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Great Racing Action at I-35 Speedway on Seeburg Muffler Night at the Races!!!! “Dandy” Randy Smith #75X E-Modified Feature Winner!

E-Modifieds would kick off the night of great racing action as heat race winners Randy Smith Jr #75X and Jim Masoner Jr #66X would start on the front row as the green dropped on the field. Smith would take the lead early as the cautions would fly slowing the field. Masoner would fall into second until contact with Matt Dorssom #3D would send both cars to the back of the field. When the smoke had settled Randy Smith Jr would stand tall in McCarthy Auto Group Winners Circle with his first win of the 2017 racing season. Ben Stockton #33S, in his first race at I-35 Speedway in an E-Modified would race his way to second place with Dorssom charging back to third. Masoner would recover to place fourth with Chris Mercer #13 backing up his win from the prior week with a solid fifth on the night.

Pure Stock would charge to the track and see our first two time winner on 2017 as Cletus Murray #21M would pick up the victory. Murray would take the lead early and never relinquish holding off the late race charge of second place finisher and heat race winner Carson Masoner #20X. Third would belong to Beau Wells #555 as he would find the high line to his liking with Brandon Box #4D in a Sport Compact placing an impressive fourth. DJ Barnes #5DJ continues to impress in the Pure Stock Division as he would end the night in fifth place.

Grand National would also see a two time winner as Billie Hoover #97 would pick up his second win of 2017. Ronnie Miller #98 would come home second with Chad Fuller #0R a close third. Fourth would go to Marty Powell #9P with heat race winner Donnie Brown #26 developing mechanical problems placing fifth.

USRA B-Modifieds would witness one of the best features of the night as Mike Tanner #20T would take the early lead and never falter on his way to McCarthy Auto Group Winners Circle. Tanner would be challenged early by heat race winner Randy Ainsworth #57 who would fade to finish fourth and other heat race winner Daniel Harris #07. As the race progressed Bud Wilson would work his way through the 100 mile per hour traffic to test Tanner only to place the #20X in to second for the night. Third would see Andy Bryant #28 always be in the mix for the front with fifth going to the always fast Ed Noll #15.

USRA Stock Car would see a familiar face in victory lane for the second time in 2017 as Dean Wray #77 would lead every lap on his way to the win. Heat race winner Brad Whitney #X9 would battle Wray every lap only to come up a little short and finish second with Jon Boller Jr #20X finishing third. Fourth would belong to #34X Mich Ross with fifth to Jayden Bears #20J.

USRA Modifieds would witness great racing throughout the field with Darren Shaw #11 and heat race winner Dennis Elliott #29 battling for the top spot. Shaw would use the high line to take the advantage on Elliott and hold off all challenges to pick up his first win of 2017. Elliott would place second with young driver Austin Johnson #98 impressing with a solid third place showing. Fourth would go to Derrick Hicks #78 with Buz Kaster #54 rounding out the nights top five.

Special event of the night would see POWERi War Sprint Cars in action of the fast 3/8ths mile speedway. Korey Weyant #99 and Wyatt Burks #11W would put on a show up front as Burks would attempt slide job after slide job only to see Weyant do a crossover and maintain the lead. As the two would come to the checkers Burks would again dive low and take the lead but drift up allowing Weyant to resume the lead and take the win. Burks would place second with Dylan Kadous #31 a very close third place run. Fourth place would go to Ty Hulley #24H with Chris Parkinson #65 fifth on the night’s action.

I-35 Speedway would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the great racing action where there is always more “Dirt Trackin at its Best”!!!!!!
Race Results I-35 Speedway Winston, MO 4/15/2017

⦁ 75X Randy Smith Jr (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 33S Ben Stockton
⦁ 3D Matt Dorssom
⦁ 66X Jim Masoner Jr (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 13 Chris Mercer
⦁ 12X Matthew Lance
⦁ 5J Jeff Goepferich
⦁ 13J Jeff Sears
⦁ 4M Manlee Lamar
⦁ 14 Gary Ainsworth
⦁ 37J Jeremiah Asher

Pure Stock:
⦁ 21M Cletus Murray
⦁ 20X Carson Masoner (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 555 Beau Wells
⦁ 4B Brandon Box
⦁ 5DJ DJ Barnes
⦁ 91 CJ Turner
⦁ 47X Conner Masoner
⦁ 87 Anthony Persell
⦁ 22H Tim Hoselton

Grand National:
⦁ 97 Billie Hoover
⦁ 98 Ronnie Miller
⦁ 0R Chad Fuller
⦁ 9P Marty Powell
⦁ 26 Donnie Brown (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 60 Brady Sensenich

USRA B-Modified:
⦁ 20T Mike Tanner
⦁ 20X Bud Wilson
⦁ 28 Andy Bryant
⦁ 57 Randy Ainsworth (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 15 Ed Noll
⦁ 32P Jeremy Pittsenbarger
⦁ 07 Daniel Harris (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 16 Paul Lanfermann II
⦁ 81 Jacob Blair
⦁ 15B Wes Bestgen
⦁ 14K Michael King
⦁ 52M Dustin Miller
⦁ 47X Conner Masoner
⦁ 9M Derrick Mahoney
⦁ 10H Garrett Hill
⦁ 94 Jared Hillyard

USRA Stock Car:
⦁ 77 Dean Wray
⦁ X9 Brad Whitney (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 20X Jon Boller Jr
⦁ 34X Mich Ross
⦁ 20J Jayden Bears
⦁ 83A Aaron Sauter
⦁ 5K Keith Simmons

USRA Modified:
⦁ 11 Darren Shaw
⦁ 29 Dennis Elliott (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 98 Austin Johnson
⦁ 78 Derrick Hicks
⦁ 54 Buz Kaster
⦁ 97 Houston Johnson
⦁ 2H John Hanson
⦁ 17X Nic Hanes

War Series Sprint Cars:
⦁ 99 Korey Weyant
⦁ 11W Wyatt Burks
⦁ 31 Dylan Kadous
⦁ 24H Ty Hulley
⦁ 65 Chris Parkinson
⦁ 77K Katlynn Leer
⦁ 7JR JD Black
⦁ 31S Austin Sears
⦁ 82 Vinny Walsh
⦁ 37 Brian Beebe
⦁ 22S Slater Helt
⦁ 77 Rob Hockett (Heat Race Winner)
⦁ 9L Hunter Lane
⦁ 24C Craig Carroll
⦁ 158 Quinton Benson (Heat Race Winner)

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