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Muilenburg takes featured B-Mod win; Fennewald, Brown and Turner also prevail at Lucas Oil Speedway

Steve Muilenburg inherited the lead on lap 18 when leaders J.C. Morton and Ryan Gillmore tangled. (Chris Bork photo)

Steve Muilenburg inherited the lead on lap 18 when leaders J.C. Morton and Ryan Gillmore tangled. (Chris Bork photo)

Wheatland, Missouri (July 10, 2016) – Ozarks racing veteran Steve Muilenburg stayed patient as other contenders fell by the wayside and drove to the featured Ozark Golf Cars USRA B-Mod victory Saturday night at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Other features winners as 114 cars checked into the pits on Kids’ Night Presented by KQFX Fox 22 were Johnny Fennewald (ALPS Food Stores ULMA Late Models), Derek Brown (Carson’s Corner NAPA Street Stocks) and Eric Turner (Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds).

Youngsters also took home 55 new bicycles donated by Lucas Oil Speedway drivers, sponsors and staff.

In the B-Mod feature, Sparta’s Muilenburg captured his first feature win of the season by leading the final seven circuits in the 25-lap feature. He earned $500 for the victory as 48 B-Mods were on hand for the action.

Muilenburg, who started seventh, grabbed the lead on lap 18 after leaders J.C. Morton and Ryan Gillmore had two rounds of contact and neither could not continue.

Andy Bryant of Fort Scott, Kan., was second with Dylan Allen of Chanute, Kan., finishing third.

Kris Jackson and Shawn Strong battled door-to-door for the lead until a lap-five caution slowed the field. Both Jackson and Strong headed to the pits with mechanical issues, handing the lead to Andy Bryant.

Morton grabbed the lead on lap six and held it until lap 18 when Gillmore made a pass in turn two as the two cars made contact. Morton and Gillmore collided again before the lap was over, in turns three and four, bringing out the eighth caution of the race as both headed for the pits.

It marked the first time in nine features this season that Morton, the season points leader, has finished outside of the top four.

James Thompson of Springfield went from 21st to eighth. That earned him the Out-Pace Racing Products Featured Class Hard-Charger Award, a $100 product certificate and Out-Pace ball cap.

Fennewald wire-to-wire: Johnny Fennewald of Appleton City made it two wins in three weeks since debuting his ULMA Late Model, beating Jon Binning and Larry Ferris to the checkers.

Fennewald took the lead from his outside front-row starting position, beating Ferris into turn one. He was never seriously threatened in a race that went all green after two early cautions.

“When the track gets like this I just smile because I know I’m going to go forward,” Fennewald said of the dry-slick conditions that he prefers. “This late model deal is a lot of fun. We’ve won two Late Models races and a Modified race the last three times we’ve been here, so maybe it’s turning around.”

It was a rough night for season points leader Aaron Marrant, who wound up 20th after starting at the rear of the field after mechanical issues in his heat race.

The Keyser Manufacturing Hard Charger ULMA Late Model Hard Charger Award went to Chris Cox, who went from 14th to eighth. He picked up a $100 product certificate.

Turner stays hot: Eric Turner of Hermitage made it three USRA Mod wins in the last four races by leading all 20 laps of the night’s closing feature.

Turner thanks the fans and also picked a kid out of the crowd on Kids’ Night for a pair of boots from one of his sponsors, PFI Western Wear and Boot Daddy Boots.

Jon Sheets of Nevada was a distant second and Bolivar’s Jeff Cutshaw, who continues to hold a narrow season points lead over Turner, finished third.

Brown makes it eight: Stoutland’s Derek Brown led all 20 laps, claiming his eighth Street Stocks feature victory of the season.

“That was fun. I like it slick,’ Brown said of the track conditions. “The car was good. I can’t ask for anything better.”

Toby Ott of Wheatland came home second and Darrin Crisler of Clever was third.

The AR Bodies Hard Charger for the Street Stocks went to Steve Beach. He earned a $50 product certificate for going from 12th to fifth.

Diamond Nationals next: Next Saturday is the10th annual CMH Diamond Nationals, featuring the Lucas Oil Dirt Late Model Series. The event, co-sanctioned by the Lucas MLRA, awards $12,000 and a diamond ring, to the feature winner. The USRA Modifieds also are scheduled to run for a $750 winner’s check courtesy of Hermitage Lumber.

