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Grabouski and Keuhn Big Winners at Atchison County Raceway!!!!!!

Grabo gets the 1st IMCA Mod win at ACR. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Grabo gets the 1st IMCA Mod win at ACR. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

With teams set and the track smooth and fast, IMCA Stock Cars would enter the Cage known as Atchison County Raceway to do battle. Heat race winner Jim Powell Jr would battle early for the lead against his tag team partner Gerald Wahwahsuck #11w as they would swap the front spot many times. Powell would finally gain the advantage and appear to be the car to beat until Greg Keuhn #6x would make the inside line work and take over the lead moving past Powell and on to victory. Keuhn would be challenged late by a fast #22 of Matt Haid who would finish a very close and impressive second on the evening. Powell would fade late and settle for third as his partner Wahwahsuck would have mechanical problems and exit the track. Other heat race winner and tag team partner of Keuhn, Brad Whitney #x9 placed fourth after recovering from an early race spin. Marvin Griffith Jr #75m would race through the pack to round out the nights top five. Winners of the Tag Team IMCA Stock Car Challenge were Greg Keuhn and Brad Whitney whom placed first and fourth respectively.

IMCA Modifieds would charge to the track next with a locked and loaded field promising great racing action and did not disappoint. Heat race winner Jorden Grabouski #30g would use a front row starting position to take the early lead with other heat race winner Steven Bowers Jr #77 in close pursuit. Bowers would try Grabouski early and often as the two would battle for the lead inside the Cage. Grabouski would not shake or give and inch as he raced to the win in his first ever visit to Atchison County Raceway. Bowers would end the night second with the big mover of the feature Jeremy Chambers #17 racing his way through traffic to place third. Hall of Famer Tom Charles #81 would make late race moves to propel him to a fourth place finish with Clay Hale #22h finding the groove and rounding out the nights top five as the great night of racing action closed. With Bowers Jr placing second and his Tag Team Partner Tom Charles placing fourth they would win the bonus and claim the Tag Team Title in IMCA Modifieds.

Atchison County Raceway would like to thank drivers and fans alike for their support and ask that all spread the word on great racing action inside the Cage. In Victory Lane Interviews Jordan Grabouski had nothing but good things to say about the smooth fast speedway and the excellent facility. So come on out and let’s have some fun at Atchison County Raceway this 2016 racing season.
Remember, “Don’t be Afraid of the Cage”!!!

Race Results Atchison County Raceway 4/17/2016

IMCA Stock Car:
1. 6x Greg Keuhn
2. 22 Matt Haid
3. 20p Jim Powell (Heat Race Winner)
4. X9 Brad Whitney (Heat Race Winner)
5. 75m Marvin Griffith Jr
6. 83a Aaron Sauter
7. 24k Daniel King
8. 11w Gerald Wahwahsuck
9. 34d Travis Neeley
10. 28w Chuck Warman

IMCA Modified:
1. 30 Jordan Grabouski (Heat Race Winner)
2. 77 Steven Bowers Jr (Heat Race Winner)
3. 17 Jeremy Chambers
4. 81 Tom Charles
5. 22h Clay Hale
6. 33 Nicholas Carpenter
7. 21 Josh Blumer
8. 30n Dan Nelson
9. 74 Rodney Schweizer
10. 63 Derrick Brown

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