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Powell, Fuqua, Charles & Bouton Shine at the Capital City Clash

Jim Powell Jr. races to a $1220.00  win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Jim Powell Jr. races to a $1220.00 win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Topeka, KS – The staff at Heartland Park Topeka’s Dirt Track couldn’t have asked for a better night to host the Big Time Bail Bonds Capital City Clash.

Cool temperatures greeted the fans and racers in attendance. Cooler temperatures also provided a tacky race surface that provided for some fast racing.

The night got off to a slow start as the race track took some time to come in. When the features rolled around the surface was perfect.

The Cars 4 Less IMCA Stock Car Shootout was the premier attraction on the night.

A 24 car field rolled out for the A Main. It would take a couple of tries to get the feature underway as a yellow and red flag situation would slow the progress.

Once the race got underway it was Colton Miller getting to the front of the pack. Miller would hold on to the top spot as several drivers behind him were battling for the chance to challenge him at the front.

Miller would go the first 9 laps as the leader (which earned him a $180 bonus at the end of the night). On lap number 10 a new leader would emerge as Jim Powell Jr. went by Miller for the top spot.

Powell would build up a strong lead during the 2nd half of the feature. Josh Everhart, Brian Labonte, Miller and Tim Pruett were trying to run him down. Powell would lead lap after lap with no challenge from the competition. A late race yellow bunched up the field and that allowed Everhart to put in his bid for the top spot on the final 2 laps.

Everhart would make it close but Powell was too strong on the night as he took the big money win.

Powell would pick up $1,000 for the win along with an extra $220 from lap money, giving him $1,220 for a grand total.

Everhart scored the runner-up spot but in Post Race Tech he was disqualified for an illegal carburetor. That would move Brian Labonte up to the 2nd spot, Miller would hang on for 3rd, the ‘Hard Charger’ on the night was Tim Pruett and rounding out the top 5 was Eric Weyer.

Darron Fuqua pocketed $1000 for his work Sat. night. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Darron Fuqua pocketed $1000 for his work Sat. night. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

What a difference a week makes in the racing world.

Darron Fuqua spent most of the week working on a race car that he smashed up at HPT less than a week ago. He made the repairs and showed up to compete in the Big Time Bail Bonds IMCA Modified Battle Royal.

A whopping $1,000 was on the line for the feature winner in this race.

Randy Wilson would win the battle for the top spot. Fuqua quickly closed on the leader along with Tom Charles. Fuqua would get by Wilson only to see a yellow flag come out, moving him back behind Wilson on the restart.

The field would stay tight. Wilson stayed at the front of the field and was putting in a strong bid for his first win at HPT this season. Unfortunately Wilson’s hot rod had other thoughts. While leading the race going into turn 2, something would go wrong with Wilson’s car taking him out of the race.

Fuqua, meanwhile, took over the top spot but he suffered some damage when Wilson’s car broke on the track. Would Fuqua’s Modified hold together over the final portion of the feature?

Fuqua would answer that question by crossing the finish line first. His win would vindicate him after last week’s performance and it gave him a $1,000 to put in his pocket.

Charles roared to a 2nd place finish, Derrick Brown rebounded from an early yellow coming all the way back to a 3rd place finish, 4th went to Tyler Frye and rounding out the top 5, coming all the way from Texas, was Chad Melton.

Dan Charles won a tight Sport Mod Feature. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Dan Charles won a tight Sport Mod Feature. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The Jersey Mike’s Subs IMCA Northern Sport Mod Showdown took on a lot of drama.

Dan Charles got out to the lead during the feature. Charles, who has won at HPT before this season, looked comfortable sitting at the top spot.

Dustin Thulin and Austin Charles, also feature winners this season too, were hot on the heels of Dan Charles.

A couple of yellow flags would disrupt the flow of this feature, but it wouldn’t stop the battle for the top spot. Thulin would make a strong move in the middle of track to take the lead from Dan Charles. Austin would also try to get by his father Dan but he wouldn’t get it done.

The last lap created the drama on the night. Thulin’s advantage over Dan Charles would tighten up on the final lap. Heading into the final turn Thulin, in the lead, went a higher in turn 4 and it would open up a lane for Dan Charles to battle for the lead.

Dan Charles would bury his car into the low side of turn 4. Staying in the throttle Dan Charles would wash up next to Thulin. The two cars made contact as they exited turn 4. A side by side sprint to the finish would see Dan Charles get the win by a slim margin.

