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Fuqua Wins Barn Burner, Thulin, Anderson & Woken Also Win At HPT

Darron Fuqua #87 threads the needle to take the lead coming out of turn 2 late in the race. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Darron Fuqua #87 threads the needle to take the lead coming out of turn 2 late in the race. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Topeka, KS – On a night that was less than perfect, one of the best features of the early season occurred on Sunday night at the 2nd Big Time Bail Bonds Sunday Night Showdown at Heartland Park Topeka.

A whopping total of 4.5 inches of rain fell at the track during the week and it was anyone’s guess if Sunday night’s event was going to get in. The track prep crew was ready for the task and they got the job done.

In the BillsBuilt Race Cars IMCA Modified Feature it was a full blown battle.

Jared Rogers jumped out to the lead and would hold on for a majority of the laps but a yellow would change the complexion of the race.

While Rogers was out in front Jordan Grabouski, Darron Fuqua, Steven Bowers Jr., Tyler Frye, Tom Charles, Scott Brown and a host of others were battling it out to move forward.

On the restart Grabouski applied the pressure to Rogers. Fuqua, meanwhile, was not going to be left out of the party up front.

Grabouski took a slim lead over Rogers going into the first turn late in the race. Rogers fought back hard on the inside, but as the two exited turn two Fuqua threaded the needle with a pass for the lead in the middle and it stuck.

Once Fuqua got to the front of the pack he wouldn’t be denied. The former multiple time track champion at Heartland Park Topeka took home win number 1 under the IMCA banner.

Grabouski, the week 1 winner, finished in the runner-up spot, 3rd went to Bowers, Rogers managed to hang on to 4th as his car began to fade and Tom Charles drove his way to a 5th place finish.

BillsBuilt Race Cars Heat Race Winners were Derrick Brown, Clay Hale, Rogers and Bowers.

Dustin Thulin went from goat to hero this week at HPT. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Dustin Thulin went from goat to hero this week at HPT. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

What a difference a week!

Last week Dustin Thulin pulled out for the feature only to have battery issues that would take him out of the feature before it ever started. This week was a little different.

Starting from the pole position Thulin, also a former champion at Heartland Park Topeka, made the most of his good fortune on Sunday night.

Thulin jumped out to the lead and held on for the win as he wired the field. Thulin becomes the 2nd different feature winner at HPT this season.

Going with the theme of former champions at Heartland Park Topeka, Danny Charles, put up a good fight with Thulin but came home just short as he finished in 2nd, Bryan Rigsby had a stout run going from 11th to 3rd in the feature, 4th would go to Brian Murphy and rounding out the top 5 was last week’s winner, Curtis Dreasher.

IMCA Northern Sport Mod Heat Race Winners were Thulin, Charles and Daniel Harris.

Shannon Anderson drove a long way to get a win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Shannon Anderson drove a long way to get a win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

As rain pummeled the Topeka area for most of last week, it also hit the entire Midwest. When racers can’t race they look to travel to race. Sunday night Shannon Anderson, of Des Moines, IA, is just one of the racers that wants to go racing. Anderson made a 5 hour journey to race at HPT on Sunday night.

The decision was a good one for Anderson.

Cody Williams, the winner on opening night, jumped out to the lead but it wouldn’t be that easy to hang on once he was in the lead.

Anderson would slice and dice his way to the lead in a short amount of time. On the opposite side of the coin, Williams, started to fall back due to mechanical problems.

Anderson, a multiple time IMCA National Champion in the Hobby Stocks, continued to put the stranglehold on the top spot and wouldn’t easy up until he crossed the finish line first.

Tyler Garst had a strong run finishing 2nd, Tyler Hinrichs, in his 1st night out, went from 10th to 3rd in the main, Mike Traskowsky finished in the 4th spot with a good effort and rounding out the top 5 was the winner from opening night, Cody Williams.

IMCA Hobby Stock Winners were Traskowsky, Garst and Tommy Fose.

In his 2nd trip to HPT Casey Woken hauls in a win. Reed Bros Racing Photos

In his 2nd trip to HPT Casey Woken hauls in a win. Reed Bros Racing Photos

The Cars 4 Less IMCA Stock Car division continues to surprise the Heartland Park Staff with it’s turnout. This division would be the only class to have a B Feature on Sunday night. A total of 27 cars checked in to shoot it out.

