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James Reed Memorial Small Car Nationals at Atchison County Raceway!

Chris Tuck wins the big money at ACR! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Chris Tuck wins the big money at ACR! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Kicking off a great night of racing action at Atchison County Raceway Hobby Stock would enter the cage with a locked and loaded field of competitors. Tobin Bartlett #28 would use heat race win momentum to take the early lead winning feature #2 this 2016 racing season at ACR. Bartlett would be challenged every lap by another heat race winner Lonnie Myers #62 who would have to settle for second on this night of competition. Jeremy Mulich #12 would enjoy his first visit to the cage this season with a solid third place showing. Another heat race winner Aaron Myers #14 would battle among the leaders the entire feature ending the night fourth. Kyle Roland #5 was big mover of the race coming thru the pack to place fifth.

Outlaw Mini Mods would buzz to the track to try and tame the fast 1/5th mile of dirt. As the green flag waved a 3 way battle for the lead emerged with heat race winner Mike Lawson #36 taking the early lead. As Lawson would lead Anthony Kramer #17 would try both high and low taking the lead only to see Lawson charge back by on the inside. A caution would be the deciding factor as Kramer would make the inside line work to his advantage taking the lead and the victory on this night of competition. Jeremy Schubert #28 would claim second moving Lawson to finish third. Ben Sprung #9S would race to the checkers with the #56 of Mike Schubert with Sprung forth and Schubert fifth. Other heat race winner was #15 Nathan Kilwine who would develop mechanical problems taking him from competition.

E-Modifieds would see hot and heavy racing action as the green flag waved. Exciting racing would take place early in the feature event with drivers swapping the lead many times before Kit Bailey #77 would emerge as the car to beat. Bailey would lead the last few circuits and pick up his first feature win of the 2016 racing season at Atchison County Raceway. Joshua Munson #19X would be in contention the entire feature placing second with Austin Bouzek #14 coming home third. Corey Meyers #15 would battle to the line claiming fourth by a mere car length over heat race winner Justin Asher #74. Other heat race winner was 3D of Matt Dorssom.

Honoring James Reed #1/2 Pint, the Sport Compact would enter the cage to do battle. As the green flag waved John Willard #½CR would take the lead and appear to be on his way. As the race progressed heat race winner Chris Tuck #6T would get by Willard using the low line to perfection charging onto victory and the big payday. Jay Orr #18 would roar thru the pack to place second with Willard slipping to third. Matt Moyer #29 would hold off heat race winner Denny Berghan Jr #6JR to place fourth forcing Berghan to finish fifth. Other heat race winner was #9X Joe Baker.

Cageman Series would use a forward backward qualifying race to set the stage for the feature event. As the green flag waved Jeremy Holm #44 would charge to the lead dodging tires, cars and anything else that would dare to get in his way. Holm would lead thru the majority of the feature until contact with a couple of other drivers would open the door for Brad Simpson #30 to take over the lead and on to the feature win. Matt Schreiner #56 would slip into the second position with one time leader Holm finishing third. Brad Spilman #63 would race his way to fourth with Chris McCorkendale #3 ending the night’s competition fifth.

Atchison County Raceway would like to thank all the drivers and fans for a night filled with great racing action and family fun. See everyone next Friday night for more exciting action inside the cage.

And remember “Don’t be Afraid of the Cage”!!!

Race Results Atchison County Raceway 5/29/2016:
Hobby Stock:
1. 28 Tobin Bartlett (Heat Race Winner)
2. 62 Lonnie Myers (Heat Race Winner)
3. 12 Jeremy Mulich
4. 14 Aaron Myers (Heat Race Winner)
5. 5 Kyle Roland
6. 18 Wayne Brooke
7. 84 Darren McCray
8. 28W Chuck Warman
9. 7SIS Philisa Birkinsha
10. 7SI Josiah Birkinsha
11. 37 Lane Chew
12. 6 Darren Lofts
13. 20T Gerald Wahwahsuck
14. 4D Alex Boyden
15. B6 Jacob Bruning
16. B5 George Bruning
17. 12W Jeremy Wonder
18. 44R Rex Bruning

Outlaw Mini Mods:
1. 17 Anthony Kramer
2. 28 Jeremy Schubert
3. 36 Mike Lawson (Heat Race Winner)
4. 9S Ben Sprung
5. 56 Mike Schubert
6. 2 Kayden Dirks
7. 0 Chris Harris
8. 15 Nathan Kilwine (Heat Race Winner)

1. 77 Kit Bailey
2. 19X Joshua Munsen
3. 14 Austin Bouzek
4. 15 Corey Myers
5. 74 Justin Asher (Heat Race Winner)
6. 23B Casey Burnett
7. 83 Bubba Beam
8. 1 Kyle Henning
9. 1X James Matthew
10. 53DB Danny Bennett
11. 07J Jack Tupp
12. 10D Doug Cook
13. 63 Billy Spilman
14. 7 Matt Richards
15. 37 Jeremiah Asher
16. 3D Matt Dorssom (Heat Race Winner)

Sport Compact:
1. 6T Chris Tuck (Heat Race Winner)
2. 18 Jay Orr
3. 1/2 CR John Willard
4. 29 Matt Moyer
5. 6JR Denny Berghan Jr (Heat Race Winner)
6. 9X Joe Baker (Heat Race Winner)
7. 3B Kyle Owen
8. 88K RJ Maas
9. 08 Josh Conrad
10. 1/2B Steven Bunton
11. 17 James Lemke
12. 4B Brandon Box
13. 32 Spencer Pavey III
14. 9 Christian Pease
15. 33D Devin Schmidt
16. 7T Toby Teel
17. 55B Josh Garrison
18. 6 Nick Lindblad
19. 06 William Hensley
20. 7 Jason Teel
21. 76 Darren Nelson
22. 77S Shane Noll
23. 55 David Miller III
24. 30 Brian Vols
25. 7B Boo Robinson

Cageman Series: (Obstacle Course)
1. 30 Brad Simpson
2. 56 Matt Schreiner
3. 44 Jeremy Holm
4. 63 Brad Spilman
5. 3 Chris McCorkendale

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