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Crowned King of the Cage at Atchison County Raceway!!!!

The King Steven Bowers Jr. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The King Steven Bowers Jr. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

As the stage was set for the top six starting positions from Friday Nights great racing action Pole Dashes” and Heat Races would kick off. Pole Dash to determine starting position for the top six and heats for the rest of the field.

John Brown Construction Kids Mods would start the evening of racing action as the green flag would fly. Sturgis Streeter #34s and “Pole Dash” winner Destyn Whitney #58 would charge into turn one side by side with Streeter pulling ahead on the backstretch taking the point. Whitney would charge back on the inside but to no avail as Streeter would lead the remainder of the feature and be crowned King of the Cage picking up the victory. Whitney would end the night second with Cade Richards #1r third. Streeter would climb the ladder, capture the crown, don the cape and celebrate winning the King of the Cage at Atchison County Raceway!

Hobby Stock would enter the cage next to do battle for the Crown. Gerald Wahwahsuck #20t would start on the front row by virtue of winning the Pole Dash and take the early lead. Josiah Birkinsha #7si and Tobin Bartlett #28 would battle Wahwahsuck every lap in the early going as they would race three abreast for the front. Birkinsha would be on the top side, Bartlett on the low side with Wahwahsuck in the middle as the laps wound down. On a late race Delaware Double File restart Wahwahsuck would start out front all by himself with second place contender Bartlett choosing the outside moving Birkinsha to the inside. As the green flag was shown to the field Bartlett would march to the front on the high side and take the lead charging to the win and King of the Cage Hobby Stock style. Kyle Rowland #5 was the big mover of the feature racing to a solid second with Bill Munsen #19 flying into third. Birkinsha would get loose in turn four bringing out the yellow flag and recover to finish fourth with Jimmy Smith #03 fifth. Heat race winner was Aaron Myers #14. Bartlett would put an exclamation point on his Hobby Stock Championship Season by climbing the ladder, wearing the crown and cape celebrating with his mom and queen in victory lane as Atchison County Raceway Hobby Stock King of the Cage 2016!

E-Modified would not disappoint as Pole Dash winner Chris Dishong #7s would take the early lead. Different drivers would take their turn trying to pass the fast Dishong to no avail as he would lead every lap and capture the crown. Dishing would be challenged late by Sturgis Streeter #34s who would place second. Third would go to Kyle Henning #1 with Willie Wynn #07 fourth. Josh Munsen #19x would battle for the lead early only to fade late finishing fifth. Chris “Rowdy” Dishong would climb the ladder; wear the crown and cape winning the race and King of the Cage 2016!

Modifieds would see side by side racing from start to finish throughout the entire field of competitors from green to checkers. Pole Dash winner Richard Layne #0 would start inside row one and take the point only to see Steven Bowers Jr charge back on the inside and take the point. Layne would fade from win contention as Bowers would continue to lead. Heat race winner Dean Wille #68 would chase down Bowers in the closing laps up could only muster a second place finish as Bowers would celebrate in victory lane. Derrick Brown #63 would again impress with a solid third place finish challenging the two leaders for the front. Josh Blumer #21 would place a very close fourth with Josh Everheart #34f fifth on the night. As the checkers fell it was Steven Bowers Jr with Harley climbing the ladder and wearing the cape and crown as Modified King of the Cage 2016!

Sport Compact would see the familiar face of John Willard 1/2cr win both the Pole Dash and the feature on this night of racing action inside the Cage. Heat race winner Will Guthrie #78 would finish a solid second with Jordan Clem #55c third. Friday night feature winner Steven Bunton 1/2B would finish fourth with Josh Conrad #08 rounding out the night’s top five. Willard would pull into victory lane, climb the ladder with his queen, wear the cape and crown and celebrate Sport Compact King of the Cage 2016 at Atchison county Raceway!!!

Atchison County Raceway would like to thank all the fans and drivers for two great nights of racing action and family fun! See everyone Friday night for more action and remember, “Don’t be Afraid of the Cage”!

Race Results Atchison County Raceway 10/15/2016

John Brown Construction Kids Mod:
⦁ 34s Sturgis Streeter
⦁ 58 Destyn Whitney (Pole Dash Winner)
⦁ 1r Cade Richards

Hobby Stock:
⦁ 28 Tobin Bartlett
⦁ 5 Kyle Rowland
⦁ 19 Bill Munsen
⦁ 7si Josiah Birkinsha
⦁ 03 Jimmy Smith
⦁ 14 Aaron Myers (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 20t Gerald Wahwahsuck (Pole Dash Winner)
⦁ 9 Tyler Peach
⦁ 3w Jeremy Lile
⦁ 18 Wayne Brooke

⦁ 7s Chris Dishong (Pole Dash Winner)
⦁ 34s Sturgis Streeter
⦁ 1 Kyle Henning
⦁ 07 Willie Wynn
⦁ 19x Joshua Munsen
⦁ 1r Cade Richards
⦁ 6j Jeff Goepferich
⦁ 15 Corey Myers
⦁ 58 Destyn Whitney
⦁ 77 Kit Bailey

⦁ 77 Steven Bowers Jr
⦁ 68 Dean Wile (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 63 Derrick Brown
⦁ 21 Josh Blumer
⦁ 34f Josh Everheart
⦁ 69 Ryan Phillips
⦁ 14c Bill Carter
⦁ 0 Richard Layne (Pole Dash Winner)
⦁ 21j Jeremy Bennett
⦁ 74 Rodney Schweizer
⦁ 32p Nick Pence

Sport Compact:
⦁ 1/2cr John Willard (Pole Dash Winner)
⦁ 78 Will Guthrie (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 55c Jordan Clem
⦁ 1/2b Steven Bunton
⦁ 08 Josh Conrad
⦁ 15 Kevin Prall
⦁ 7t Dave Cattrell
⦁ 17 James Lemke
⦁ 7 Jason Teel
⦁ 55 David Miller III
⦁ 33d Devin Schmidt
⦁ 18m Brandon Merriman

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