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Joslin’s Jewelry Mother’s Day Special At Heartland Park Sunday Night


Topeka, KS – This Sunday night, May 8th, is going to be a very special night at Heartland Park Topeka’s Dirt Track.

For one thing it’s Mother’s Day! The 2nd thing is we are going to have a few gifts for some very lucky moms in attendance!

Joslin’s Jewelry has donated 5 ladies watches to be given away on Sunday night, Long Lighting Studio has also tossed in a $100.00 gift certificate and Heartland Park is throwing in a Family 4 Pack of tickets to the next race on May 29th! It’s going to be a fun night with a ton of things to giveaway but you can’t forget about the racing action. It’s been exciting for the first 2 events and it’s about to get even better.

A new Victory Bonus Announcement: This will be the first weekend that a driver has the opportunity to claim the Victory Bonus that is being offered up by Thunder Hill Speedway and Heartland Park Topeka. Any driver that can win Saturday night at Thunder Hill Speedway and then turn around and win again at Heartland Park Topeka, that driver will take home an extra $50.00 for their effort.

10675776_1471897476408475_6557689613427206317_nJoslin’s Jewelry
Joslin’s Jewelry is a strong supporter of local racing. Gary Joslin has been a competitor in local racing and he sees the value of supporting a sport that is family oriented. It reminds him of his jewelry business. Joslin’s Jewelry is a family owned and operated business. At Joslin’s they treat each and every customer like they are part of the family. It means that much to them. Joslin’s Jewelry was established in 1977 and has been in Overland Park, Kansas for 30 years at 95th and Antioch. For more information check them out on the web at www.joslinsjewelry.com.


billstimulusBillsBuilt Race Cars IMCA Modified – Last week was the same as the first week except the racing action got even better! Jared Rogers held on to the lead for much of the IMCA Modified Feature but a late race yellow bunched up the field and it gave Jordan Grabouski and Darron Fuqua a chance to run down Rogers in the final laps. As Grabouski made the first assault on Rogers, it was Fuqua that got the better end of the battle. Fuqua split the top 2 drivers coming out of turn two and never looked back on the way to his 1st win of the season. It also marked for the 2nd straight week we had a new winner in the Big Time Bail Bonds Victory Lane.

By The Numbers…
Number of Cars Entered = 21
Where Did The Winner Start At = Inside Row 4 (7th)
Top 10 Average Positions Gained = +4.2 (On average the drivers in the top 10 moved up 4.2 spots on the grid by race end)
Hard Charger Award = Clay Money (+10) 17th to 7th
Top 10 In Points As Of 5/1/16:
Pos Driver Wins Points Gap
1 Jordan Grabouski 1 79.00
2 Darron Fuqua 1 77.00 -2
3 Steven Bowers, Jr. 76.00 -3
4 Clay Money 73.00 -6
5 Tom Charles 70.00 -9
6 Scott Brown 65.00 -14
7 Allen Halderman 61.00 -18
8 Jared Rogers 60.00 -19
9 Mike Eisenhut 59.00 -20
10 Jeremy Chambers 57.00 -22

Danny Holt #7D. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Danny Holt #7D. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Driver to Watch This Week: Danny Holt #7D, Topeka, KS

So far this season, after just 2 races, has been tough on Holt. He hasn’t finished where he has wanted to and it’s frustrating especially when you know that you are fast. Holt is a longtime racer in the area and he knows his way around a dirt track. If he is in town this weekend, he should be one to watch. He can only have so much bad luck before it turns around and goes the other direction. Look for him to be near the front of the pack.

1509699_553533871450234_1536265212581288930_nCars 4 Less IMCA Stock Car – A week ago we thought 24 cars were a lot in the IMCA Stock Car ranks. What did they do for an encore? They brought out 27 racers to compete last week. The race got off to a slow start but it would pick up steam as they moved on. Casey Woken, who drivers more than 4 hours each way to race at HPT, wrestled away his 1st win of the season at HPT. With 27 cars in attendance it’s no easy feat pulling off a win.

By The Numbers…
Number of Cars Entered = 27
Where Did The Winner Start At = 3rd row inside (5th)
Top 10 Average Positions Gained = +3.3
Hard Charger Award = Eric Weyer (+12) 18th to 6th
Top 10 in Points As of 5/1/16:
Pos Driver Wins Points Gap
1 Brandon Conkwright 75.00
2 Matt Haid 1 74.00 -1
3 Eric Weyer 68.00 -7
4 Dominic Thyfault 64.00 -11
5 Casey Woken 1 63.00 -12
6 James King 62.00 -13
7 Greg Deters 61.00 -14
8 Jim Powell Jr 61.00 -14
9 Steve Herrick 58.00 -17
10 Christine Holt 58.00 -17

Brandon Conkwright #24C. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Brandon Conkwright #24C. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Driver to Watch This Week: Brandon Conkwright #24C, Wamego, KS

If there is one thing that can be said about Brandon Conkwright at Heartland Park Topeka, he knows how to pass people. Conkwright currently is sitting 2nd in the points. On night one he went from 16th to 5th in the feature and last week he went from 9th to 2nd. He is fast and Conkwright has only raced at HPT 2 times, so he is still learning the lay of the land. As he becomes more comfortable with his surroundings look for more out of this youngster. He should be one to keep on your radar this week.