Thulin finished in the runner-up spot, Austin Charles rode to a 3rd place finish, 4th would go to Jacob Davis and track champion, Curtis Dreasher, rounded out the top 5.

It was another win on the year for Larry Bouton Jr. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

It was another win on the year for Larry Bouton Jr. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Less than 2 months ago Larry Bouton Jr. purchased a new Hobby Stock Car. It has been one of the best purchases that he ever made.

Bouton would start on the pole position for the Jersey Mike’s Subs IMCA Hobby Stock Fast 15 Feature.

The green flag waved and Bouton jumped to the front and began to run away from the field. On the tacky surface Bouton found his line and hit his marks all night long.

Behind Bouton, Tyler Hinrichs was also having a good race. Hinrichs started in the 6th spot for feature, but he seemed to find some life in the last few laps. He would start to erase the lead Bouton had built all race long.

Bouton began to hit lapped traffic and Hinrichs kept charging to the front of the field. Hinrichs would make his best move on the white flag lap. Bouton would hold a strong line and Hinrichs pulled up to his quarter panel coming out of turn 4 as Bouton went up the track.

The two drivers would drag race to the finish and Bouton would score the win by 1/2 a car length. Hinrichs effort would come up just short. Bouton’s win was worth $400.

Hinrichs would finish a close 2nd, Mike Traskowsky raced his way to 3rd after starting 9th, 4th went to Nicholas Ronnebaum and the 5th spot went to last week’s feature winner, Chris Lierz.

The Big Time Bail Bonds Capital City Clash would signify the end of the 2016 season. The Heartland Park Topeka staff would like to thank all the racers, sponsors, fans and employees for a great year. Next year is set to be exciting.

Cars 4 Less IMCA Stock Car
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 20P-Jim Powell Jr[7]; 2. 99-Brian Labonte[2]; 3. 74C-Colton Miller[1]; 4. 46-Tim Pruett[19]; 5. C15-Eric Weyer[3]; 6. 91-Brad Labonte[18]; 7. 22-Matt Haid[11]; 8. 38C-Steven Corning[22]; 9. 75M-Marvin Griffith Jr[23]; 10. 15-Terry Blessing[5]; 11. 82M-Anthony Robertson[14]; 12. 29J-Corky Clem[17]; 13. 61-Joe Sowers[21]; 14. 03K-Shane Schmidt[20]; 15. 24K-Daniel King[16]; 16. 10W-Mike Wahwahsuck[8]; 17. 15X-Leif Weyer[12]; 18. 5K-Steve Herrick[10]; 19. 28W-Chuck Warman[24]; 20. 29-Greg Deters[6]; 21. 38-Shaylon Holloway[9]; 22. 9-Robert Garst[15]; 23. 26M-Gary Myers[13]; (DQ) 621-Josh Everhart[4]

Heat 1 6 laps
1. 38-Shaylon Holloway[6]; 2. 15-Terry Blessing[1]; 3. 10W-Mike Wahwahsuck[5]; 4. 26M-Gary Myers[2]; 5. 29J-Corky Clem[3]; 6. 61-Joe Sowers[4]
Heat 2 6 laps
1. 621-Josh Everhart[5]; 2. 22-Matt Haid[1]; 3. 99-Brian Labonte[2]; 4. 82M-Anthony Robertson[3]; 5. 91-Brad Labonte[6]; 6. 38C-Steven Corning[4]
Heat 3 6 laps
1. 29-Greg Deters[1]; 2. C15-Eric Weyer[3]; 3. 15X-Leif Weyer[5]; 4. 9-Robert Garst[6]; 5. 46-Tim Pruett[4]; 6. 75M-Marvin Griffith Jr[2]
Heat 4 6 laps
1. 20P-Jim Powell Jr[2]; 2. 5K-Steve Herrick[3]; 3. 74C-Colton Miller[5]; 4. 24K-Daniel King[1]; 5. 03K-Shane Schmidt[4]; 6. 28W-Chuck Warman[6]