The last time the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series appeared at Lucas Oil Speedway, at the Show-Me 100 on May 28, produced one of the most-memorable races in recent years. Jimmy Owens prevailed in a dramatic finish over Scott Bloomquist and local standout Jesse Stovall.

To purchase tickets or to inquire about the availability of suites for upcoming races, contact admissions director Nichole McMillan at (417) 282-5984 or via email at

A-Feature: 1. Steve Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 2. Andy Bryant (Fort Scott, KS), 3. Dylan Allen (Chanute, KS), 4. Jake Richards (Lansing, KS), 5. Kanyan Methvin (Yellville, Ar), 6. Rusty Rickard (Shell Knob, Mo), 7. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 8. James Thompson (Springfield, Mo), 9. Tyler Lewis (Columbia , MO), 10. Robb Ewing (Stockton, MO), 11. Chase Galvan (Bonner Springs, Ks), 12. Dalton McKenney (Clarksville, MO), 13. Jared Whitney (Brookline, MO), 14. Kaeden Cornell (Willard, MO), 15. Joshua Barnes (Maysville, MO), 16. Robert Heydenreich (Bolivar, MO), 17. Milt David (Carriger, Ok), 18. Mike Mansker ( Republic, MO), 19. Alexys Vanzandt (Billings, MO), 20. Shawn Strong (Billings, MO), 21. Kris Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 22. Scotty Bough (Nevada, MO), 23. JC Morton (Springfield, MO), 24. Ryan Gillmore (Springfield, MO).
B-Feature 1: 1. Kanyan Methvin (Yellville, Ar), 2. Milt David (Carriger, Ok), 3. James Thompson (Springfield, Mo), 4. Robb Ewing (Stockton, MO), 5. Donald Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 6. Jim Cihy (Warsaw, MO), 7. Rex Harris (Urbana, MO), 8. Casey Thomas (Camdenton, MO), 9. Nate Thomas (N/A, MO), 10. Luke Phillips (Chanute, KS), 11. Don Randall (Washington, MO), 12. Logan Harms (Nevada, MO), 13. John Lodwick (Brighton, Mo), 14. Derrick Mahoney (Liberty, Mo), 15. Quentin Taylor (Flemington, Mo), 16. Michael Page (Joplin, Mo).
B-Feature 2: 1. Alexys Vanzandt (Billings, MO), 2. Robert Heydenreich (Bolivar, MO), 3. Scotty Bough (Nevada, MO), 4. Jared Whitney (Brookline, MO), 5. Dean Galvan (Bonner Springs, Ks), 6. Brian Myers (Lebanon, MO), 7. Scott Campbell (Willard, Mo), 8. Bill Schaar (St. Robert, Mo), 9. Andy Chrisenberry (Chilhowee, MO), 10. Jason Otto (Richland, MO), 11. Kevin Barnes (Cameron, MO), 12. Cody Jolly (Jasper, MO), 13. Tanner Calhoun (Hermitage, MO), 14. Doug Scism (Nevada, MO), 15. Josh Maxwell (Brookfield, Mo).
Heat 1: 1. Steve Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 2. JC Morton (Springfield, MO), 3. Dylan Allen (Chanute, KS), 4. Chase Galvan (Bonner Springs, Ks), 5. Jason Otto (Richland, MO), 6. James Thompson (Springfield, Mo), 7. Kanyan Methvin (Yellville, Ar), 8. Jacob Faibian (Nevada, Mo.), 9. Rex Harris (Urbana, MO), 10. Andy Chrisenberry (Chilhowee, MO).
Heat 2: 1. Kris Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 2. Ryan Gillmore (Springfield, MO), 3. Joshua Barnes (Maysville, MO), 4. Robb Ewing (Stockton, MO), 5. Milt David (Carriger, Ok), 6. Cody Jolly (Jasper, MO), 7. Bill Schaar (St. Robert, Mo), 8. Logan Harms (Nevada, MO), 9. Doug Scism (Nevada, MO), 10. Derrick Mahoney (Liberty, Mo).
Heat 3: 1. Kaeden Cornell (Willard, MO), 2. Mike Mansker ( Republic, MO), 3. Rusty Rickard (Shell Knob, Mo), 4. Scott Campbell (Willard, Mo), 5. Don Randall (Washington, MO), 6. Kevin Barnes (Cameron, MO), 7. Nate Thomas (N/A, MO), 8. Josh Maxwell (Brookfield, Mo), 9. Quentin Taylor (Flemington, Mo), 10. Scotty Bough (Nevada, MO).
Heat 4: 1. Shawn Strong (Billings, MO), 2. Jake Richards (Lansing, KS), 3. Tyler Lewis (Columbia , MO), 4. Donald Jackson (Lebanon, MO), 5. Jared Whitney (Brookline, MO), 6. Michael Page (Joplin, Mo), 7. Brian Myers (Lebanon, MO), 8. Casey Thomas (Camdenton, MO), 9. Tanner Calhoun (Hermitage, MO).
Heat 5: 1. Andy Bryant (Fort Scott, KS), 2. Dalton McKenney (Clarksville, MO), 3. Jim Cihy (Warsaw, MO), 4. Tyler Brown (Richland, MO), 5. Alexys Vanzandt (Billings, MO), 6. Dean Galvan (Bonner Springs, Ks), 7. Luke Phillips (Chanute, KS), 8. Robert Heydenreich (Bolivar, MO), 9. John Lodwick (Brighton, Mo).

