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Simpson, Warman, and Smoot all Winners at Atchison County Raceway! 2015 Cageman Series Champion and Feature Winner Brad Simpson #30

Trailer Smash action at ACR! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Trailer Smash action at ACR! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Kicking off the night’s great racing action Sport Compacts would race forwards and backwards to the checkers. The four contenders would have to race from the flag stand to the line on the backstretch, then, shift into reverse and race backwards to the flag stand with the first to win two races in this manner declared the victor. In a first feature Chuck Warman #03 would over shoot the runway on the back straight but recover to take the first checker flag to wave. Feature number two would see Josiah Birkinsha #7s, who was faster in reverse than forward, beat sister Philisa #7sis to the line and the win. With everything on the line, feature number three would determine the game, match, and set as Chuck Warman would time the shift from forward to reverse perfectly and back his way to victory and the overall winner!

The quads would take to the track next and see a familiar face in victory lane as Josh Smoot #226 would lead every lap and take the win. Smoot was challenged every lap by a very fast Bobby Mayord #44 who would go on to place second. Dustin Savard #007 would capture fourth place as James Shaw #586 would finish fourth. Dan Shively would suffer a nasty roll over in turn #4 of his heat race preventing him from racing the feature event.
Next onto the track came the smash, crash and Cageman Series racing action with the trailers in tow. As the gladiators entered the cage only two points would separate leader Brad Simpson #30 and Cameron Seager #62 when the battle got underway. Cameron would charge to the early lead and appear to be on his way until he would jump a boat and trailer on the back straight and bring his night to an early end losing power unable to continue. Brian Seever #14 would take over the point and race the high line to perfection until Simpson would charge past on the inside and pull away briefly. Contact on the back straight between Simpson and Brandon Leach #06 would slow Simpson enough for Seever to move back ahead. Seever would lead the next few circuits of this 30 lap feature until Simpson would again mount a charge back around to the front with trailer still attached. Simpson would not falter this time and take the win and the point title on this night of racing. Brad Simpson was crowned 2015 Cageman Track Champion. Second place belonged to Brian Seever with Mark Seever #14b third. Adam Housh #4 was fourth place finisher as Jace Prater #22 would round out the nights top five.

Intermission would see Father and Son battle it out in a Demo Derby in the infield as Tom Bartlett and Tobin Bartlett would dash and crash. Tobin would get the advantage on this night and be the winner of the derby finally crash his car on a series of jumps coming to an abrupt stop.

Atchison County Raceway would like to thank all our fans and drivers for their support this 2015 racing season. See everyone in 2016 for a new and exciting racing adventure!

Don’t be Afraid of the Cage!!!!

Race Results Atchison County Raceway 10/16/2015

Cageman Trailer Smash:
30 Brad Simpson
14 Brian Seever
14B Mark Seever
4 Adam Housh
22 Jace Prater
28 Tobin Bartlett
15 Luke Williams
62 Cameron Seager
13 Darren McCray
06 Brandon Leach

Sport Compact Forward/Reverse Race:
03 Chuck Warman
7s Josiah Birkinsha
7sis Philisa Birkinsha
28 Tobin Bartlett

Four Wheeler Pro:
226 Josh Smoot (Heat Race Winner)
44 Bobby Mayord
007 Dustin Savard
586 James Shaw
75 Dan Shively

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