Sunday, February 25, 2018

Wille, Bartlett and Willard Find Victory Lane at Atchison County Raceway!!!

Dean Willie Smackdown Winner. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Dean Willie Smackdown Winner. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Heat race winner Dean Wille #68M would take the early lead in the Stock Car Smackdown main event. Wille would stretch out a sizeable lead until brake issues would allow other heat race winner Jerry Schmidt #11X to challenge for the lead. As the battle raged between these two gladiators Wille would emerge and stand tall in victory lane. Schmidt would race his way to a very solid and impressive second place finish. Third place would belong to B-Feature winner Jim Powell Jr. #20P as he was the big mover of the feature event. Chad Walker #04 and Brad Derry #37D would trade fourth and fifth numerous times in the closing laps with Walker fourth and Derry ending the night fifth. Other heat race winners were Paul Lanfermann II #16 and Chris Kircher who would develop mechanical issues taking him from contention.

Hobby Stock would prove to be exciting and competitive with a five way battle for the front. Kyle Roland #5 would take the early lead only to see Tobin Bartlett #28 move back to the front on lap #1. As the racing action ensued more contenders would move to the battle for the front. Aaron Myers #14 would take his turn battling Bartlett for the lead slipping high on the track allowing Roland and Josiah Birkinsha #7SI to slip by. With all the action for second to fifth, Bartlett was able to maintain the lead. As the laps wound down, Josiah Birkinsha would try both high and low but was unable to find a way around Bartlett. Bartlett would pick up the Smackdown win for the second year in a row. Birkinsha would finish a very close second as Carson Masoner #20X would roar into third. Roland would fade slightly to place fourth with Aaron Myers rounding out the night’s top five. Heat race winners were Tobin Bartlett and the #4D of Alex Boyden.

Sport Compact would see John Willard #1/2 CR win both his heat race and feature event on this night of racing action. Young sensation DJ Barnes #5DJ would impress the crowd in attendance as he would take the checkers in second place. Steven Bunton #1/2B would claim the third position with James Wagner #46J fourth and Toby Teel #7T fifth. Hard charger money was added and the winner of the extra cash was James Wagner #46J. Other heat race winner was Jason Teel #7 who would suffer a flat tire taking him from contention.

Atchison County Raceway would like to thank all of our great fans for coming out on a beautiful Sunday evening for great dirt track racing. See everyone Friday night and remember, “Don’t be Afraid of the Cage”!!!

Stock Car Smackdown Results – Atchison County Raceway 8/07/2016:
Stock Car:
1. 68M Dean Wille (Heat Race Winner)
2. 11X Jerry Schmidt (Heat Race Winner)
3. 20P Jim Powell Jr.
4. 04 Chad Walker
5. 37D Brad Derry
6. 65Z Brian Ziegler
7. 55T Mich Ross
8. 7X Bobby Brown
9. 33J Jeremy Curless
10. 33Mark Ronnebaum
11. 16 Paul Lanfermann II (Heat Race Winner)
12. 5K Steve Herrick
13. 20X Jon Boller Jr.
14. 22A Alvie Christofferson
15. 24K Daniel King
16. 27X John Brooks
17. 00 Nick Whalen
18. W04 Chuck Warman
19. 25 Justin Merriman
20. 28K Chris Kircher (Heat Race Winner)

Hobby Stock:
1. 28 Tobin Bartlett (Heat Race Winner)
2. 7SI Josiah Birkinsha
3. 20X Carson Masoner
4. 5 Kyle Roland
5. 14 Aaron Myers
6. 37 Lane Chew
7. 62 Lonnie Myers
8. 4D Alex Boyden (Heat Race Winner)
9. 18 Wayne Brooke
10. 47X Conner Masoner
11. 7SISX Nicholas Carpenter
12. 147X Randy Smith Jr.
13. 11P Dodd Proctor
14. 12X Rodney Schweizer
15. 85 Brian Dougan Jr.
16. B5 George Bruning
Sport Compact:
1. 1/2 CR John Willard (Heat Race Winner)
2. 5DJ DJ Barnes
3. 1/2B Steven Bunton
4. 46J James Wagner
5. 7T Toby Teel
6. 18M Brandon Merriman
7. 24L Leroy Wagner
8. 55 David Miller III
9. 7 Jason Teel (Heat Race Winner)

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