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Davenport kicks off Show-Me 100 weekend with Cowboy Classic triumph

a6902a11-c519-44de-bf2a-babff66cfebeWheatland, Missouri (May 25, 2016) – Jonathan Davenport picked right up where he left off at Lucas Oil Speedway.

The Georgia driver dominated Thursday night’s “Cowboy Classic” as the 24th annual Lucas Oil Show-Me 100 Presented by weekend began.

Davenport earned $6,000 for his seventh Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model victory of the season and his fourth straight victory at Lucas Oil Speedway dating to 2015. He swept the Cowboy Classic, the Diamond Nationals and the Show-Me 100 a year ago, leading 169 of a possible 195 laps.

This time he led 44 of 45 laps, taking the lead on lap two in the race named in honor of the late Allen “Cowboy” Chancellor, former co-owner of the Lucas Oil MLRA.

In the Pitts Homes USRA Modified feature, Terry Schultz picked up the $500 victory with a last-lap pass of Johnny Fennwald.

Action continues on Friday night with the “Tribute to Don and Billie Gibson” – who started the Show-Me 100 in 1993 at West Plains Motor Speedway – worth $6,000 to win the Late Model feature. Gates open at 5 p.m. with hot laps at 7 with full Late Model and Modified programs.

Friday’s Late Model feature results, combined with the finish of Thursday’s main event, will determine the first 16 starters for Saturday’s 100-lap Show-Me 100.

Davenport took a big step toward a prime starting position in the $30,000-to-win main event, beating three-time Show-Me 100 winner Jimmy Owens and third-place Brandon Sheppard to the finish by nearly a straightaway’s margin.

“This is awesome,” Davenport said in victory lane. “We got a really good combination. We had to find something new. We weren’t that good at the beginning in hot laps.”

The eventful race saw pole sitter Jared Landers spin in turn two on the second lap while battling Davenport for the lead. Collected in the accident was seventh-starting Tim McCreadie.

Light rain began during the cleanup and the race was delayed 34 minutes before going green again.

Davenport, who assumed the lead after Landers’ spin, quickly opened a comfortable lead after the restart with Babb and Owens battling for second.

Owens, the Show-Me 100 in 2011, 2012 and 2013, began to close in and moved within two car lengths by lap 25 as the two were in the midst of lapped traffic.

But Davenport was able to re-establish a big lead and was pulling away when a caution on lap 38, seven laps from the finish, gave Owens and the 14th-starting Sheppard a chance.

The race’s third caution waved before a lap could be completed after the restart when R.C. Whitwell hit the wall in turn four.

Again, Davenport used a clear track ahead of him to pull away. He said the ride wasn’t easy, especially with rough spots between turns one and two causing him and others turbulence.

“The track was demanding,” Davenport said. “Those last five laps I started driving a little crazy there. I lost my brakes. Any way, we held on and it was just another great run for us.”

Owens, searching for his first win in 13 months and 43 races, was pleased with his runner-up run.

“We still have a little bit of work to do, but the car is coming together real good,” Owens said. “We’ve had a lot of good runs in the past and things didn’t turn out for us. We were able to bring in a good second-place run.”

Shannon Babb finished fourth with Chris Brown fifth and Chad Simpson said.

Five-time Show-Me 100 winner Scott Bloomquist was scheduled to start fifth in the feature, but pulled to the infield with a mechanical issue, on one of the parade laps. He was able to get the car going again during the rain delay and returned, two laps down and finishing 19th.

Heat race winners for the Late Models were Davenport, Owens, Jared Landers, Bloomquist, Justin Kay and Ryan Gustin.

Owens set fast time in qualifying with a lap of 15.304 in Group B. Reid Millard of Jefferson City, a part-time racer, had the fast time at 15.316 but was found to be using the wrong tire and did not start his qualifying heat.

Schultz in a thriller: Terry Schultz of Sedalia won his third feature of the season at Lucas Oil Speedway as he pulled off a pass of Fennewald going down the back stretch of the final lap.

“He got tied up in the lapped traffic and we did too a little bit,” Schultz said. “We got lucky, really.”

Derek Ramirez was third and Eric Turner wound up fourth.

