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Money, Woken, Hinrichs & Murphy All Score Opening Night Wins at Thunder Hill Speedway

Clay Money #7 holds on to a tight win over Darron Fuqua #87. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Mayetta, KS – It was just a week ago that Thunder Hill Speedway was supposed to kick off the 2017 season with the Big Time Bail Bonds Clash on the Hill. Unfortunately after a 4 day barrage of heavy rain and sub 50 degree temperatures, the staff was forced to cancel.

What a difference a week makes!

Opening night at the races would move to the 2nd week and it would also mark Kenny Schrader night at the races. Fans were treated to a double dip of excitement with the NASCAR legend Kenny Schrader battling it out with the BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modifieds!

It also didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect.

In the main event of the the night, the BSB Manufacturing IMCA Modified A Main, fans were waiting to see just how the Thunder Hill Speedway regulars would stack up against the NASCAR veteran, Schrader.

Kyle Olberding and Clay Money would bring the field to the green flag. The two wold shoot it out early and Money grabbed the advantage.

At the front of the pack Money would have to hold on as several strong competitors were on the move to the front of the field.

Money would hit all of his marks on his way to the opening night win. It wasn’t as easy as one would think it would have been.

Darron Fuqua started in the 7th position. All race long he moved toward the front. As he got in to position to battle the leader, Money, time would run out on the Mayetta driver. He would come home 2nd just a 1/2 car length behind the winner.

Third went to Steven Bowers Jr. on the night, Jordy Nelson hung on for a strong 4th place finish and Mat Stallbaumer rounded out the top 5.

The headliner of the night, Schrader, started in the 9th spot and just missed out on a top 5 finish coming home in 6th.

It was an impressive win for Tyler Hinrichs in the Hobby Stocks. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

In the Casey’s General Store IMCA Hobby Stock ranks Tyler Hinrichs knew that he had a fast car. In his heat race he finished 2nd, but started 6th on the grid. In the feature he would start in the 9th spot, but had high hopes for a strong finish.

Travis Darnall and Koby Minnis would lead the field to the green flag.

After a few yellow flags, the starting lineup would be shuffled around and Hinrichs would start a little closer to the front.

As the green flag waved Hinrichs made a bid for the top spot coming out of turn 2. He would take the lead and go on to the opening night win.

Nicholas Ronnebaum would finish in the runner up spot, Minnis would have one of his best finishes of his career in 3rd, 4th went to Ryan Sutter and Jeff Rigsby was able to hold on to the 5th position.

Casey Woken #35w battles with Shane Stutzman in the Stock Car main. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The Bud’s Auto Service IMCA Stock Car A Main was marred by a wild ride from Jim Powell Jr. Powell would be ok and once back to racing it was another strong feature from a very competitive class.

It was strong battle for the top spot as Casey Woken would duke it out for the top spot with Shane Stutzman. Both drivers started the race in the 3rd row but found themselves battling for the win late in the race.

They also had company from Jason Schoenberger. Schoenberger started all the way back in 13th and worked his way forward during the A Main.

The battle between the two leaders, Woken and Stutzman, would go down to the last lap. Woken would put enough distance between 1st and 2nd to take home the win.

Stutzman would settle for 2nd, Schoenberger raced his way to a 3rd place finish, 4th would go to Dominic Thyfault and rounding out the top 5 was Brandon Conkrwright.

If there is every a class that displays daring moves and close competition it’s in the JAG Trucking IMCA Northern Sport division.

The opening night feature saw one driver put on a dominant performance in a new car for 2017.

It was an opening night win in a new car for Brian Murphy. Reed Bros. Racing Photos.

Brian Murphy started outside the front row in the feature. From there he battled up front before taking the lead. It was a lead that he would put a strangle hold on all night long.

There was a strong display of great driving behind Murphy as the 2nd thru 7th place drivers in the feature started from the 4th row or worse in the feature event.

Late in the race, due to lapped traffic, Murphy would get a challenge from Kyle Stallbaumer. Murphy would meet the challenge and sped off to the opening night win.

Stallbaumer finished in the 2nd spot after starting 7th, 3rd went to the youngster Jaylen Wettengel, who started 10th, CJ Pfannenstiel started 9th and finished 4th and Bryan Rigsby was one of the big movers on the night going from 14th to 5th by the end of the feature.

The Big Time Bail Bonds Clash on the Hill continues next Saturday night, May 13th! Gates open at 5 p.m.

For more information visit Thunder Hill Speedway online or on Facebook at Thunder Hill Speedway.