IMCA Northern Sport Mods – There has only been 2 events this season at HPT so far. Dustin Thulin has seen his share of ups and downs. On opening night battery problems led to him pulling off before the race even got started. This past week he made up for it by wiring the field on the way to the win. It was an impressive run by Thulin but it shouldn’t come as a surprise as he has one races and a championship before at HPT. Currently after 2 races there is a tie on top of the point standings. Curtis Dreasher and Bryan Rigsby are all knotted up at 76 points a piece. Dreasher would hold the tie breaker by virtue of his win on opening night.

By The Numbers…
Number of Cars Entered = 22
Where Did The Winner Start At = Pole Position (1st)
Top 10 Average Positions Gained = +2.2
Hard Charger Award = Bryan Rigsby & Fred Traskowsky (+8)
Top 10 in Points As of 5/1/16:
Pos Driver Wins Points Gap
1 Curtis Dreasher 1 76.00
2 Bryan Rigsby 76.00
3 Brian Murphy 72.00 -4
4 Austin Charles 67.00 -9
5 Brian Davidson 67.00 -9
6 Dan Charles 62.00 -14
7 Dustin Thulin 1 61.00 -15
8 Gary Holthaus 61.00 -15
9 Derek Huffman 61.00 -15
10 Jaylen Wettengel 60.00 -16

Danny Charles #21K. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Danny Charles #21K. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Driver To Watch This Week: Danny Charles #21K, Basehor, KS

When Heartland Park decided to reopen it’s dirt track this season an old, familiar face walked in and signed up to race, Dan Charles. Dan Charles has been out of racing for a little while and in that time he has watched his father, Tom, and son, Austin, race in the area. The will to compete never leaves a racer and Dan Charles is a racer. As a matter of fact he was Heartland Park’s first Stock Car Champ when they opened up the dirt track, way back when. Charles feels back and home and his 2nd place run last week proves that he can still get the job done. Watch him this week. It could be his night!

IMCA Hobby Stock – A new face emerged into the Big Time Bail Bonds Victory Lane last Sunday night, Cody Williams. Williams, in his 1st trip to HPT, started 6th in the feature and wasted no time getting to the front. At the front he put a strangle hold on the competition and went on to the win. Williams told one track official that HPT was now his favorite track! None the less it was another great feature. Where in the top 7 everyone, except 1 driver, had moved forward during the feature.

By The Numbers…
Number of Cars Entered = 18
Where Did The Winner Start At = 5th Row Inside (9th)
Top 7 Average Positions Gained = +2.5
Hard Charger Award = Shannon Anderson & Byron Glotzbach (+8)
Top 10 in Points As of 5/1/16:
Pos Driver Wins Points Gap
1 Cody Williams 1 76.00
2 Tyler Garst 73.00 -3
3 Byron Glotzbach 69.00 -7
4 Dalton Ronnebaum 68.00 -8
5 Nicholas Ronnebaum 66.00 -10
6 Jaylen Wettengel 66.00 -10
7 Alex Boyden 63.00 -13
8 Levi Henery 63.00 -13
9 Ricky Tanner 61.00 -15
10 Lafe Garst 55.00 -21

#53T Tyler Garst. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

#53T Tyler Garst. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Driver To Watch This Week: Tyler Garst #53T, Topeka, KS

Tyler Garst cut his teeth racing a Hobby Stock at Heartland Park. He has won many races at the track. A few years ago he left to go race IMCA full-time and now that HPT is back to racing IMCA, Garst has returned. So far he has done well. Last week’s runner up finish was proof that this kid is getting better each and every time behind the wheel. Garst is usually known for his smooth driving skills on a dry slick race track. Last week he made his way forward on a heavy, tacky race track. As Garst’s skills become more complete watch for him to keep moving toward the top spot.

NOTES TO THE RACERS: Driver check in closes at 5:00 p.m. Make sure you are there to check in before 5:00. If you are not there by 5:00 you will have to start scratch in your heat and it will be up to the track officials if the late driver will be allowed to compete.

Important Information…

Pit Gate Opens at 3:00 p.m.
Spectator Gate Opens at 4:30 p.m.
Draw Ends at 5:00 p.m.
Drivers Meeting at 5:15 p.m.
Hot Laps at 5:30 p.m.
1st Race Goes Green at 6:00 p.m.

Ticket Prices:
Adult $8.00
Kids 6 to 12 $2.00
Children 5 and Under are FREE!
Sr. (62+) & Military (with ID) $6.00

Order of Events:
Hobby Heats
Sport Mod Heats
Cars 4 Less Stock Car Heats
BillsBuilt Race Cars Modified Heats
Hobby B (If needed)
Sport B (If needed)
Intermission 15 minutes – Joslin’s Jewelry Watch Giveaway!
Cars 4 Less Stock B (If needed)
BillsBuilt Race Cars Modified B (If needed)
Sport Mod
Cars 4 Less Stock Car
BillsBuilt Race Cars Modified

To follow all the action fans can keep up with Heartland Park Topeka’s Dirt Track by logging on to their website at www.heartlandpark.com or follow them on Facebook at Heartland Park Topeka!

Heartland Park Topeka’s Dirt Track is located at 7530 SW Topeka Blvd, Topeka, KS.

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