Ticket prices for the remainder of Show-Me 100 weekend are:

Adults (16 and up) $25
Seniors (62 and up)/Military $22
Youth (12-15) $10
Kids (11 and under) FREE
Family Pass $50
Pit Pass $35

Adults (16 and up) $30
Seniors (62 and up)/Military $27
Youth (6-15) $10
Kids (5 and under) FREE
Family Pass $60
Pit Pass $40

Friday’s program will be part of the 2016 Free Kids Fridays promotion. Youngsters 11-and-under will be admitted free with a paid adult admission.

A-Main “Cowboy Classic” – 1, Jonathan Davenport. 2, Jimmy Owens. 3, Brandon Sheppard. 4, Shannon Babb. 5, Chris Brown. 6, Chad Simpson. 7, Darrell Lanigan. 8, Ryan Gustin. 9, Dennis Erb Jr. 10, Chris Simpson. 11, Garrett Alberson. 12, Steve Francis. 13, Jason Rauen. 14, Don O’Neal. 15, Justin Kay. 16, Tony Jackson Jr. 17, Tanner Kellick. 18, Tim McCreadie. 19, Scott Bloomquist. 20, R.C. Whitwell. 21, R.C. Wyman. 22, Jared Landers. 23, Bobby Pierce. 24, Billy Moyer.
Heat 1 – 1, Jared Landers. 2, Tim McCreadie. 3, R.C. Whitwell. 4, Kyle Beard. 5, Jake O’Neil. 6, Gavin Landers. 7, Austin Siebert. 8, Chris Spieker. 9, Jeremy Payne. 10, Reid Millard.
Heat 2 – 1, Jonathan Davenport. 2, Shannon Babb. 3, J.C. Wyman. 4, Chad Simpson. 5, Bobby Pierce. 6, Jack Sullivan. 7, Brad Looney. 8, Bryon Allison. 9, Tommy Weder.
Heat 3 – 1, Scott Bloomquist. 2, Chris Brown. 3, Darrell Lanigan. 4, Jesse Stovall. 5, Tyler Reddick. 6, Timothy Culp. 7, Hunter Rasdon. 8, Scott Lewis. 9, Payton Looney.
Heat 4 – 1, Jimmy Owens. 2, Tony Jackson Jr. 3, Brandon Sheppard. 4, Dennis Erb Jr. 5, Don O’Neal. 6, Brantlee Gotschall. 7, Tad Pospisil. 8, Robert Baker. 9, Josh Poe. 10, Richard Kimberling.
Heat 5 – 1, Justin Kay. 2, Garrett Alberson. 3, Jason Rauen. 4, Billy Moyer. 5, Brian Birkhofer. 6, Steve Francis. 7, Earl Pearson Jr. 8, Jason Papich. 9, Colton Flinner.
Heat 6 – 1, Ryan Gustin. 2, Chris Simpson. 3, Tanner Kellick. 4, Wendell Wallace. 5, Matt Furman. 6, Dave Eckrich. 7, Jacob Magee. 8, Terry Phillips. 9, Mason Oberkramer.
B-Main 1 – 1, Chad Simpson. 2, Pierce. 3, Sullivan. 4, Beard. 5, Gavin Landers 6, O’Neil. 7, Payne. 8, Weder. 9, Millard. 10, Siebert.
B-Main 2 – 1, O’Neal. 2, Erb. 3, Pospisil. 4, Gotschall. 5, Culp. 6, Reddick. 7, Baker. 8, Rasdon. 9, Lewis. 10, Payton Looney. 11, Poe. 12, Kimberling. 13, Stovall.
B-Main 3 – 1, Moyer. 2, Francis. 3, Wallace. 4, Furman. 5, Philips. 6, Papich. 7, Pearson. 8, Dave Eckrich. 9, Flinner. 10, Oberkramer. 11, Birkhofer. 12, Magee.

