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Saturday Night Racing at Atchison County Raceway!

Austin Charles scoots to another big win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Austin Charles scoots to another big win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Hobby Stock would be the first to roar to the fast 1/5th mile of dirt setting the standard for a night of great racing action. Kyle Rowland #5 would take the early lead and never relinquish on his way to the feature win. Heat race winner Chris Christofferson #17C would challenge Rowland late but be forced to settle for second on this night of competition. Lester Town #32, in his first night of competition would race his way to a solid third with Cletus Murray #21M fourth. John Christofferson #55B back behind the wheel of a Hobby Stock would round out the nights top five.

John Brown Construction Kids Mods would be three strong on this night with Cade Richards #1R winning both heat race and feature. Lane Grenier #25 would place second with Trevor Hand #2 making contact with the wall during his heat race unable to make the feature. Atchison County Raceway would like to thank Phillip Grenier and Frank Reed for donating the prize money for the three Kids Mods drivers

With a locked and loaded field of racing competitors Street Stock would enter the cage. Heat race winner Tony Hardisty #0 would take the early lead as he and Alvie Christofferson #22A would battle wheel to wheel. Hardisty would spin while leading in turn #2 turning the lead over to Christofferson who would claim the win. As Christofferson would celebrate in victory lane, Hardisty would recover to place second. Mark Ronnebaum #33 would have an impressive race as he would end the night in the third position with Brandon Crockett #98 fourth. Other heat race winner Jim Powell Jr. #20P would recover from an early race spin to place fifth.

B-Modifieds would be 20 strong on this night of competition with the best of the best drivers entering the cage. Austin Charles #81X would take the early lead and charge on to the victory on this night. Biggest mover and shaker of the race was Truman Asher #73 who would charge thru the field and place second. Curtis Dreasher #C4 was in the hunt for the lead all night finishing third with Sturgis Streeter #34S racing his way to fourth. Heat race winner Jarret Beach #21X would round out the nights top five. Other heat race winners were Corey Myers #15 and Chris Dishong #7S.

Sport Compact would see Steven Bunton #1/2B thread the needle on lap #1 and race on to his first victory at Atchison County Raceway. Heat race winner John Willard #1/2CR would move from the back of the pack to the front to place second with Rocky Rhodes #8 third. Fourth place would go to James Wagner #46J with fifth going to Brandon Box #21VT. Other heat race winner was Travis Baldwin #A1.

Atchison County Raceway would like to thank all of our fans and drivers for another night of racing action. Please watch our Facebook page for the next event at Atchison County Raceway.

Atchison County Race Results 11/5/2016

Hobby Stock:
⦁ 5 Kyle Rowland
⦁ 17C Chris Christofferson (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 32 Lester Town
⦁ 21M Cletus Murray
⦁ 55B John Christofferson
⦁ 03 Jimmy Smith
⦁ 5.3 Jeremiah Asher
Kids Mods:
⦁ 1R Cade Richards (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 25 Lane Grenier
⦁ 2 Trevor Hand

Street Stock:
⦁ 22A Alvie Christofferson
⦁ 0 Tony Hardisty (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 33 Mark Ronnebaum
⦁ 98 Brandon Crockett
⦁ 20P Jim Powell Jr. (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 53 Larry Waters
⦁ 5Z Chuck Ziolkowski
⦁ 25 Justin Merriman
⦁ 83A Aaron Sauter
⦁ 11W Gerald Wahwahsuck
⦁ 5.3 Jeremiah Asher

⦁ 81X Austin Charles
⦁ 73 Truman Asher
⦁ C4 Curtis Dreasher
⦁ 34S Sturgis Streeter
⦁ 21X Jarret Beach (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 91 Eddie Swope III
⦁ 23C Billy Carreno
⦁ 68R Donny Guilbault
⦁ 23B Casey Burnett
⦁ 1R Cade Richards
⦁ 53DB Danny Bennett
⦁ 2 Chuck Warman
⦁ 15 Corey Myers (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 7S Chris Dishong (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 64 Nick Hermsen
⦁ 91J Jaylen Wettengel
⦁ 20 Ethan Young
⦁ 32 Chuck Adkins
⦁ 38 Bryce Frakes
⦁ 03K Dylan Neudorff

Sport Compact:
⦁ 1/2B Steven Bunton
⦁ 1/2CR John Willard (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 8 Rocky Rhodes
⦁ 46J James Wagner
⦁ 21VT Brandon Box
⦁ 3M Makenzie Edson
⦁ 54 Ryan Caldwell
⦁ 5DJ DJ Barnes
⦁ 20C Colby Acheson
⦁ 45C Robert Razo
⦁ A1 Travis Baldwin (Heat Race Winner)

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