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Atchison County Raceway A Trailer Smashing Success on Sunday Afternoon!

Chalk up another ACR win to Steven Bowers Jr. Reed  Bros Racing Photos

Chalk up another ACR win to Steven Bowers Jr. Reed Bros Racing Photos

John Brown Construction Kids Modz would set the standard of excellence as they would enter the cage to do battle. Sturgis Streeter #34S and Heat Race Winner Destyn Whitney #58 would race side by side into turn #2 at the drop of the green flag. Streeter would jump the birm in turn #2 causing him to lose several positions on the track. Whitney would take over the top spot and appear to be the car to beat as the laps would wind down. Streeter would mount a charge back to the front passing all contenders and pick up the feature win. Whitney would go onto finish second with Trevor Hand #2 third. Eddie Ingram Jr. #54 would develop mechanical problems in the heat race preventing him from starting the feature.

Hobby Stock as always would put on one of the premiere features of the afternoons racing action. Lane Chew #37 would get his car out front and never look back as he would see the checkers first and stop in victory lane. Tobin Bartlett #28 would hound Chew every lap of the way but be forced to settle for second place. Kyle Roland #5 would battle Rick Thompson #20T to the checkers with Roland third and Thompson fourth. Fifth place would belong to Kevin Dougherty #18 who was driving the Wayne Brook prepared race car. Heat race winners were Lonnie Myers #62 and Josiah Birkinsha #7SI.

E-Modifieds would charge to the fast 1/5th mile of dirt and watch the 07J of Jack Tupp aka Rodney Schweizer lead every lap picking up the feature win. Billy Spillman #63 would race thru the pack and challenge Schweizer and end the night in second place. Heat race winner Corey Myers #15 was in the hunt the entire race finishing third with Kit Bailey #77 a very strong fourth. Chuck Adkins #32, long silver hair and all, would race his way to a solid fifth place finish. Other heat race winner was Kyle Henning #1 who would suffer a flat left rear tire forcing him from the feature.

B-Modifieds would not disappoint the large crowds in attendance as they would race two and three wide throughout the entire field of competitors. Heat race winner Austin Charles #81X would set sail early leading the feature until a caution would bunch the field. On the ensuing green flag, Charles would spin in turn #2 bringing out the yellow and forcing him to the rear of the field. Enter the top spot the #17T of Shadren Turner as he would not be denied and hold off all challengers claiming his first victory at Atchison County Raceway. Bobby Russell #7B would challenge Turner placing a very impressive second as he and Jake Richards #17J, who would finish third would race to the line. Kit Bailey #77X running both E-Mod and B-Mod would finish fourth with Adam Vrbka #7V fifth. Other heat race winner was Josh Everheart #34F.

With a field of 20 top notch competitors Street Stock would energize the crowd with side by side racing for the front. Matt Haid #22 and Brad Whitney #X9 would battle side by side the majority of the feature until the closing laps. With three to go Thomas Roberts #65X would make a move on the inside with contact among the three front runners. With yellow on the race track Whitney would end the feature in the infield with damage to his race car with Matt Haid resuming the point. Looking at a clean white checkered Haid would take the lead and not be denied picking up the feature win. Heat race winner Steve Herrick #5K would race thru the pack to finish second with Chad Walker #04 third. Early leader Marvin Griffith Jr #75M would end the night fourth with Anthony Robertson #84M fifth. Other heat race winners were Thomas Roberts #65X and Brad Whitney #X9.

A-Modified would charge to the 1/5th mile of dirt and see Steven Bowers Jr. #77 lead every lap and claim the victory. Heat race winner Darron Fuqua #87 would race thru the field and challenge Bowers ending the night in second place. The always fast and competitive Dean Wile #68 would use poise and consistency to rack up a solid third place finish. Scott Brown #11 and Austin Charles #81A would battle to the line with Brown fourth and Charles fifth respectably. Other heat race winner was Tom Charles #81 who was involved in an on track incident taking him from contention.

Like a record that keeps on playing Sport Compact would see John Willard 1/2CR win both his heat race and the feature on this night of racing action. A one two finish for the ½ teams would see Steven Bunton #1/2B finish second to Willard. Blake Hensley #09 would end the night third with other heat race winner Jordan Clem #55C fourth and Barry Luthi #66B rounding out the top five.

