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Charles, Herrick, Murphy & Lierz Get Wins On Championship Night at Heartland Park

Brian Murphy puts his hot rod in victory lane. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Brian Murphy puts his hot rod in victory lane. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Topeka, KS – An air of optimism could be felt leading up to the Big Time Bail Bonds Sunday Showdown last Sunday night at Heartland Park Topeka.

Several inches of rain fell and it was up in the air if the race was even going to get in or not. Thankfully, Ronny & Donny Reed worked their magic on speedway and it was ready to go. A smooth, dryslick, racetrack had even the most savvy veterans scratching their heads on what to do.

Sunday night also signified the final race night of the season. The Big Time Bail Bonds Championship Night would see champions crowned in 4 divisions.

One of closest battles on the night occurred in the Jersey Mike’s Subs IMCA N. Sport Mod division. Curtis Dreasher entered the night 3 points ahead of the young gun, Austin Charles.

An early red flag situation caused a slow down of the feature, but it would get back underway.

Once the green flag waved on the speedway, Brian Murphy put the hammer down on the competition. Murphy would battle with Billy Davidson to the finish. Murphy was on his A game all night long as he hit his marks and drove to his 1st feature win at Heartland Park Topeka in 2016.

While the feature winner, Murphy, was celebrating Dreasher and Charles were wondering how the points turned out. Charles would finish 3 spots ahead of Dreasher, forcing a tie. The tie-breaker for the title came down to wins. Dreasher had 2 wins on the season and Charles had 1. That stat would give Curtis Dreasher the 2016 Heartland Park Topeka IMCA N. Sport Mod Track Champion.

Brian Davidson would finish in the 2nd spot, Charles finished in the 3rd spot, 4th would go to Dustin Thulin and Jaylen Wettengel would round out the top 5.

Tom Charles sprints to the finish. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Tom Charles sprints to the finish. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Another tight points battle at Heartland Park Topeka on Saturday night involved another Charles! Tom Charles came into Sunday night’s race trailing Steven Bowers Jr. in the BillsBuilt Race Cars IMCA Modified points.

Charles did just what he had to do to secure the title, he went out and won.

Mike Eisenhut grabbed the early lead. In taking the lead he would have to fend off challenges from Charles and Bowers all night long. Eisenhut looked as if he would get his 1st win of the season at HPT. Unfortunately for Eisenhut, his fortune was about to change.

As Eisenhut battled with Charles side by side the two would make contact and Eisenhut’s night would end early as he developed a left front flat tire.

Charles would take the lead and blast off to his 1st win of the 2016 season. The big question after that was where did Bowers finish?

Bowers would finish in the runner-up spot, losing only a single point to Charles. In the end Steven Bowers Jr. would become the 2016 Heartland Park Topeka IMCA Modified Track Champion.

Derrick Brown would hold on for the 3rd place finish, 4th would go to Anthony Tanner and Tracey Schaefer rounded out the top 5.

For the 2nd time this season, Chris Lierz goes to victory lane. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

For the 2nd time this season, Chris Lierz goes to victory lane. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Chris Lierz has only competed in a handful of events this season at Heartland Park Topeka. He might want to think about adding this track on his schedule full time next season. Why you ask?

Last Sunday night Lierz wired the competition from flag to flag on his way to win #2 on the season!

Lierz got to the front on the opening lap and he didn’t look back as he sprinted to the win. Lierz joined one other driver, Cody Williams, as the only other driver to win multiple features in the Jersey Mike’s Subs IMCA Hobby Stocks.

While Lierz was scooting to the win several eyes were on the point leader Dalton Ronnebaum. Ronnebaum looked as if he was points racing on Sunday night. He stayed out of trouble and kept his car moving forward before the feature came to a close. In the end Ronnebaum would finish 10th in the feature, but it would be enough for him to earn the title 2016 Heartland Park Topeka IMCA Hobby Stock Track Champion.

Levi Henery had one of his best races of the year finishing 2nd, 3rd went to Tyler Hinrichs, who charged to the front after starting 13th, Ricky Tanner logged another top 5 finish coming home in 4th and it was Tyler Garst finishing 5th.

Win #2 for Steve Herrick. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Win #2 for Steve Herrick. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The points battle in the Cars 4 Less IMCA Stock Car division didn’t carry the same drama as each of the other classes. Brandon Conkwright came into the night with an insurmountable lead. Conkwright would officially get the title of 2016 Heartland Park Topeka IMCA Stock Car Track Champion!

On the track it looked like Matt Haid was going to roll to a win during his first night back to Heartland Park Topeka’s Dirt Track. Haid would suffer a bad break as he spun, while leading, heading out of turn 1.

That would put Steve Herrick and the Weyer Bros., Eric & Leif, battling it out for the top spot.

Herrick a former champ at Heartland Park Topeka would get the best of the battle and go on to win the feature.

Leif Weyer finished a tight 2nd holding off his brother, Eric, who finished 3rd, 4th on he night would go to a ‘Hard Charging’ Colton Miller, who started the feature in 15th, and the ‘champ’ Brandon Conkwright would finish in the 5th spot.

The 2016 season concludes next Saturday night, Sept. 3, 2016 at Heartland Park Topeka’s Dirt Track with the Big Time Bail Bonds Capital City Clash!
Big Money will be up for grabs in all classes! Don’t miss this one.