Modified-BSB Manufacturing A-Feature
1. Clay Money (7M) Penokee, Ks 40 2
2. Darron Fuqua (87) Mayetta, Ks 39 7
3. Steven Bowers Jr. (77) Topeka, Ks 38 3
4. Jordy Nelson (4J) Marysville, Ks 37 4
5. Mat Stallbaumer (M80) Tecumseh, Ks 36 6
6. Ken Schrader (9) Concord, Nc 35 9
7. Kyle Olberding (75) Seneca, Ks 34 1
8. Josh Blumer (21) Marysville, Ks 33 11
9. Tom Charles (81) Basehor, Ks 32 5
10. Richard Spriggs (81S) Savannah, Mo 31 8
11. Allen Halderman (178) Hoyt, Ks 30 10
12. David Conkwright (19C) Westmoreland, Ks 29 15
13. Bill Carter (14C) Kansas City, Ks 28 12
14. Devin Stock (9S) Topeka, Ks 27 14
DNS. Anthony Tanner (7) Topeka, Ks 13

Stock Car-Buds Auto Service A-Feature
1. Casey Woken (35JW) Norton, Ks 40 6
2. Shane Stutzman (22S) Milford, Ne 39 5
3. Jason Schoenberger (6X) Russell, Ks 38 13
4. Dominic Thyfault (27) Wakarusa, Ks 37 2
5. Brandon Conkwright (24C) Wamego, Ks 36 9
6. Colton Miller (74C) Topeka, Ks 35 17
7. Tommy Fose (127) Delphos, Ks 34 4
8. Steven Corning (38) Atchison, Ks 33 16
9. Hank Thompson (6) Kansas City, Ks 32 18
10. Justin Merriman (25) Onaga, Ks 31 21
11. Eric Bartels (25B) Plymouth, Ne 30 1
12. Kenny Ziegler (202) Junction City, Ks 29 10
13. Greg Deters (29D) Centralia, Ks 28 12
14. Marvin Griffith Jr (75M) Holton, Ks 27 19
15. Anthony Deters (35) Centralia, Ks 26 20
16. Shaylon Holloway (38X) Osborne, Ks 25 14
17. Jim Powell Jr. (20P) Lecompton, Ks 24 3
18. Tim Pruett (46) Atchison, Ks 23 15
19. Ron Hill (72) Lathrop, Mo 22 24
20. Lance Dixon (03) Topeka, Ks 21 22
21. James Clem (29J) Huron, Ks 20 23
DQ. Nolan Remus (8R) Cawker City, Ks 7
DQ. Matt Haid (22) Ozawkie, Ks 8
DQ. Dan Nelson (94) Beatrice, Ne 11

N. SportMods-JAG Trucking A-Feature
1. Brian Murphy (1M) Carbondale, Ks 40 2
2. Kyle Stallbaumer (K27) Tecumseh, Ks 39 7
3. Jaylen Wettengel (91J) Topeka, Ks 38 10
4. Cj Pfannenstiel (4) Wakeeney, Ks 37 9
5. Bryan Rigsby (12B) Topeka, Ks 36 14
6. Dakota Kessler (81K) Savannah, Mo 35 15
7. Troy L. Baumgartner (7d3) Auburn, Ks 34 12
8. Sturgis Streeter (34S) Topeka, Ks 33 6
9. Zach Nitsch (007) Delia, Ks 32 3
10. Bryce Frakes (27F) Valley Falls, Ks 31 4
11. Jeremy Pittsenbarger (32P) Cameron, Mo 30 11
12. Jason Lewman (27) Cummings, Ks 29 13
13. Dalton Blow (35) Onaga, Ks 28 18
14. Gary Holthaus (50) Topeka, Ks 27 16
15. Austin Charles (81) Basehor, Ks 26 8
16. Eric Spreer (214) Perry, Ks 25 20
17. Mark Smith (21) Rossville, Ks 24 24
18. Billy Carreno (23C) Topeka, Ks 23 1
19. Tim Stallbaumer (T25) Tecumseh, Ks 22 5
20. Jacob Davis (18) Berryton, Ks 21 21
21. Travis Burger (6B) Maize, Ks 20 17
22. Tracy Holloway (83) Osborne, Ks 19 19
DNS. Mat Frye (94M) Ozawkie, Ks 22
DNS. Bryan Bowers (77B) Topeka, Ks 23

Hobby Stocks-Caseys General Store A-Feature
1. Tyler Hinrichs (25) Americus, Ks 40 9
2. Nicholas Ronnebaum (7N) Onaga, Ks 39 10
3. Koby Minnis (112) Topeka, Ks 38 2
4. Ryan Sutter (79) Rock Port, Mo 37 8
5. Jeff Rigsby (1i) Grantville, Ks 36 5
6. Tatham Burkkhart (250) Hays, Ks 35 11
7. Mallory Stiffler (M87) Hoyt, Ks 34 4
8. Travis Darnall (86D) Mayetta, Ks 33 1
9. Joshua Haid (42) Meriden, Ks 32 6
10. Steven Peach (16) Perry, Ks 31 12
11. Tyler Garst (53T) Topeka, Ks 30 3
DQ. Ricky Tanner (14) Topeka, Ks 7

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