A-Feature: 1. Terry Schultz (Sedalia, MO), 2. Johnny Fennewald (Appleton City, MO), 3. Dereck Ramirez (Woodward, Ok), 4. Eric Turner (Hermitage, MO), 5. RC Whitwell (Tucson, AZ), 6. Chris Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 7. Steve Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 8. Jason Pursley (Hermitage, MO), 9. Robert Powers (Campbell, Mo), 10. Mike Striegel (Hermitage, MO), 11. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 12. John Cammon (Wichita, Ks), 13. Bryce Schniepp (Wichita, KS), 14. Chase Domer (Nevada, MO), 15. Lucas Gibbs (Udall, KS), 16. Daniel Franklin (Eurika Springs, AR), 17. Dylan Hoover (Vandalia, MO), 18. Gene Nichols (Lowell, Ar), 19. John Allen (Chanute, KS), 20. Greg Burt (Enid, OK), 21. Justin Moon (Sedalia, MO), 22. Dustin Allen (Enid, OK), 23. Cody Schniepp (Wichita, KS), 24. Jeff Cutshaw (Bolivar, MO).
B-Feature: 1. Jeff Cutshaw (Bolivar, MO), 2. Mike Striegel (Hermitage, MO), 3. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 4. John Cammon (Wichita, Ks), 5. Gene Nichols (Lowell, Ar), 6. Dylan Hoover (Vandalia, MO), 7. Bryce Schniepp (Wichita, KS), 8. Daniel Franklin (Eurika Springs, AR), 9. Daniel Wosoba (El Dorado Springs, MO), 10. Joseph Giesler (Ozora, MO), 11. Lucas Dobbs (El Dorado Springs, MO), 12. Colson Kirk (Urbana, MO), 13. William Heath (Nevada City Ca, MO), 14. Robert Heydenreich (Bolivar, MO), 15. Logan Martin (West Plains, MO), 16. Scotty Bough (Nevada, MO), 17. Kevin Holman (Essex, MO), 18. Blonde Bomber Mitchell (Pea Ridge, Ar), 19. Nick Whitehead (Springfield, Mo), 20. Jordan Turner (Batesville, AR).
Heat 1: 1. Steve Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 2. Chase Domer (Nevada, MO), 3. Jason Pursley (Hermitage, MO), 4. RC Whitwell (Tucson, AZ), 5. Nick Whitehead (Springfield, Mo), 6. Blonde Bomber Mitchell (Pea Ridge, Ar), 7. Joseph Giesler (Ozora, MO), 8. Colson Kirk (Urbana, MO), 9. Kevin Holman (Essex, MO).
Heat 2: 1. Robert Powers (Campbell, Mo), 2. Chris Tonoli (Hermitage, MO), 3. Dustin Allen (Enid, OK), 4. Justin Moon (Sedalia, MO), 5. Mike Striegel (Hermitage, MO), 6. John Cammon (Wichita, Ks), 7. Lucas Dobbs (El Dorado Springs, MO), 8. Daniel Wosoba (El Dorado Springs, MO), 9. Logan Martin (West Plains, MO).
Heat 3: 1. Terry Schultz (Sedalia, MO), 2. Dereck Ramirez (Woodward, Ok), 3. John Allen (Chanute, KS), 4. Cody Schniepp (Wichita, KS), 5. Jeff Cutshaw (Bolivar, MO), 6. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 7. Dylan Hoover (Vandalia, MO), 8. William Heath (Nevada City Ca, MO), 9. Robert Heydenreich (Bolivar, MO).
Heat 4: 1. Eric Turner (Hermitage, MO), 2. Johnny Fennewald (Appleton City, MO), 3. Lucas Gibbs (Udall, KS), 4. Greg Burt (Enid, OK), 5. Bryce Schniepp (Wichita, KS), 6. Gene Nichols (Lowell, Ar), 7. Daniel Franklin (Eurika Springs, AR), 8. Scotty Bough (Nevada, MO), 9. Jordan Turner (Batesville, AR).

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Lucas Oil Speedway is located at Highways 83 and 54 in Wheatland, Missouri. A campground with shower and bathroom facilities is also available. With it’s entrance located just outside the pit gate this sprawling scenic camping facility will continue to enhance the racing experience at the Diamond of Dirt Tracks.

Click for more information and detailed directions to the speedway or call the Track Hotline at (417) 282-5984.

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