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Bowers Jr Wins Opening Night IMCA Modified Race at Atchison County Raceway

Steven Bowers Jr. rockets to the win at ACR. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Steven Bowers Jr. rockets to the win at ACR. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

With a touching tribute to those we have lost over the past year, our Parade of Remembrance was a spectacular site and moving ceremony!

First to take to the track on opening night at Atchison County Raceway were John Brown Construction Kids Mods. Don’t let the name fool you as these young up and comers put on a show in both heat race and feature event. Destyn Whitney #58 would show poise behind the wheel and take the early lead holding the rest of the field of competitors at bay. Heat race winner and third place finisher #1r of Cade Richards would challenge early and often but spin out in the closing laps allowing Whitney to pull away to his first ever feature win inside the Cage. Laine Grenier #25 would use a smooth clean line to finish second with contender Jace Whitt #26j developing mechanical problems finishing fourth.

With one of the closest finishes in Cage history Hobby Stock would not disappoint with a show of epic proportions. Tobin Bartlett #28 would take the early lead until Alex Boyden #4d would mount a charge to the front and wrestle the lead and appear to be the car to beat. Coming off turn 4 Boyden would slip slightly and allow Bartlett the high side and the two would race to a photo finish at the line. When the smoke cleared Bartlett was the winner by mere inches at the checkers with Boyden second. Lonnie Myers #62 was the big mover of the race coming through the pack to notch a third place showing. Wayne Brooke #18 and Aaron Myers #14 would compete to the checkers with Brooke fourth and Myers fifth on this night. Heat race winners were Lane Chew #37 and Conner Masoner #47x.

E-Modified would see a lot of action on the fast 1/5th mile track as the familiar face of 2015 Track Champion Chris Dishong #41 would emerge victorious. Dishong would work his way through the pack using the low line to perfection claiming the nights win. Heat race winner Billy Spilman #63 was a contender all feature leading laps and showing muscle finishing a close second. Matt Dorssom #3d would recover from early race mishaps to place third with Matthew Lance #12x fourth. Randy Smith Jr #20x would end the night with a solid top five finish. Other heat race winner was Kyle Henning #1 whom would have contact taking him from win contention.

IMCA Stock Car would see the best of the best take to the track with many different leaders throughout the race. Tag Team Challenge Winner Greg Keuhn #6x would take the early lead with Jim Powell #20p knocking on the door until Brad Whitney #X9 would enter the picture. Heat race winner Whitney would use the high line to pass Kuehn and pull out to a nice lead until hitting the birm in turn two and spinning out taking him from the front spot. Powell would then take over the lead and race side by side with Rich Boyden #4u to the checkers with Powell picking up the feature win. Travis Neeley #34d would work through the pack to finish second with Boyden third. Steven Corning #38 would hold of a very fast Chuck Ziolkowski #5z to place fourth moving Ziolkowski to fifth. Other heat race winner was Alvie Christofferson #22a whom would be among the front runners until a radiator hose let go forcing him from the feature.

IMCA Modifieds would start their inaugural season with a bang a Steven Bowers Jr #77 would win both his heat race and the feature inside the Cage this night. Hall of Famer Tom Charles #81 would slice and dice through the pack to a solid second place finish challenging Bowers to the line. Matt Richards #1R would have an impressive run placing third with Clay Hale #22h showing poise and consistency fourth. Other heat race winner Tyson Lanfermann #47x would race his way to a fifth place finish.

Sport Compact would end the night of great racing action as John Willard #1/2cr would charge to the front and on to victory. Heat race winner James Lemke #17 would challenge Willard late but to no avail and have to settle for second with Joshua Conrad #08 coming home third. David Miller III #55 continues to impress moving his fast Toyota to fourth with Toby Teel #7t a close fifth. Other heat race winner was the #82k of Chris Lewis. Sport Compact was voted “Best in Show” and the sixth finishing position was drawn and the bonus money went to Chris Lewis.

After completion of all racing the fans were treated to a fireworks display ending a stellar night at Atchison County Raceway. Over $1200 in cash and prizes were given back to the fans, barrel rides for the kids, dig in the hay, and so much more, all in one night of great family fun and entertainment. We would like to thank Pop’s Racing Stables for shirts and stickers donated and given to fans along with Jace Whitt for donating a cap one lucky fan would receive. Birthday wishes go out to Harley Boyette, 11 years old and J R Burge (we won’t say how old he is getting)!

See everyone next week for more of the same great fun! Remember, “Don’t be Afraid of the Cage”!

Atchison County Raceway Results 5/6/2016

Brown Construction Kids Mod:
⦁ 58 Destyn Whitney
⦁ 25 Laine Grenier
⦁ 1R Cade Richards (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 26j Jace Whitt

Hobby Stock:
⦁ 28 Tobin Bartlett
⦁ 4d Alex Boyden
⦁ 62 Lonnie Myers
⦁ 18 Wayne Brooke
⦁ 14 Aaron Myers
⦁ 28w Chuck Warman
⦁ 37 Lane Chew (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 20x Carson Masoner
⦁ 84 Darren McCray
⦁ 47x Conner Masoner (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ B5 George Bruning
⦁ 20t Rick Thompson
⦁ 02x John Boller III
⦁ 28k Chris Kiehl
⦁ 7si Josiah Birkinsha

⦁ 41 Chris Dishong
⦁ 63 Billy Spilman (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 3d Matt Dorssom
⦁ 12x Matthew Lance
⦁ 20x Randy Smith Jr
⦁ 23b Casey Burnett
⦁ 16g Paul Lanfermann II
⦁ 1 Kyle Henning (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 18 Cole Wayman
⦁ 77 Kit Bailey
⦁ 28 Kevin Reynolds
⦁ 19x Joshua Munsen
⦁ 74 Justin Asher
⦁ 15 Corey Myers
⦁ 55b John Christofferson
⦁ 83 Bubba Beam

IMCA Stock Car:
⦁ 20p Jim Powell Jr
⦁ 34d Travis Neeley
⦁ 4u Rich Boyden
⦁ 38 Steven Corning
⦁ 5z Chuck Ziolkowski
⦁ 20x John Boller Jr
⦁ 76m Gary Myers
⦁ 6x Greg Keuhn
⦁ X9 Brad Whitney (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 22a Alvie Christofferson (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 24k Daniel King
⦁ 11w Gerald Wahwahsuck
⦁ 75m Marvin Griffith Jr
⦁ 94j Josh Steele

IMCA Modified:
⦁ 77 Steven Bowers Jr (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 81 Tom Charles
⦁ 1R Matt Richards
⦁ 22h Clay Hale
⦁ 47x Tyson Lanfermann (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 93 Rick Germar
⦁ 71 Tony Layne
⦁ 63 Derrick Brown
⦁ 74 Rodney Schweizer
⦁ 33 Nicholas Carpenter

Sport Compact:
⦁ 1/2cr John Willard
⦁ 17 James Lemke (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 08 Joshua Conrad
⦁ 55 David Miller III
⦁ 7t Toby Teel
⦁ 82k Chris Lewis (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 77s Shane Noll
⦁ 9 Christian Pease
⦁ 91 Dan Ruhnke
⦁ 06 William Hensley
⦁ 214 Jeremy Larabee
⦁ 54 Chuck Warman
⦁ 7 Jason Teel
⦁ 24j James Wagner

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