Jersey Mike’s Subs IMCA Hobby Stock
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 3J-Larry Bouton[1]; 2. 25-Tyler Hinrichs[6]; 3. 23M-Mike Traskowsky[9]; 4. 7N-Nicholas Ronnebaum[4]; 5. 79C-Chris Lierz[11]; 6. 53T-Tyler Garst[3]; 7. 97L-Levi Henery[10]; 8. 22M-Shawn Mattox[7]; 9. 25X-Clayton Schroer[12]; 10. 90-Scott Garcia[14]; 11. 11P-Dodd Proctor[15]; 12. 12-Jeremy Mulich[16]; 13. 83-Alan Mattox[5]; 14. 4D-Alex Boyden[2]; 15. 14-Ricky Tanner[8]; 16. 86D-Travis Darnall[13]; 17. 9-Steven Peach[17]

Heat 1 6 laps
1. 7N-Nicholas Ronnebaum[4]; 2. 3J-Larry Bouton[3]; 3. 22M-Shawn Mattox[2]; 4. 83-Alan Mattox[5]; 5. 25-Tyler Hinrichs[7]; 6. 79C-Chris Lierz[9]; 7. 86D-Travis Darnall[6]; 8. 11P-Dodd Proctor[1]; 9. (DNF) 12-Jeremy Mulich[8]
Heat 2 6 laps
1. 14-Ricky Tanner[1]; 2. 4D-Alex Boyden[6]; 3. 23M-Mike Traskowsky[5]; 4. 97L-Levi Henery[3]; 5. 53T-Tyler Garst[8]; 6. 25X-Clayton Schroer[4]; 7. 90-Scott Garcia[7]

Billsbuilt Race Cars IMCA Modified
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 87-Darron Fuqua[3]; 2. 81-Tom Charles[6]; 3. 63-Derrick Brown[7]; 4. 55-Tyler Frye[8]; 5. 71-Chad Melton[9]; 6. 2-Mike Eisenhut[10]; 7. 52-Cliff Shepard[13]; 8. 007-Paul Christenson[11]; 9. 77-Steven Bowers, Jr.[4]; 10. 11-Scott Brown[12]; 11. 7-Anthony Tanner[5]; 12. A2-Randy Wilson[2]; 13. 74-Rodney Schweizer[1]

Heat 1 8 laps
1. 87-Darron Fuqua[6]; 2. 2-Mike Eisenhut[1]; 3. 81-Tom Charles[2]; 4. 63-Derrick Brown[7]; 5. 74-Rodney Schweizer[3]; 6. 007-Paul Christenson[4]; 7. 52-Cliff Shepard[5]
Heat 2 8 laps
1. 71- Chad Melton[4]; 2. 55-Tyler Frye[2]; 3. 7-Anthony Tanner[1]; 4. 77-Steven Bowers, Jr.[5]; 5. A2-Randy Wilson[3]; 6. 11-Scott Brown[6]

Jersey Mike’s Subs IMCA Northern Sport Mod
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 21K-Dan Charles[1]; 2. 45-Dustin Thulin[4]; 3. 81-Austin Charles[8]; 4. 18-Jaccob Davis[9]; 5. C4-Curtis Dreasher[6]; 6. B55-Brian Davidson[12]; 7. 70-Don Morris[13]; 8. 42-Bret Degand[17]; 9. 03-Lance Dixon[5]; 10. 23F-Fred Traskowsky[10]; 11. 50-Gary Holthaus[14]; 12. 23C-Billy Carreno[18]; 13. 68R-Donny Guilbault[16]; 14. 1-Derek Huffman[15]; 15. 35X-Dalton Blow[3]; 16. R42-Shawn Ray[2]; 17. 1M-Brian Murphy[7]; 18. 34FJ-Josh Everhart[11]; 19. 4R-Dustin Rawlings; 20. 25M-Jason McClain[19]

Heat 1 6 laps
1. 34FJ-Josh Everhart[3]; 2. 81-Austin Charles[4]; 3. 23F-Fred Traskowsky[2]; 4. 45-Dustin Thulin[6]; 5. 70-Don Morris[1]; 6. 68R-Donny Guilbault[5]; 7. 23C-Billy Carreno[7]; 8. 21K-Dan Charles
Heat 2 6 laps
1. 21K-Dan Charles[1]; 2. C4-Curtis Dreasher[4]; 3. B55-Brian Davidson[6]; 4. 03-Lance Dixon[3]; 5. 50-Gary Holthaus[2]
Heat 3 6 laps
1. 18-Jaccob Davis[4]; 2. 1M-Brian Murphy[2]; 3. 35X-Dalton Blow[1]; 4. R42-Shawn Ray[3]; 5. 1-Derek Huffman[5]; 6. 42-Bret Degand[6]; (DNS) 25M-Jason McClain

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