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Large Field Gathers For Hays Opener

Brian Stich, from Topeka, made the long haul to Hays for a victory. DirtTrackCentral Photo

By Mike Hughes HAYS, KS (April 7)—Over 110 race teams gathered at RPM Speedway in Hays, KS, on Saturday, April 7, for the 2012 season opener.

The closest finish of the night came in the Golden Plains Trucking IMCA Northern Sport Mod A-feature. Clinton Hockersmith took the lead at the drop of the green in the 20-lap event and appeared to be on his way to victory lane. But hometown driver Trenton Kleweno was not to be denied. After winning the B-feature, 13th starting Kleweno hunted Hockersmith down, and in turns 3 & 4 on the final lap, Kleweno got under Hockersmith and beat him to the checkers for the win. Jake Krone finished third, followed by Jason Nelssen and Clay Sellard. Heat race winners were Josh Appel, Krone, and Tyler Sutton.

Tyler Tipton led the first 11 laps of the Advantage Glass Plus IMCA Stock Car feature before Josh ‘The Hammer’ Hudson of Kensington took over the top spot, several cautions the last half of the race, including a red flag when Mike Kennedy’s car caught on fire, kept the field close, but Hudson was able to fend off Tipton for the win, with Adam Balthazor, Jason Rogers and Dustin McClurg rounding out the top five. Rodney Wadel, Hudson, and Rogers won the three heat races.

Oberlin’s David Murray Jr. took the lead on the opening lap of the 20-lap Teel Trucks IMCA Modified A-feature and appeared to drive away for the win. But Travis ‘The Terminator’ Sherfick used the high line around the 3/8-mile oval to his advantage and chase Murray down. With just a handful of laps remaining, Sherfick was tucked right on the back bumper of Murray. But Murray bobbled in turn 2 and Sherfick had to back off and that allowed the 4-time national champion to drive away and pick up the victory. Sherfick held on to the runner-up spot, trailed by Troy Plummer, Corey Lagroon and John Fose. Marty Clark, Tim Watts, Sherfick, and Murray were victorious in their heat races, while Nate Moore was first to the checkers in the B-feature.

Ron Wehling took advantage of his pole starting position to take the lead at the drop of the green in the 15-lap Rebel Tank Service IMCA Hobby Stock A-main. Wehling led the field past the halfway mark, but Topeka’s Brian Stich got by Wehling on lap 11 to take over the top spot. Cody Davis spun on lap 14 to set up a green-white-checkered finish, but Stich held on for a trip to the winner’s circle. Wehling finished second, followed by Mark Normandin, Cody Williams and G.W. Fuller. Heat race winners included Stich, Leon Pfannenstiel, Jeromy Wagner and Williams. Tony Slothower topped the 14-car B-feature.

Art Herzog led the first 2 laps of the Steel Fabrications IMCA Sport Compact main event before Kiowa Higdon broke to bring out a caution. After the restart, second heat winner Monte Honas of Ellis took the lead and led the remaining distance in the 12-lap race for the win. Art Herzog, heat one victor Trevor Schmidt, Kirk Pfannenstiel and Dean Herzog completed the top five.

All five divisions return to RPM Speedway for ‘Merchants Night’ on Saturday, April 28. The green flag flies at 7:00 p.m.

IMCA Sport Compacts
Heat 1: Trevor Schmidt, 2. Vincent Jasper, 3. Nicole Woods, 4. Kiowa Higdon.
Heat 2: 1. Monte Honas, 2. Kirk Pfannenstiel, 3. Dean Herzog, 4. Shaun Woods.
Feature: 1. Honas, 2. Art Herzog, 3. Schmidt, 4. Pfannenstiel, 5. D. Herzog, 6. S. Woods, 7. Branson Lobdell, 8. Shyla Hughes, 9. Ryan Murphy, 10. N. Woods, 11. Justin Rohr, 12. Jasper (DNF), 13. Higdon (DNF).

