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Bowers Jr and Powell ICMA winners at Atchison County Raceway!

Jim Powell Jr. IMCA Stock Car feature winner. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Jim Powell Jr. IMCA Stock Car feature winner. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

John Brown Construction Kids Mods would prove the future of racing is in good hands as they entered the cage at Atchison County Raceway starting the night’s competition. Heat race winner Cade Richards #1R would jump to the early lead using the low side of the race track with Destyn Whitney #58 using the high side racing wheel to wheel with Richards. These two would race side by side for the first five laps until Whitney would make the high side work taking the lead and the win. Richards would end the night second with Dakota Earls #15E finishing the race third in his first appearance of the 2016 racing season.

Hobby Stock would enter the cage next and go green to white to checkers in a caution free feature. Tobin Bartlett #28 would use a front row starting position leading every lap of the feature claiming his third victory of 2016 at Atchison County Raceway. Aaron Myers #14 would hold off the hard charge of Lane Chew #37 as they would place second and third respectfully. Fourth place would see the lady of the feature Philisa Birkinsha charge thru the pack in her 7SIS moving Rick Thompson #20T to place fifth. Heat race winners were Chris Kiehl 28K and Lonnie Myers #62.

E-Modified would roar to the track and see Kit Bailey #77 pick up his second straight feature win at Atchison County Raceway. Bailey would be challenged every lap of the way by heat race winner Corey Myers #15 who would be forced to settle for second on this night. Joshua Munsen #19X would again show poise and consistency with a solid third place finish holding a fast #23B of Casey Burnett to finish fourth. Matthew Lance #12X, racing among the leaders all night would end the feature fifth. Other heat race winner was Chris Dishong #41 who was involved in a mishap taking him from the feature.

IMCA Stock Car would not see the yellow flag raised during their feature with great side by side racing action. Heat race winner Marvin Griffith Jr. #75M would jump to the early lead holding all challengers at bay in the early stages of the feature event. As the laps dwindled down Jim Powell Jr. #20P would work thru traffic to perfection passing Griffith and claiming the night’s victory. Griffith would end the night second with other heat race winner Brad Whitney #X9 coming from back to front finishing third. Newcomer to Atchison County Raceway Mark Ronnebaum #88 would finish fourth with Chuck Warman #W04 rounding out the night’s top five.

IMCA Modified would see Nicholas Carpenter #33 take the early lead and appear to be the car to beat on this night of racing action. As the race progressed the #77 of Steven Bowers Jr. would work thru traffic and pass Carpenter charging on to victory lane. One time leader Carpenter would place second with Rodney Schweizer #74 finishing a consistent and solid third place. Matt Richards #1R was among the leaders the entire feature slipping to fourth place with Tyson Lanfermann #47X ending the race fifth. Heat race winners were Derrick Brown #63 and Truman Asher #73.
Next to take the 1/5th mile of dirt was the always exciting Sport Compact. Heat race winner John Willard #1/2 CR would start third in the field and work his way to the front never looking back claiming the feature win. Second place on the night would belong to 2015 track champion James Lemke #17 with Toby Teel #7T finishing third. Steven Bunton #1/2B would finish forth holding off other heat race winner Joshua Conrad #08 who would finish fifth bringing the night’s great racing action to an end.

Power wheels would race during intermission with both kids being winners and receiving trophies. Next week’s intermission will see adult foot races around the high bank speedway. So join us at Atchison County Raceway next Friday and remember “Don’t be Afraid of the Cage”!!!

Race Results Atchison County Raceway 6/03/2016:
John Brown Construction Kids Mods:
⦁ 58 Destyn Whitney
⦁ 1R Cade Richards (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 15E Dakota Earls

Hobby Stock:
⦁ 28 Tobin Bartlett
⦁ 14 Aaron Myers
⦁ 37 Lane Chew
⦁ 7SIS Philisa Birkinsha
⦁ 20T Rick Thompson
⦁ 28K Chris Kiehl (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 62 Lonnie Myers (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 18 Wayne Brooke
⦁ 84 Darren McCray
⦁ 4D Alex Boyden
⦁ 11P Dodd Proctor
⦁ 7SI Josiah Birkinsha

⦁ 77 Kit Bailey
⦁ 15 Corey Myers (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 19X Joshua Munsen
⦁ 23B Casey Burnett
⦁ 12X Matthew Lance
⦁ 16G Paul Lanfermann III
⦁ 3D Matt Dorssom
⦁ 07 Matt Schelert
⦁ 32 Chuck Adkins
⦁ 1 Kyle Henning
⦁ 41 Chris Dishong (Heat Race Winner)

IMCA Stockcar:
⦁ 20P Jim Powell Jr.
⦁ 75M Marvin Griffith Jr. (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ X9 Brad Whitney (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 88 Mark Ronnebaum
⦁ W04 Chuck Warman
⦁ 94J Josh Speele
⦁ 4U Rich Boyden
⦁ 6X Greg Keuhn
⦁ 25 Justin Merriman
⦁ 39K Shane Schmidt

IMCA Modified:
⦁ 77 Steven Bowers Jr.
⦁ 33 Nicholas Carpenter
⦁ 74 Rodney Schweizer
⦁ 1R Matt Richards
⦁ 47X Tyson Lanfermann
⦁ 44T Tanner Black
⦁ 22H Clay Hale
⦁ 71 Tony Layne
⦁ 63 Derrick Brown (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 73 Truman Asher (Heat Race Winner)

Sport Compact:
⦁ 1/2 CR John Willard (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 17 James Lemke
⦁ 7T Toby Teel
⦁ 1/2B Steven Bunton
⦁ 08 Josh Conrad (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 9 Christian Pease
⦁ 55 David Miller III
⦁ 8C Cami Bruner
⦁ 18M Brandon Merriman
⦁ 7 Jason Teel
⦁ 06 William Hensley
⦁ 7B Boo Robinson

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