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Anderson, Austin Charles, Powell & Fuqua Collect Opening Night Wins at Heartland Park!

Jim Powell Jr. held on to a tight opening night win in the Stock Cars. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Topeka, KS – The weather has played havoc on everyone. The track. The racers. The fans. Everybody. Saturday it’s cold and freezing all day long and the next day it’s 80 degrees and windy.

Everyone is ready for the normal weather we see this time in the Midwest. It would make things a lot easier on everyone.

Sunday night Heartland Park opened up the dirt track with the Karl Performance Sunday Showdown. Once things got rolling the racing action was spectacular.

Win #2 for Shannon Anderson in just 2 trips. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

For the 2nd year in a row Shannon Anderson has made the long haul from Des Moines, IA to Topeka, KS to race. When you travel that far to race it’s safe to say you are coming to race for anything other than a win.

Anderson, a multiple time IMCA Hobby Stock National Champion, did just what he had done last year when he made the trip south. He picked up a win.

Anderson worked his way through the field and got to the front there he would hold on to the top spot all the way to the finish. Collecting his 2nd win, in just 2 trips to Heartland Park Topeka.

Coming home in the 2nd spot with a strong run in his 1st trip to Heartland Park was Eric Cross, Chris Lierz, a feature winnner from a year ago, held on to a 3rd place finish, finishing in the 4th spot with a solid run was Tyler Hinrichs and rounding out the top 5 was Byron Glotzbach.

Last year’s champ, Austin Charles, gets an opening night win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

It was just a year ago that Austin Charles tied in the points race for the championship, but would lose out to Curtis Dreasher by virtue of 1 less feature win than Dreasher. Charles is on a mission for a championship this season and he got started off on the right foot.

Starting from the pole position Charles would battle up front before taking the lead. From that point Charles was on a rail running away to win #1 on the season.

If he gets in a tight battle, he is going to need some wins under his belt.

From the outset of the race Matthew Crowell would try to keep pace with Charles but couldn’t muster up enough steam to get by and would finish in the runner up spot, Jarret Beach proved to be one tough competitor as he raced his way to a 3rd place finish in his 1st night of competition at Heartland Park, another young gun, Jaylen Wettengel, raced his way to a close 4th place finish and rounding out the top 5 in 5th would one of veterans in the racing world, Don Morris.

The one class that continues to amaze and astound the crowd with their driving abilities is the IMCA Stock Car division.

Bryan Rigsby would get to the front of this feature quickly. At the front he would hold a strong lead.

Jim Powell Jr. moved into the 2nd spot and closed the gap on Rigsby. These two, as well as others in the class, have become accustom to battling it out to the finish.

Rigsby and Powell would go toe-to-toe on the speedway. Neither one wanting to give an inch, but a great display of racing as they raced next to one another inches away without ever touching.

Powell would get the upper hand late by passing Rigsby. Rigsby would battle back, but in the end came up short.

Powell won the final race of the year last season and he would take home the 1st win in 2017.

Rigsby came home in 2nd, a former Stock Car Champ at Heartland Park, Shane Wettengel, looked like his old self sprinting to a 3rd place finish, Brandon Conkwright, last season’s Stock Car Champ, finished in 4th and Leif Weyer worked his way to a top 5 finish in the 5th position.

Darron Fuqua adds another Heartland Park win to his belt! Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Last year’s feature winner of the coveted Boone IMCA Speedway Super Nationals, Ricky Thornton Jr., made a decision to compete in the IMCA ranks at Heartland Park Topeka.

The hot shoe from Arizona showed up to Heartland Park seeking a win, but found out that getting a win is a might tough task.

Corey Burch, Steven Bowers Jr., Tom Charles, Darron Fuqua and a host of others were ready to show just how strong the area racers are.

In the feature it would be Fuqua getting the early advantage. Bowers, Burch and Charles were all right there. Meanwhile Ricky Thornton Jr. was working his way through the crowd.

The yellow flag would fly a couple times helping the field to keep Fuqua in their sites.

Thornton would make a bold move on a late restart and he would blast into the 2nd spot.

He would close the gap on Fuqua ever so slightly, but it would be all Fuqua, a former Modified Champ at Heartland Park, all the way to the checkered flag. Just like Powell in the Stock Cars, Fuqua picked up the last win of the season a year ago and then one the first feature of the 2017 season.

Thornton would finish in the 2nd position, 3rd went to Clay Money, who hovered around the front half of the field all night, last years top two in the points, Steven Bowers Jr. (the 2016 Champ) and Tom Charles also mixed it up and wound up running 4th and 5th respectively at the finish.

Racing action continues next Sunday night for race number 2 of the Karl Performance Sunday Showdown Series. Come out and watch some great racing action once again as the gates will open up at 4:30 pm, hot laps are scheduled for 6:30 pm and the first heat goes green at 7 pm.