IMCA Hobby Stocks
Heat 1: 1. Brian Stich, 2. Jason McIntyre, 3. Garrett Hager, 4. Cody Davis.
Heat 2: 1. Leon Pfannenstiel, 2. Aaron Gray, 3. Ron Wehling, 4. Cody Ghumm.
Heat 3: 1. Jeromy Wagner, 2. Cody Graham, 3. Kent Tammen, 4. Tony Slothower.
Heat 4: 1. Cody Williams, 2. Mark Normandin, 3. Al Emmons, 4. Austin Tammen.
B-Feature (top 8 to A feature): 1. Slothower, 2. G.W. Fuller, 3. Davis, 4. Joel Younger, 5. Daniel Irwin, 6. Aaron Honas, 7. Tyrel Smith, 8. A. Tammen, 9. Randy Murphy, 10. Robert Emmons, 11. Michael Johnson (DNF), 12. Dustin Donaldson (DNF), 13. Ghumm (DNF), 14. Phillip Goering (DNF), 15. Jason Brin (DNS).
A-Feature: 1. Stich, 2. Wehling, 3. Normandin, 4. Williams, 5. Fuller, 6. K. Tammen, 7. Slothower, 8. Wagner, 9. Hager, 10. Pfannenstiel, 11. Graham, 12. Younger, 13. Gray, 14. A. Emmons, 15. A. Tammen, 16. Irwin, 17. Honas, 18. McIntyre (DNF), 19. Davis (DNF), 20. Smith (DNF).

IMCA Northern Sport Mods
Heat 1 1. Josh Appel, 2. Jason Nelssen, 3. Brian Fink, 4. Kaid Calhoon.
Heat 2: 1. Jake Krone, 2. Clinton Hockersmith, 3. Josh Rice, 4. Cory Struckhoff.
Heat 3: 1. Tyler Sutton, 2. Michael Wadel, 3. Daniel Gottschalk, 4. Blaine Walt.
B-Feature (top 8 to A feature): 1. Trenton Kleweno, 2. Clay Sellard, 3. Tyler Watts, 4. Cory McGann, 5. Mike Appel, 6. Clay Money, 7. Derrick Pfannenstiel, 8. Andy Barton, 9. Bob Throop, 10. Cody Pancake, 11. Branden Belvill (DNF), 12. Chris Heim (DNS).
A-Feature: 1. Kleweno, 2. Hockersmith, 3. Krone, 4. Nelssen, 5. Sellard, 6. J. Appel, 7. Gottschalk, 8. Rice, 9. Watts, 10. McGann, 11. Fink, 12. M. Appel, 13. Money, 14. Calhoon, 15. Barton, 16. Pfannenstiel, 17. Walt (DNF), 18. Struckhoff (DNF), 19. Wadel (DNF), 20. Sutton (DNF).

IMCA Stock Cars
Heat 1: 1. Rodney Wadel, 2. Nick Tubbs, 3. Adam Balthazor, 4. Keith Riley.
Heat 2: 1. Josh Hudson, 2. Tyler Tipton, 3. Mike Kennedy, 4. Wheat Lippelmann.
Heat 3: 1. Jason Rogers, 2. Terry Cunningham, 3. Justin Murdock, 4. Trevor Thornton.
Feature: 1. Hudson, 2. Tipton, 3. Balthazor, 4. Rogers, 5. Dustin McClurg, 6. Cunningham, 7. Lippelmann, 8. Luke Pfannenstiel, 9. Riley, 10. Tubbs, 11. Josh Crombie, 12. Murdock, 13. Monroe Schmidt, 14. J.R. McCreery, 15. Wadel (DNF), 16. Kennedy (DNF), 17. Thornton (DNF), 18. Pat Bedore (DNS), 19. Eric Kinderknecht (DNS).

IMCA Modifieds
Heat 1: 1. Marty Clark, 2. Jerry Teel, 3. Kyle Rohleder, 4. Rodger Peck.
Heat 2: 1. Tim Watts, 2. Ronnie Hill, 3. Danny Morrison Jr., 4. Jason Schoenberger.
Heat 3: 1. Travis Sherfick, 2. Corey Lagroon, 3. Jerry Phillips, 4. David Solberg.
Heat 4: 1. David Murray Jr., 2. Troy Plummer, 3. John Fose, 4. Scott Brown.
B-Feature (top 4 to A feature): 1. Nate Moore, 2. Dylan Sherfick, 3. Shannon Maughlin, 4. Wheat Lippelmann, 5. Brian Calhoon, 6. Cody Gearhart, 7. Seth Beard, 8. Michael Martin, 9. Milo Lippelmann, 10. Todd Schwarz, 11. Shane Hutson, 12. Geoff Jermark (DNF).
A-Feature: 1. Murray, 2. T. Sherfick, 3. Plummer, 4. Lagroon, 5. Fose, 6. Schoenberger, 7. Teel, 8. Moore, 9. Hill, 10. Morrison, 11. Phillips, 12. Peck, 13. Solberg, 14. Maughlin, 15. Watts, 16. W. Lippelmann, 17. D. Sherfick, 18. Brown, 19. Clark (DNF), 20. Rohleder (DNF).

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