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Haid, Grabouski, Williams & Dreasher Score Opening Night IMCA Wins At HPT

Matt Haid wasted no time in getting win 1. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Matt Haid wasted no time in getting win 1. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Topeka, KS – The era of IMCA Racing got underway Sunday night as the New Heartland Park Topeka played host to opening night!

A total of 82 cars checked in to battle it out in 4 different division. Pending bad weather, a rain delay or an emergency couldn’t keep this night from not finishing.

One of the most exciting races of the night happened in the Cars 4 Less IMCA Stock Car division.

Bryan Rigsby, who has multiple feature wins at HPT, jumped out to the early lead but would see his car fade as a problem developed. This problem for Rigsby would be a big gain for Matt Haid.

Haid had been keeping pace with Rigsby but now with the miscue Haid was ready to pounce on the moment. Haid took the lead and never looked back. Jim Powell Jr. & Dominic Thyfault would give him a run for his money, but Haid was just too tough on this night as he went on to the opening night win.

Powell held on for the runner-up spot, it was Thyfault who would finish in 3rd, Daniel King had a strong race going from 9th to 3rd and in 5th place was the hard charger of the night Brandon Conkwright going from 16th to 5th.

Cars 4 Leass IMCA Stock Car Heat Race Winner were Rigsby, Haid, Leif Weyer and Powell. The B Feature winner was Rich Boyden.

A new track and the same outcome a win for Jordan Grabouski. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

A new track and the same outcome a win for Jordan Grabouski. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

It was a star-studded field in the Bills Built Race Cars IMCA Modified Feature.

Allen Halderman and Mike Striegel brought the field to the green flag. Striegel would get the drop on the competition and take the lead early.

As Striegel held his own at the front of the field, a former IMCA Modified National Champion, Jordan Grabouski, was closing in quick.

Looking to make a move on the inside Grabo was able to wrestle away the lead and quickly put some distance between him and the rest of the competitors.

Steven Bowers Jr. made a good run at Grabouski. In the end Bowers would get in a tight battle with Clay Money, before Money would get the better of the battle. Yellow flags helped keep the competition close, but not close enough Grabouski would jet to win #1 on the season.

Money would finish in the 2nd spot, 3rd would go to Bowers, Darron Fuqua, a former multiple time track champ at HPT, went from 14th to 4th in the main event exciting the crowd and Striegel hung on to the 5th spot.

In the end the fans got to see a bunch of class racers put on 1 great show for them on Sunday night.

Bills Built Race Cars IMCA Modified Heat Race Winners were Jeremy Chambers, Jared Rogers, Danny Holt and Bowers. The B Feature was won by Ricky Abrams.

Curtis Dreasher motored his way to an opening night win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Curtis Dreasher motored his way to an opening night win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Curtis Dreasher showed he has what it takes to get the job done at Heartland Park Topeka.

Dreasher has pocketed a few wins at Heartland Park Topeka before and he was looking to add to his collection on Sunday night.

Tim Echevarria and Tony Filbert got this main event underway. Echevarria would take the top spot.

At the front he would battle with Dreasher. The two drivers showed each other respect as they wouldn’t not touch once as they worked each other over. Dreasher took the lead and sped off to an even bigger lead. Even when bunched up, Dreasher still went away from the pack.

When the checkered flag dropped it was Dreasher coming home first. It was another strong win for Dreasher.

The runner-up spot would stay with Echevarria, Bryan Rigsby, pulling double duty, drove in impressive fashion from 9th to 3rd, 4th would be Billy Davidson and hard charger, Austin Charles, raced from 10th to 5th.

IMCA Northern Sport Mod Heat Race Winners were, Rigsby, Dustin Thulin and Daniel Harris.

Cody Williams took home the IMCA Hobby Feature. Reed Bros. Racing Photography

Cody Williams took home the IMCA Hobby Feature. Reed Bros. Racing Photography

Every now and then a new face comes into the area and you have to take a 2nd look at them because they are just that good.

It looks like Cody Williams in the IMCA Hobby Stock division might be one of those faces.

Williams blasted to a big win the IMCA Hobby Stock Feature event. He would drive from 6th to get the win. As many drivers were looking to get a handle on their race programs it looks like Cody had a mind of his own on this day. He would go unchallenged to the finish line.