IMCA Hobby Stock
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 78-Shannon Anderson[5]; 2. 57-Eric Cross[6]; 3. 79C-Chris Lierz[4]; 4. 25-Tyler Hinrichs[1]; 5. 59-Byron Glotzbach[10]; 6. 17-Randy Kohn[7]; 7. 7N-Nicholas Ronnebaum[2]; 8. 250-Tathan Burkhart[13]; 9. 86D-Travis Darnall[3]; 10. 14-Ricky Tanner[11]; 11. 21-Brian Stich[8]; 12. 4D-Alex Boyden[9]; (DNS) 11P-Dodd Proctor; (DNS) 23-Tim Manning

Heat 1 6 laps
1. 57-Eric Cross[2]; 2. 7N-Nicholas Ronnebaum[4]; 3. 78-Shannon Anderson[7]; 4. 79C-Chris Lierz[5]; 5. 59-Byron Glotzbach[3]; 6. (DNF) 14-Ricky Tanner[1]; 7. (DNF) 23-Tim Manning[6]

Heat 2 6 laps
1. 86D-Travis Darnall[2]; 2. 25-Tyler Hinrichs[6]; 3. 21-Brian Stich[1]; 4. 17-Randy Kohn[3]; 5. 4D-Alex Boyden[7]; 6. (DNF) 11P-Dodd Proctor[4]; 7. (DNF) 250-Tathan Burkhart[5]

IMCA Northern Sport Mod
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 81-Austin Charles[1]; 2. 2C-Matthew Crowell[8]; 3. 27-Jarret Beach[3]; 4. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[5]; 5. 70-Don Morris[6]; 6. 20T-Mike Tanner[11]; 7. 33-Nicholas Carpenter[7]; 8. 77B-Bryan Bowers[16]; 9. 34F-Tony Filbert[15]; 10. 21S-Mark Smith[18]; 11. 45-Dustin Thulin[13]; 12. 1M-Brian Murphy[2]; 13. 27F-Bryce Frakes[4]; 14. M16-Kolton Vogel[10]; 15. B55-Brian Davidson[9]; 16. 007-Zach Nitsch[12]; 17. 34S-Sturgis Streeter[14]; 18. 22W-Yancy Shepard[20]; (DNS) 18-Jaccob Davis; (DNS) 214-Eric Spreer

Heat 1 6 laps
1. B55-Brian Davidson[2]; 2. 1M-Brian Murphy[1]; 3. 2C-Matthew Crowell[4]; 4. 20T-Mike Tanner[3]; 5. 45-Dustin Thulin[5]; 6. 77B-Bryan Bowers[6]; (DNS) 22W-Yancy Shepard

Heat 2 6 laps
1. 33-Nicholas Carpenter[2]; 2. 27F-Bryce Frakes[1]; 3. 27-Jarret Beach[3]; 4. M16-Kolton Vogel[7]; 5. 34S-Sturgis Streeter[5]; 6. 214-Eric Spreer[4]; 7. 21S-Mark Smith[6]

Heat 3 6 laps
1. 81-Austin Charles[1]; 2. 007-Zach Nitsch[3]; 3. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[6]; 4. 70-Don Morris[2]; 5. 34F-Tony Filbert[4]; (DNS) 18-Jaccob Davis

IMCA Stock Car
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 20P-Jim Powell Jr[5]; 2. 12B-Bryan Rigsby[3]; 3. 91-Shane Wettengel[1]; 4. 24C-Brandon Conkwright[4]; 5. 15X-Leif Weyer[8]; 6. 27-Dominic Thyfault[11]; 7. 97-Jeremie Myers[9]; 8. 202-Kenny Ziegler[15]; 9. 24K-Daniel King[13]; 10. 127-Tommy Fose[2]; 11. 5K-Steve Herrick[7]; 12. 03-Lance Dixon[6]; 13. 01M-Ronnie Moore[10]; 14. 11-Christine Holt[14]; 15. 187-Chris Heller[16]; 16. 39K-Shane Schmidt[18]; (DNS) 12S-Dustin Sievers; (DNS) 75M-Marvin Griffith Jr

Heat 1 6 laps
1. 20P-Jim Powell Jr[4]; 2. 127-Tommy Fose[2]; 3. 5K-Steve Herrick[1]; 4. 97-Jeremie Myers[6]; 5. 12S-Dustin Sievers[3]; 6. 11-Christine Holt[5]

Heat 2 6 laps
1. 91-Shane Wettengel[1]; 2. 24C-Brandon Conkwright[4]; 3. 15X-Leif Weyer[6]; 4. 27-Dominic Thyfault[5]; 5. 24K-Daniel King[3]; 6. 187-Chris Heller[2]

Heat 3 6 laps
1. 12B-Bryan Rigsby[4]; 2. 01M-Ronnie Moore[6]; 3. 03-Lance Dixon[3]; 4. 75M-Marvin Griffith Jr[5]; 5. 202-Kenny Ziegler[1]; 6. 39K-Shane Schmidt[2]

IMCA Modified
A Feature 1 25 laps
1. 87-Darron Fuqua[4]; 2. 20RT-Ricky Thornton Jr[7]; 3. 7M-Clay Money[6]; 4. 77-Steven Bowers, Jr.[3]; 5. 81-Tom Charles[5]; 6. 747-Corey Burch[2]; 7. A2-Randy Wilson[9]; 8. C4-Curtis Dreasher[1]; 9. 19-Dave Conkwright[12]; 10. 52-Cliff Shepard[10]; 11. 7-Anthony Tanner[11]; 12. 178-Allen Halderman[8]; 13. 6B-Melvin Bailey[13]; (DNS) 34D-Travis Neeley

Heat 1 8 laps
1. 747-Corey Burch[2]; 2. 87-Darron Fuqua[4]; 3. 7M-Clay Money[5]; 4. C4-Curtis Dreasher[6]; 5. 52-Cliff Shepard[1]; 6. (DNF) 7-Anthony Tanner[3]; (DNS) 34D-Travis Neeley

Heat 2 8 laps
1. 77-Steven Bowers, Jr.[1]; 2. 81-Tom Charles[3]; 3. 20RT-Ricky Thornton Jr[6]; 4. 178-Allen Halderman[5]; 5. A2-Randy Wilson[7]; 6. 19-Dave Conkwright[2]; 7. (DNF) 6B-Melvin Bailey[4]

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