A-Feature: 1. Derek Brown (Stoutland, MO), 2. Toby Ott (Wheatland, MO), 3. Darrin Crisler (Clever, MO), 4. Kenny Carroll (Camdenton, MO), 5. Steve Beach (Eldon, MO), 6. Marc Carter (Warrensburg, MO), 7. Ted Welschmeyer (Tebbetts, MO), 8. Craig Danuser (Montreal, MO), 9. Jay Flinn (Lebanon, MO), 10. Bradley Gideon (Ozark, MO), 11. Dale Berry (Tuscumbia, MO), 12. Chad Coleman (Mound City, KS), 13. Johnny Coats (Joplin, MO).
Heat 1: 1. Ted Welschmeyer (Tebbetts, MO), 2. Kenny Carroll (Camdenton, MO), 3. Johnny Coats (Joplin, MO), 4. Chad Coleman (Mound City, KS), 5. Craig Danuser (Montreal, MO), 6. Jay Flinn (Lebanon, MO), 7. Bradley Gideon (Ozark, MO).
Heat 2: 1. Derek Brown (Stoutland, MO), 2. Darrin Crisler (Clever, MO), 3. Toby Ott (Wheatland, MO), 4. Dale Berry (Tuscumbia, MO), 5. Marc Carter (Warrensburg, MO), 6. Steve Beach (Eldon, MO).

A-Feature: 1. Johnny Fennewald (Appleton City, MO), 2. Jon Binning (Warrensburg, MO), 3. Larry Ferris (Nevada, MO), 4. Ethan Young (Pleasant Hill, MO), 5. Chris Smyser (Lancaster, MO), 6. Shane Essary (Aurora, MO), 7. Tommy Cordray (Browning, MO), 8. Chris Cox (Jefferson City, MO), 9. Robert James Penney (Lawson, MO), 10. Justin Russell (Henley, MO), 11. Dustin Hodges (Centralia, Mo), 12. Cody Holtkcamp (Holts Summit, MO), 13. Aaron Poe (Warrensburg, MO), 14. Jason Sivils (Bolivar, MO), 15. Chad Richwine (Pleasant Hill, Mo), 16. Lane Ehlert (Foristell, MO), 17. Ashlee Lancaster (Sturgeon, Mo), 18. Bob Cummings (Sedalia, MO), 19. Cody Peck (Wheatland, MO), 20. Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO), 21. Wesley Briggs (Olathe, KS), 22. David Melloway (Columbia, Mo), 23. John Ketterer (Marthasville, MO).
Heat 1: 1. Larry Ferris (Nevada, MO), 2. Cody Holtkcamp (Holts Summit, MO), 3. Aaron Poe (Warrensburg, MO), 4. Ethan Young (Pleasant Hill, MO), 5. Chad Richwine (Pleasant Hill, Mo), 6. Jason Sivils (Bolivar, MO), 7. Bob Cummings (Sedalia, MO), 8. Cody Peck (Wheatland, MO).
Heat 2: 1. Johnny Fennewald (Appleton City, MO), 2. Chris Smyser (Lancaster, MO), 3. Shane Essary (Aurora, MO), 4. Tommy Cordray (Browning, MO), 5. Justin Russell (Henley, MO), 6. Dustin Hodges (Centralia, Mo), 7. Wesley Briggs (Olathe, KS), 8. Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO).
Heat 3: 1. David Melloway (Columbia, Mo), 2. Jon Binning (Warrensburg, MO), 3. Lane Ehlert (Foristell, MO), 4. Robert James Penney (Lawson, MO), 5. Chris Cox (Jefferson City, MO), 6. Ashlee Lancaster (Sturgeon, Mo), 7. John Ketterer (Marthasville, MO).

