Saturday, January 20, 2018

Atchison County Raceway Ushers in a New Era in 2016!!!!!

Modifieds are ready to roll at ACR! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Modifieds are ready to roll at ACR! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Atchison County Raceway charges into 2016 with a new sanctioning body and a new class as the Mighty IMCA Modifieds enter the Cage. Stock Cars will also be IMCA sanctioned and battle for those valuable national points and put on shows of epic proportions to entertain fans like they never witnessed. Along with IMCA Modifieds and IMCA Stock Cars, the always entertaining E-Modifieds, Hobby Stocks, Kids Mods, and Sport Compact will tackle the Cage every Friday Night.

General rules meeting/registration meeting will be this Saturday at 9am. Atchison Event Center located at 710 South 9th street. In order to reserve a pit stall you must register a car to accompany that pit stall. Also understand only one stall will be allowed per car. If you don’t show to race on a given night understand that your stall can be used by someone else. If you reserved a stall last year and didn’t race here 75% of the time you may not be eligible for that stall. One will likely be available but it will not necessarily be the one you had last year. Case by case basis. Next year it will be straight up 75% period. We hate to be so hard lined about this but there are some coveted spots that some hold yet rarely race here. Racers who chose to race here weekly should have a chance at those spots. There will be three things we will be discussing and voting on Saturday as well. The first is a tire changing lane on the infield. Second is should a car that got dumped at no fault of his own get to keep his spot. Third is should we only count 19 points races out of 20. This would allow a person to miss or have a bad night and throw that race out. This may not apply to the IMCA classes but it would to the other non-sanctioned classes. No need to debate it here, show up on Saturday and have your voice heard. One vote per registered driver that is “present” at the meeting. Refreshments will be served!!!!!!! See you Saturday!!!!!!!!

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