner Topeka , Ks 0.00
14 18 74 John Bass Topeka , Ks 0.00
15 1 7N Nicholas Ronnebaum Onaga , Ks 0.00
16 17 M87 Mallory Stiffler Hoyt , Ks 0.00
17 4 17 Shane Hilton Topeka , Ks 0.00
18 7 67L Larry Hunter Meriden , Ks 0.00
19 15 33 Jeff Rigsby Grantville , Ks 0.00
20 10 73 Damon Turkin Topeka , Ks 0.00
21 21 75 Kurt Hansen Walnut , Ia 0.00

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