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Atchison County Raceway Roars Into Action 9/16/2016!!!!!

Curtis Dreasher on the way to a win at ACR! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Curtis Dreasher on the way to a win at ACR! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Hobby Stock would take to the track first and not see the yellow flag from start to finish. Lane Chew #37 and Kyle Rowland #5 would battle side by side for the lead with Rowland grabbing the advantage. Tobin Bartlett #28 would work his way to the front and battle among the leaders in the closing laps. When the smoke had cleared Kyle Rowland would be standing tall in victory lane.

Tobin Bartlett would finish a close second with Lane Chew third. Heat race winner Josiah Birkinsha #7SI would duel Tyler Hinrichs #25 to the checkers finishing fourth holding Hinrichs to fifth.

B-Modifieds would enter the cage and see E-Modifieds doing battle with them as well.

Curtis Dreasher #C4 would work around a very fast Ramon Ortega #17R who would develop mechanical problems and retire from the race. Dreasher would go on to pick up the feature win on this night of racing action. Heat race winner Kyle Henning #1 would start dead last on the field and race his way to a close second place finish. Other heat race winner Josh Munson #19X would also work through traffic placing third in the feature event. Fourth would belong to Dustin Thulin #45 with Sturgis Streeter #34S a close fifth.

Stock Cars would be four strong on this night of racing action inside the cage as heat race winner Tobin Bartlett #28 would take the early lead. Aaron Sauter #83A would try Bartlett high and low to no avail as Bartlett would lead the early part of the feature. As the laps wound down, Bartlett would slip one time in turn #4 turning the lead over to Sauter would cruise to victory lane. Bartlett would hold on to place second, Chuck Warman #W04 would finish third and Josiah Birkinsha #7SI would round out the nights top four.

IMCA Modified also entered the cage four strong and witnessed Steven Bowers Jr. #77 win both heat race and feature on this night of racing action. Bowers would work his way past a very fast Tony Layne #71 and Nicholas Carpenter #33 to take the lead and never relinquish on his way to the win. Carpenter and Layne would do battle with Layne slipping in turn one allowing Carpenter to pass for second and finish in that position. Layne would go onto finish third with Rodney Schweizer#74 fourth.

Sport Compact would see the familiar face of 2016 Track Champion John Willard #1/2CR pick up the heat race and the feature win. Second and third would see a great battle between Devin Schmidt #33D and the 1/2B of Steven Bunton with Schmidt second and Bunton third at the line. Christian Pease #9 would use the high line to perfection placing fourth with Jason Teel #7 fifth of the night.

Atchison County Raceway would like to thank the drivers and fans of another night of great racing action and remember, “Don’t be Afraid of the Cage”!!!

Race Results Atchison County Raceway 9/16/2016:
Hobby Stock:
⦁ 5 Kyle Rowland
⦁ 28 Tobin Bartlett
⦁ 37 Lane Chew
⦁ 7SI Josiah Birkinsha (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 25 Tyler Hinrichs
⦁ 5H Trevor Holt

⦁ C4 Curtis Dreasher
⦁ 1 Kyle Henning (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 19X Joshua Munson (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 45 Dustin Thulin
⦁ 34S Sturgis Streeter
⦁ 03 Lance Dixon
⦁ 3K Scott Henney
⦁ 17R Ramon Ortega
⦁ 35 Dalton Blow

Stock Car:
⦁ 83A Aaron Sauter
⦁ 28 Tobin Bartlett (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ W04 Chuck Warman
⦁ 7SI Josiah Birkinsha

IMCA Modified:
⦁ 77 Steven Bowers Jr. (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 33 Nicholas Carpenter
⦁ 71 Tony Layne
⦁ 74 Rodney Schweizer

Sport Compact:
⦁ 1/2 CR John Willard(Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 33D Devin Schmidt
⦁ 1/2B Steven Bunton
⦁ 9 Christian Pease
⦁ 7 Jason Teel
⦁ 55 David Miller III
⦁ 66B Barry Luthi

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