A string of yellow flags and accidents would keep this feature event from putting up a full head of steam, but the action would get hot when they put some good green flag runs together.

Robert Garst and Garry Myers brought the field to the green flag. Holding on to the top spot was a tough one as there were several land mines and pit falls to avoid.

One driver that wasn’t having any problems was Casy Woken. Woken worked his way through the traffic and found himself in the top spot. A few late race yellows would bunch the field up and bring the compeition closer to Woken. One of those competitors was Brandon Conkwright.

Conkwright scored a top 5 a week ago and then he followed that up with a heat race win earlier in the night. Now he was going to see if he what it took to get by Woken for the lead.

It didn’t matter who was behind him Woken, who drove more than 4 hours to get to HPT, wasn’t going to be denied on this night as he sped off to the victory. It was his 1st of the season at HPT.

Cars 4 Less IMCA Stock Car Heat Race Winners were Woken, Bryan Rigsby, Matt Haid & Conkwright. The B Feature was won by Jim Powell Jr.

Next week’s races are scheduled for Sunday May 8, 2016. Make sure you bring MOM out to the track to celebrate Mother’s Day!

BillsBuilt Race Cars IMCA Modified Feature Results
Finish Start Car Driver
1 7 87 Darron Fuqua
2 9 30 Jordan Grabouski
3 8 77 Steven Bowers, Jr.
4 2 44 Jared Rogers
5 6 81 Tom Charles
6 4 11 Scott Brown
7 17 7M Clay Money
8 11 25P Mike Petersilie
9 15 178 Allen Halderman
10 18 2 Mike Eisenhut
11 16 7 Anthony Tanner
12 20 X1 Tracey Schaefer
13 19 1B Brayden Black
14 1 7D Danny Holt
15 10 22H Clay Hale
16 12 55 Tyler Frye
17 13 444 Chris Flower
18 5 63 Derrick Brown
19 14 17 Jeremy Chambers
20 3 74 Rodney Schweizer
21 21 11JR Randy Schiffelbein DNS

IMCA Northern Sport Mod Results
Finish Start Car Driver
1 1 45 Dustin Thulin
2 3 21K Dan Charles
3 11 12B Bryan Rigsby
4 8 1M Brian Murphy
5 12 C4 Curtis Dreasher
6 14 23F Fred Traskowsky
7 2 07 Daniel Harris
8 4 50 Gary Holthaus
9 13 27F Bryce Frakes
10 9 81 Austin Charles
11 10 B55 Brian Davidson
12 5 91J Jaylen Wettengel
13 6 1 Derek Huffman
14 21 23C Billy Carreno
15 19 T25 Tim Stallbaumer
16 16 11M Mike Ireland
17 17 45W Kyle Williams
18 22 71S Derek Smith
19 20 214 Eric Spreer
20 7 34F Tony Filbert
21 15 15W Chad Wunder
22 18 15 Corey Myers

IMCA Hobby Stock Feature Results
Finish Start Car Driver
1 9 78 Shannon Anderson
2 4 53T Tyler Garst
3 10 25 Tyler Hinrichs
4 8 23M Mike Traskowsky
5 6 77 Cody Williams
6 7 127 Tommy Fose
7 1 14 Ricky Tanner
8 3 7R Nicholas Ronnebaum
9 17 59 Byron Glotzbach
10 5 91J Jaylen Wettengel
11 12 3J Jordan Junker
12 16 96R Dalton Ronnebaum
13 18 83 Alan Mattox
14 13 97L Levi Henery
15 11 79C Chris Lierz
16 15 4D Alex Boyden
17 14 M87 Mallory STiffler
18 2 40G Lafe Garst

Cars 4 Less Stock Cars IMCA Feature Result
Finish Start Car Driver
1 5 35JW Casey Woken
2 9 24C Brandon Conkwright
3 11 292 Blake Peeler
4 1 9 Robert Garst
5 4 5K Steve Herrick
6 18 C15 Eric Weyer
7 10 22 Matt Haid
8 16 29 Greg Deters
9 2 26M Kerry Myers
10 12 28 Jason Keft
11 20 6X Greg Keuhn
12 19 15X Leif Weyer
13 8 60K James King
14 7 11 Christine Holt
15 13 27 Dominic Thyfault
16 3 75M Marvin Griffith Jr
17 6 12B Bryan Rigsby
18 15 72 Jason Park
19 17 20P Jim Powell Jr
20 14 4U Rich Boyden

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