Cars 4 Less IMCA Stock Car
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 5K-Steve Herrick[5]; 2. 15X-Leif Weyer[2]; 3. C15-Eric Weyer[6]; 4. 74C-Colton Miller[15]; 5. 24C-Brandon Conkwright[8]; 6. 99-Brian Labonte[12]; 7. 11-Christine Holt[4]; 8. 29-Greg Deters[11]; 9. 22-Matt Haid[9]; 10. 15-Terry Blessing[3]; 11. 35-Anthony Deters[13]; 12. 12S-Dustin Sievers[14]; 13. 39K-Shane Schmidt[1]; 14. 25-Justin Merriman[10]; (DNS) 621-Josh Everhart

Heat 1 6 laps
1. 621-Josh Everhart[3]; 2. 11-Christine Holt[2]; 3. 25-Justin Merriman[4]; 4. 39K-Shane Schmidt[1]; 5. 74C-Colton Miller[5]
Heat 2 6 laps
1. 5K-Steve Herrick[2]; 2. 15X-Leif Weyer[1]; 3. 24C-Brandon Conkwright[3]; 4. 99-Brian Labonte[5]; 5. 35-Anthony Deters[4]
Heat 3 6 laps
1. 22-Matt Haid[3]; 2. 15-Terry Blessing[1]; 3. C15-Eric Weyer[2]; 4. 29-Greg Deters[4]; 5. 12S-Dustin Sievers[5]

Jersey Mike’s Subs IMCA Hobby Stock
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 79C-Chris Lierz[1]; 2. 97L-Levi Henery[3]; 3. 25-Tyler Hinrichs[13]; 4. 14-Ricky Tanner[2]; 5. 53T-Tyler Garst[6]; 6. 4D-Alex Boyden[5]; 7. 3J-Larry Bouton[11]; 8. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[7]; 9. 17-Randy Kohn[8]; 10. 7R-Dalton Ronnebaum[10]; 11. 90-Scott Garcia[4]; 12. 11P-Dodd Proctor[14]; 13. 59-Byron Glotzbach[9]; (DNS) 23C-Cody Satterwhite

Heat 1 6 laps
1. 79C-Chris Lierz[1]; 2. 90-Scott Garcia[2]; 3. 59-Byron Glotzbach[4]; 4. (DNF) 25-Tyler Hinrichs[3]; (DNS) 23C-Cody Satterwhite
Heat 2 6 laps
1. 14-Ricky Tanner[1]; 2. 4D-Alex Boyden[2]; 3. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[3]; 4. 7R-Dalton Ronnebaum[4]; 5. 11P-Dodd Proctor[5]
Heat 3 6 laps
1. 3J-Larry Bouton[4]; 2. 97L-Levi Henery[1]; 3. 53T-Tyler Garst[2]; 4. 17-Randy Kohn[3]

Billsbuilt Race Cars IMCA Modified
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 81-Tom Charles[4]; 2. 77-Steven Bowers, Jr.[5]; 3. 63-Derrick Brown[6]; 4. 7-Anthony Tanner[1]; 5. X1-Tracey Schaefer[7]; 6. 412-Lance Brooks[9]; 7. (DNF) 2-Mike Eisenhut[2]; 8. (DNF) 7D-Danny Holt[3]; (DNS) 87-Darron Fuqua

Heat 1 8 laps
1. 77-Steven Bowers, Jr.[4]; 2. 2-Mike Eisenhut[2]; 3. 7D-Danny Holt[3]; 4. (DNF) 87-Darron Fuqua[5]; 5. (DNF) 412-Lance Brooks[1]
Heat 2 8 laps
1. 63-Derrick Brown[4]; 2. 81-Tom Charles[3]; 3. 7-Anthony Tanner[1]; 4. (DNF) X1-Tracey Schaefer[2]

Jersey Mike’s Subs IMCA Northern Sport Mod
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 1M-Brian Murphy[6]; 2. B55-Brian Davidson[7]; 3. 81-Austin Charles[9]; 4. 45-Dustin Thulin[17]; 5. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[4]; 6. C4-Curtis Dreasher[10]; 7. 1-Derek Huffman[20]; 8. 18-Jaccob Davis[12]; 9. 77B-Bryan Bowers[3]; 10. 50-Gary Holthaus[5]; 11. 42-Bret Degand[15]; 12. 38T-Bryce Frakes[19]; 13. 34F-Tony Filbert[1]; 14. 68R-Donny Guilbault[2]; 15. 21K-Dan Charles[8]; 16. 23C-Billy Carreno[16]; 17. R42-Shawn Ray[18]; 18. 22-Doc Blodgett[13]; 19. 15X-Seth Schroer[11]; 20. 03-Lance Dixon[14]

Heat 1 6 laps
1. C4-Curtis Dreasher[5]; 2. 77B-Bryan Bowers[2]; 3. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[3]; 4. (DNF) 22-Doc Blodgett[1]; 5. (DNF) 45-Dustin Thulin[4]
Heat 2 6 laps
1. 50-Gary Holthaus[3]; 2. 15X-Seth Schroer[5]; 3. B55-Brian Davidson[4]; 4. 03-Lance Dixon[2]; 5. R42-Shawn Ray[1]
Heat 3 6 laps
1. 21K-Dan Charles[4]; 2. 1M-Brian Murphy[3]; 3. 34F-Tony Filbert[1]; 4. 42-Bret Degand[2]; 5. 38T-Bryce Frakes[5]
Heat 4 6 laps
1. 81-Austin Charles[4]; 2. 68R-Donny Guilbault[1]; 3. 18-Jaccob Davis[5]; 4. (DNF) 23C-Billy Carreno[2]; 5. (DNF) 1-Derek Huffman[3]

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