Friday, January 19, 2018

Dishong Logs Win At ACR

The #7S of Chris Dishong takes a close win home. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The #7S of Chris Dishong takes a close win home. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Kicking off a great afternoon of racing action at Atchison County Raceway the Hobby Stocks would try to tame the cage. Last’s weeks feature winner Kyle Rowland #5 would double down as he would emerge the leader of the pack off a brilliant turn two pass between three cars. Rowland would go through the paces to claim the victory. Tyler Hindrichs #25 and heat race winner Bill Munsen #19 would battle the entire feature with Hindrichs placing second and Munsen a close third. Chris Christofferson #17c would be among the frontrunners until a mid race mishap would force him to place fourth, with Jimmy Smith #03 placing fifth.

Onto the track next would be the up and coming drivers in the Kids Mods class with Laine Grenier #25 getting important seat time, not only winning the heat race but the feature as well.

Great side by side action would take to the track next as Street Stocks would make their circuits with less than a car length separating the top two when the checkers were shown. After several lead changes and first-rate driving Tony Hardisty #0 would take the lead and not look back on his way to the win. Hardisty was pursued very closely with the hard charger of the feature Alvie Christofferson #22a passing several cars to take second place. Nick Zinn #31z and Aaron Sauter #83a would switch spots on almost every lap until Zinn would grab third, leaving Sauter fourth. Darren Nelson #25N would round out the top five. Heat race winner was Jerry Schmidt #11x.

Continuing the theme of great close racing the B-Modifieds would come onto the track twenty strong and would not disappoint any in attendance. Within the last five laps spectators would witness no less than five lead changes, never knowing who would be the eventual winner. On the last corner of the last lap Chris Dishong #7s would use the low line to perfection and claim the top spot for the feature. Heat race winner and one time late race leader Corey Myers #15 would find the high side to his liking but come up half a car length short to settle for second. Heat race winner Sturgis Streeter #34s would lead the majority of the feature and hold on to place a very impressive third. Austin Charles #81x would put on a true display of driving with patience by wheeling his way from a dead last starting spot through traffic and be among the frontrunners to place fourth. Eddie Schwope Jr #91 would lead early and stay towards the front the whole feature to place fifth. Other heat race winner was Ryan Phillips #69.

Closing out the day of racing would be the always entertaining Sport Compacts. Heat race winner Brandon Box #4b would take the lead in the opening lap and never look back on his way to earning the top spot in the feature. James Lemke #17 and Rocky Rhodes #8 would race several laps side by side never touching with Lemke placing second and Rhodes third. DJ Barnes #5dj continues to impress by placing a solid fourth. Heat race winner Eric Schmidt #121 placed fifth.

Race Results:
Hobby Stocks:
⦁ 5 Kyle Rowland
⦁ 25 Tyler Hindrichs
⦁ 19 Bill Munsen (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 17C Chris Christofferson
⦁ 03 Jimmy Smith
⦁ 55B John Christofferson
⦁ 32 Lester Town
⦁ 21M Cletus Murray

Kids Mods:
⦁ 25 Laine Grenier (Heat Race Winner)

Street Stock:
⦁ 0 Tony Hardisty
⦁ 22a Alvie Christofferson
⦁ 31z Nick Zinn
⦁ 83a Aaron Sauter
⦁ 25n Darren Nelson
⦁ 11x Jerry Schmidt (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 03 Lance Dixon
⦁ 33 Mark Ronnebaum
⦁ 5z Chuck Ziolkowski
⦁ 53 Larry Waters
⦁ 9 Tom Smith
⦁ 25 Tyler Hindrichs

⦁ 7s Chris Dishong
⦁ 15 Corey Myers (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 34s Sturgis Streeter (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 81x Austin Charles
⦁ 91 Eddie Schwope Jr
⦁ 21x Jarrett Beach
⦁ 68r Allen Halderman
⦁ 23c Billy Carreno
⦁ 38 Bryce Frakes
⦁ 21J Jeremy Bennett
⦁ 07 Daniel Harris
⦁ 81J Jeff Jackson
⦁ 00 Jason Ensley
⦁ 2 Chuck Warman
⦁ 4r Dustin Rawlings
⦁ 53db Danny Bennett
⦁ 17 Tim Galvan
⦁ 69 Ryan Phillips (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 1R Cade Richards
⦁ J15 Josh Atkins

Sport Compact:
⦁ 4B Brandon Box (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 17 James Lemke
⦁ 8 Rocky Rhodes
⦁ 5dj DJ Barnes
⦁ 121 Eric Schmidt
⦁ 54 Ryan Caldwell
⦁ 14a Antonio Stetling
⦁ 46J James Wagner

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