A-Feature: 1. Eric Turner (Hermitage, MO), 2. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 3. Jeff Cutshaw (Bolivar, MO), 4. Steve Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 5. Mitch Keeter (Webb City, Mo), 6. Robert Reed (Mexico, MO), 7. Mike Striegel (Wheatland, MO), 8. Paden Phillips (Chanute, KS), 9. Ryan Middaugh (Fulton, Mo), 10. Jason Pursley (Hermitage, MO), 11. Mickey Burrell (Fair Grove, MO), 12. Daniel Wosoba (El Dorado Springs, MO), 13. Rex Merritt (Billings, MO), 14. Chase Domer (Nevada, MO), 15. Chase Sigg (Iola, Ks), 16. Lucas Dobbs (El Dorado Springs, MO), 17. Clay Hale (Cameron, Mo), 18. Dylan Hoover (Vandalia, MO), 19. Justin Moon (Sedalia, MO), 20. Donnie Fellers (Wheatland, MO), 21. Tracy Wolf (Buffalo, MO), 22. Tim Setzer (Archie, MO), 23. Trevor Dake (Springfield, Mo), 24. Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO).
B-Feature: 1. Chase Domer (Nevada, MO), 2. Trevor Dake (Springfield, Mo), 3. Lucas Dobbs (El Dorado Springs, MO), 4. Justin Moon (Sedalia, MO), 5. Clay Hale (Cameron, Mo), 6. Rex Merritt (Billings, MO), 7. Tracy Wolf (Buffalo, MO), 8. Chase Sigg (Iola, Ks), 9. Blonde Bomber Mitchell (Pea Ridge, Ar), 10. David Ralph (Raymore, MO), 11. Tony Fincher (Lebanon, MO), 12. Juston Mitchell (Joplin, Mo), 13. John Rathgeber (Fulton, Mo), 14. Jack Simpson (Fordland, Mo).
Heat 1: 1. Eric Turner (Hermitage, MO), 2. Mitch Keeter (Webb City, Mo), 3. Robert Reed (Mexico, MO), 4. Steve Muilenburg (Sparta, MO), 5. Trevor Dake (Springfield, Mo), 6. Chase Domer (Nevada, MO), 7. Blonde Bomber Mitchell (Pea Ridge, Ar), 8. Juston Mitchell (Joplin, Mo).
Heat 2: 1. Mickey Burrell (Fair Grove, MO), 2. Jeff Cutshaw (Bolivar, MO), 3. Aaron Marrant (Richmond, MO), 4. Ryan Middaugh (Fulton, Mo), 5. Lucas Dobbs (El Dorado Springs, MO), 6. Clay Hale (Cameron, Mo), 7. Rex Merritt (Billings, MO), 8. David Ralph (Raymore, MO).
Heat 3: 1. Paden Phillips (Chanute, KS), 2. Jon Sheets (Nevada, MO), 3. Daniel Wosoba (El Dorado Springs, MO), 4. Donnie Fellers (Wheatland, MO), 5. Tony Fincher (Lebanon, MO), 6. John Rathgeber (Fulton, Mo), 7. Jack Simpson (Fordland, Mo).
Heat 4: 1. Jason Pursley (Hermitage, MO), 2. Mike Striegel (Wheatland, MO), 3. Tim Setzer (Archie, MO), 4. Dylan Hoover (Vandalia, MO), 5. Tracy Wolf (Buffalo, MO), 6. Justin Moon (Sedalia, MO), 7. Chase Sigg (Iola, Ks).

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Lucas Oil Speedway is located at Highways 83 and 54 in Wheatland, Missouri. A campground with shower and bathroom facilities is also available. With it’s entrance located just outside the pit gate this sprawling scenic camping facility will continue to enhance the racing experience at the Diamond of Dirt Tracks.

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