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Spring Fling at Atchison County Raceway 4/2/2016

The checkers flew at ACR this past weekend. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The checkers flew at ACR this past weekend. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Kicking of the second night of action inside the cage were the Sportsman and Curtis Spicer # 11 would work his magic a second time in as many nights and do Marysville, KS proud picking up the win. Second would belong to #21 Mackenzie Borchers from Marshall, MO with third place to a consistent Josh Voorhees #2v from Beatrice, NE. Augusta, KS #7 of Skyler Allen would end the night fourth with Justin Sole #33s from Nelson, NE a close fifth.

Jr Sprint would again see the girl beat the boys as Ava Gropp #5a from Lincoln, NE would outpace the field and pick up the victory. Camdin Couch #36jr from Agency, MO would again challenge every lap but come up just a little short and finish the night second. Third place would find #2f of Jaden Friesen from Sutton, NE with Ryder Fisher #14 from Ensign, KS fourth and Landen Danuser #33 from Lone Jack, MO rounding out the top five.

Next to enter the Cage were the exciting Non-Wing Micros and they put on a show of epic proportions for the fans. Nicholas Howard #37h from Lawrence, KS would work lap traffic and lead to the checkers picking up the feature win. Chris Koch #15 would duel with Tyler Rennison both from Sweet Springs, MO, and place second leaving #47r of Rennison from to finish third. James Dowell #88j from Concordia, MO would outlast 17j of Sweet Springs Quinn Jones to take fourth leaving jones to fifth.

Outlaw wing would roar onto the track and leave it all in the Cage as the racing was fast and furious. Matthew Howard #8h from Lawrence, KS would take the big prize by winning the loaded feature. Second place would belong to #15u of Will Urish also from Lawrence, KS with third place finisher Frank Galusha #12 from Lincoln, NE. Nicholas Howard from Lawrence, KS would bring home #37h fourth with 15x Jake Galusha from Lincoln, NE fifth on the night.

Restrictor Winged Mini Sprints would end the night of exciting racing action as Trey Gropp from Lincoln, NE would again win the feature event. Second would go to #17k of Sweet Springs Braden Knipmeyer with third place to Jesse Pate #22 from Auburn, KS. Kormick Linner #04 from Kearney, MO would battle hard to the checkers placing fourth with Aubrey Smith #35 from Houstonia, MO finishing the night fifth.

Atchison County Raceway would like to thank ll the Fans and Drivers for a great two nights of racing and see you this Friday for practice.
Remember, “Don’t be Afraid of the Cage”!!!Speedw

Race Results Atchison County Raceway 4/2/2016
1. 11 Curtis Spicer
2. 21 Mackenzie Borchers
3. 2v Josh Voorhees
4. 7 Skyler Allen
5. 33s Justin Sole
6. 7jr Greg Bledsoe
7. 07p Daryl Perkins
8. 7m Edward McDaniel
9. 6 Colton Carlson
Jr Sprint:
1. 5a Ava Gropp
2. 36jr Camdin Couch
3. 2f Jaden Friesen
4. 14 Ryder Fisher
5. 33 Landen Danuser
Non-Wing Micro:
1. 27h Nicholas Howard
2. 15 Chris Koch
3. 47r Tyler Rennison
4. 88j James Dowell
5. 17j Quinn Jones
6. 22s Derek Steen
7. 10n Bills Bales
8. 23t Travis Rewerts
9. 6s Spencer Martinez
10. 7s Skyler Hunter
11. 3g Garet Williamson
12. 2 Chase Porter
13. 4x Brandon Cromwell
14. 12s Colin Smith
15. 2a Ryan Arbogust
16. 5z Brady Hall
17. 29j Jeff Christofferson
18. 48s Hunter Schneider
19. 05d Drew Shiveley
20. 35t Tyler Dowell
21. 14t Dawson Nunnenkamp
22. 7jr Kameron Key
23. 31 Dylan Kadous
24. 13 Allen Hall
25. 17k Jacob Knipmeyer
26. 15n Nick Kirkegaard
Outlaw Wing:
1. 8h Matthew Howard
2. 15u Willie Urish
3. 12 Frank Galusha
4. 37h Nicholas Howard
5. 15x Jake Galusha
6. 2s Copper Smith
7. 15 Chris Koch
8. 49 Kiefer Steizner
9. 14x Christian Ray
10. 4 Brendon Clark
11. 76 Kale Mueller
12. 77w Tyler Watkins
13. 2 Chase Porter
14. 47r Tyler Rennison
15. 9s Nick Schaefer
16. 16t Alec Carberry
17. 3tk Tyler Key
18. 559 Eric Perkins
19. 12s Colin Smith
20. 23t Travis Rewerts
21. 7s Skylar Hunter
22. 38 Jackson Frisbie
23. 88j Jimmy Dowell
24. 05d Drew Shiveley
Restrictor Winged Mini Sprint:
1. 54 Trey Gropp
2. 17k Braden Knipmeyer
3. 22 Jesse Pate
4. 04 Kormick Linner
5. 35 Aubrey Smith
6. 48s Trey Schleicher
7. 22a Landen Danuser
8. 55b Logan Berthelson
9. 27 Matthew Watkins

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