Dalton Ronnebaum, making one of his 1st few trips to HPT, raced his way to the runner-up spot, another driver that had a great outing was Alex Boyden as his weekend was full action, 4th was Byron Glotzbach and rounding out the top 5 was Levi Henery.

IMCA Hobby Stock Heat Race winners were Williams, Glotzbach and Lafe Garst.

The action gets hot and heavy next Sunday night as the drivers will come back out to see who is going to be the King of the Hill next week! Check out the home for Heartland Park Topeka on the world wide web at or check em out on Facebook at Heartland Park Topeka.

Cars 4 Less IMCA Stock Car Feature Results
Finish Start Car Driver Pos +/-
1 3 22 Matt Haid +2
2 7 20P Jim Powell Jr +5
3 2 27 Dominic Thyfault -1
4 9 24K Daniel King +5
5 16 24C Brandon Conkwright +11
6 5 34D Travis Neeley -1
7 4 60K James King -3
8 14 C15 Eric Weyer +6
9 12 15 Terry Blessing +3
10 10 11 Christine Brown 0
11 17 4U Rich Boyden +6
12 8 15X Leif Weyer -4
13 19 29 Greg Deters +6
14 11 83 Alan Mattox -3
15 20 22M Shawn Mattox +5
16 15 39K Shane Schmidt -1
17 1 12B Bryan Rigsby -16
18 6 35JW Casey Woken -12
19 18 5K Steve Herrick -1
20 13 03 Lance Dixon -7

Bills Built Race Cars IMCA Modified Feature Results
Finish Start Car Driver Pos +/-
1 4 30 Jordan Grabouski +3
2 8 7M Clay Money +6
3 5 77 Steven Bowers, Jr. +2
4 14 87 Darron Fuqua +10
5 2 17X Mike Striegel -3
6 6 17 Jeremy Chambers 0
7 3 81 Tom Charles -4
8 15 63 Derek Brown +7
9 12 M80 Mat Stallbaumer +3
10 20 71 Richard Layne +10
11 11 11 Scott Brown 0
12 1 178 Allen Halderman -11
13 18 2 Mike Eisenhut +5
14 16 74 Rodney Schweizer +2
15 19 52 Cliff Shepard +4
16 7 7 Anthony Tanner -9
17 17 17JR Ricky Abrams 0
18 9 44 Jared Rogers -9
19 13 427 Troy Baumgartner -6
20 10 7D Danny Holt -10

IMCA Hobby Stock Feature Results
Finish Start Car Driver Pos +/-
1 6 77 Cody Williams +5
2 3 96R Dalton Ronnebaum +1
3 8 4D Alex Boyden +5
4 7 59 Byron Glotzbach +3
5 5 97L Levi Henery 0
6 12 91J Jaylen Wettengel +6
7 11 53T Tyler Garst +4
8 10 7R Nicholas Ronnebaum +2
9 9 40G Lafe Garst 0
10 2 68L Larry Hunter -8
11 1 M87 Mallory STiffler -10
12 13 23C Cody Satterwhite +1
13 2 11P Dodd Proctor -11
14 4 14 Ricky Tanner -10

IMCA Northern Sport Mod Feature Results
Finish Start Car Driver Pos +/-
1 4 C4 Curtis Dreasher +3
2 2 35M Tim Echevarria 0
3 9 12B Bryan Rigsby +6
4 3 B55 Billy Davidson -1
5 10 81 Austin Charles +5
6 7 1M Brian Murphy +1
7 1 34F Tony Filbert -6
8 13 1 Derek Huffman +5
9 15 23C Billy Carreno +6
10 16 91J Jaylen Wettengel +6
11 5 03 Lance Dixon -6
12 12 T25 Tim Stallbaumer 0
13 20 50 Gary Holthaus +7
14 19 214 Eric Spreer +5
15 14 71S Derek Smith -1
16 18 R42 Shawn Ray +2
17 17 007 Zach Nitsch 0
18 6 21K Dan Charles -12
19 8 07 Daniel Harris -11
20 11 45 Dustin Thulin -9

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