With any great Cageman Trailer Smash the action was rough and rowdy from start to finish with controversy in the end. Dave Cattrell #14 would taste the sweet flavor of victory on this night of racing action. Brad Simpson #30 would lose a right front wheel but still bring his car home in second place. Pete Koch #4 would live up to the “Punisher” nickname as he would land in third place with a sick motor at the end. Fourth place would see the pickup truck of Tyler Bessey #T78 crash and collide and still hold off fifth place finisher Allen Robinett #69 at the checkers.

Atchison County Raceway would like to thank the fans and drivers for a great afternoon of racing action. See everyone this Friday for the first night of King of the Cage!
Remember, “Don’t be Afraid of the Cage”!!!
Race Results Atchison County Raceway 10/9/16

John Brown Construction Kids Modz:
1. 34S Sturgis Streeter
2. 58 Destyn Whitney (Heat Race Winner)
3. 2 Trevor Hand
4. 54 Eddie Ingram Jr.

Hobby Stock:
1. 37 Lane Chew
2. 28 Tobin Bartlett
3. 5 Kyle Roland
4. 20T Rick Thompson
5. 18 Kevin Dougherty
6. 62 Lonnie Myers (Heat Race Winner)
7. 14 Brandon Leach
8. 34 Chris Sparks
9. 9 Tyler Peach
10. B5 George Bruning
11. 7SI Josiah Birkinsha (Heat Race Winner)

E Modified:
1. 07J Jack Tupp
2. 63 Billy Spilman
3. 15 Corey Meyers (Heat Race Winner)
4. 77 Kit Bailey
5. 32 Chuck Adkins
6. 55B John Christofferson
7. 34S Sturgis Streeter
8. 58 Destyn Whitney
9. 1 Kyle Henning (Heat Race Winner)
10. 6J Jeff Goepferich
11. 2 Trevor Hand

1. 17T Shadren Turner
2. 7B Bobby Russell
3. 17J Jake Richards
4. 77X Kit Bailey
5. 7V Adam Vrbka
6. 81X Austin Charles (Heat Race Winner)
7. 19X Josh Munsen
8. 34F Joshua Everheart (Heat Race Winner)
9. 17R Ramon Ortega
10. 81J Jacob Blair
11. X52 Sean Manning
12. 44D Dean Truelove
13. 77B Bryan Bowers
14. 211 Tim Eaton
15. 27D Aaron Duvall

Street Stock:
1. 22 Matt Haid
2. 5K Steve Herrick (Heat Race Winner)
3. 04 Chad Walker
4. 75M Marvin Griffith Jr.
5. 82M Anthony Robertson
6. 98 Brandon Crockett
7. 0T Clint Hedge
8. 5KO Scott Herrick
9. 22A Alvie Christofferson
10. 00 Nick Whalen
11. 99 Brian Labonte
12. 9 Tom Smith
13. 292 Blake Peeler
14. 65X Thomas Roberts (Heat Race Winner)
15. 03 Lance Dixon
16. 5Z Chuck Ziolkowski
17. X9 Brad Whitney (Heat Race Winner)
18. 18 Wayne Brooke
19. 09JR Jayden Bears
20. W04 Chuck Warman

1. 77 Steven Bowers Jr.
2. 87 Darron Fuqua (Heat Race Winner)
3. 68 Dean Wile
4. 11 Scott Brown
5. 81A Austin Charles
6. 1 Eddie Ingram
7. 74 Rodney Schweizer
8. 14C Bill Carter
9. 0 Richard Layne
10. 69 Zach Sanders
11. 73 Truman Asher
12. 81 Tom Charles (Heat Race Winner)
13. 33 Nicholas Carpenter
14. X52 Sean Manning

Sport Compact:
1. 1/2CR John Willard (Heat Race Winner)
2. 1/2B Steven Bunton
3. 09 Blake Hensley
4. 55C Jordan Clem (Heat Race Winner)
5. 66B Barry Luthi
6. 33D Devin Schmidt
7. 17 James Lemke
8. 3M Makenzie Edson

Cageman Series Trailer Smash:
1. 14 Dave Cattrell
2. 30 Brad Simpson
3. 4 Pete Koch
4. T78 Tyler Bessey
5. 69 Allen Robinett
6. 63 Brad Spillman
7. X Justin Boyle

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