Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Loss Of Another Great Racing Icon, Mike Knight

Mike Knight hard at work. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Mike Knight hard at work. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Topeka, KS – In The Pits was saddened to learn that Mike Knight passed away this past Holiday weekend.

For many that aren’t familiar with the name, no Mike Knight wasn’t a racer. He didn’t win a million features, he didn’t own a race car and he didn’t own a race track. What Mike Knight did was work behind the scenes to provide racers with the best racing surface imaginable.

Knight was a staple at Lakeside Speedway. He and his wife, Mary, worked tirelessly to make sure things were ready at Lakeside Speedway.

There were several tracks that Knight would lend his assistance to, and each and every track was appreciative when he helped out. His knowledge of dirt tracks and his skill of prepping a track was 2nd to none. At Lakeside Speedway dirt was added onto the track surface in 2000 and it was Knight that managed to handle and beat all of the issues that the track displayed in the early years.

Mike Knight. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Mike Knight. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The reputation that Lakeside Speedway built when it returned to dirt can, partly, be related to the work of Mike Knight.

It’s individuals like Mike Knight that need to be recognized in the racing community, along with the area racers. If it weren’t for the Mike Knight’s of the world, where would dirt track racing be.

The ITP Crew would like to send out their thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of Mike Knight at this time. May he rest in peace.

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