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Boyles Best At I-35 Speedway

WARlogo13Winston, MO (July 30, 2016)-Moving forward from his thirteenth-starting position, Clinton Boyles picked up his third Boss Chassis WAR Series victory on Saturday night at I-35 Speedway.

Korey Weyant set the pace early as he was chased by Kenny Potter, Terry Babb, Ryan Kitchen, and Justin Grant.

With Weyant and Potter running the low line, Babb was making the high side work as he moved into third. Grant, meanwhile was running both low and high and was able to move past Babb and into third on lap five. A lap later, he was past Potter and on lap seven he moved into the lead as he got past Weyant.

The high line was fast, but also treacherous as Grant got too high and slid backwards to a stop in turn four on lap nine. At the same time, Babb, who had moved into second, also slid to a stop over the bank in between turns three and four. Both drivers would restart at the tail.
Weyant would restart in the lead with Potter again running second. By this point, Boyles had moved up to the third spot with TJ Muths and Ryan Kitchen right behind.

Over the next few laps, Weyant would continue to lead with Potter and Boyles having a good battle for the second spot with Boyles taking the spot. Grant, meanwhile, had moved back into fifth and was quickly closing in on the leaders.
On lap fifteen, the high side would prove his undoing as he would slide backwards nearly into the turn four wall once again. At the same time, Pete Palazzolo, who was running in the top ten, came to a stop in turn four ending his evening.

Weyant would lead until lap eighteen when Boyles got a great run off of the top of three and four and then moved to the bottom shutting the door on Weyant as the pair went past at the flagstand.

The action would be halted one final time as Grant, who had moved back to fifth, got over the bank and nearly into the wall once again in turn four ending his evening.

Boyles would extend his lead over the last few laps picking up his third Boss Chassis WAR Series win of 2016 in the Jesse Hockett Racing/Lucas Oil/Rod End Supply Maxim with RMS power. Weyant was second in his Ealey Transportation/Moore Automotive/Mahan’s Fiberglass Eagle powered by an Automotive Machine motor. Kitchen moved back to third in his Kitchen Racing Maxim with a Kitchen 360 under the hood. Muths was fourth in the Quality Body Shop/Scott Racing Engines Maxim with Potter completing the top five in his Dayco Painting XXX with Wesmar power.
Warren Johnson was sixth in his Watowa-Weber Racing 305 with Mitchell Moore, Chris Parkinson, Katlynn Leer, and Travis White rounding out the top ten.

The Boss Chassis WAR Series will be in action again on Saturday August 6 at the Randolph County Raceway in Moberly, MO as they tackle the high-speed, high-banked track for the first time in 2016.

Boss Chassis WAR Series results
I-35 Speedway

Hinchman Racewear First Heat- 8 laps
1. 12-Mitch Wissmiller, Saybrook, IL (1); 2. 55-Kenny Potter (4); 3. 21-Ryan Kitchen, Lincoln, NE (6); 4. 65M-TJ Muths, Sedalia, MO (2); 5. 77-Clinton Boyles, Greenwood, MO (5); 6. 51-Mitchell Moore, Edgerton, KS (3)
Wilwood Disc Brakes Second Heat- 8 laps
1. 8D-Terry Babb, Decatur, IL (2); 2. 75K-Justin Grant, Avon, IN (4); 3. 65-Chris Parkinson, Gladstone, MO (1); 4. 8K-Katlynn Leer, Moulton, IA (6); 5. 71-Robert Bell, Colfax, IA (5); 6. 75-Glen Saville, Razorback, NSW (3)
Bell Helmets Third Heat- 8 laps
1. 99-Korey Weyant, Springfield, IL (3); 2. 75W-Travis White, Perth, W.A. (1); 3. 70-Pete Palazzolo, Pacific, MO (4); 4. 42-Warren Johnson, Overland Park, KS (2); 5. 7JR-JD Black, Grain Valley, MO (5)
A-Main- 25 laps-
1. 77-Clinton Boyles (13); 2. 99-Korey Weyant (1); 3. 21-Ryan Kitchen (5); 4. 65M-TJ Muths (11); 5. 55-Kenny Potter (3); 6. 42-Warren Johnson (12); 7. 51-Mitchell Moore (16); 8. 65-Chris Parkinson (10); 9. 8K-Katlynn Leer (9); 10. 75W-Travis White (7); 11. 75K-Justin Grant (4); 12. 75-Glen Saville (17); 13. 8D-Terry Babb (2); 14. 70-Pete Palazzolo (8); 15. 12-Mitch Wissmiller (6); 16. Robert Bell (14); 17. 7JR-JD Black (15)

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