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Anderson Doubles Up, Bowers, Davidson & Woken Also Winners at Heartland Park

Shannon Anderson flies around Heartland Park. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

Topeka, KS – The weather finally broke for the Topeka area fans and racers on Sunday night. Mother Nature’s crazy mood gave us rain and 50 degree temperatures most of the week before opening up 70 degree weather on Friday followed by 80 plus degree weather on Saturday and Sunday.

The weather pattern had the track prep team working overtime to try and get the surface ready with just 2 days of prep time.

The warm temperatures brought out some great racing action along with some new faces going to victory lane during the Karl Performance Sunday Showdown!

Heartland Park Topeka saw the first repeat winner of the season on Sunday night. This feat was accomplished in the IMCA Hobby Stock division.

Shannon Anderson is a multiple time, former, IMCA Hobby Stock National Champion, and has made the long haul from Des Moines, IA to Topeka, KS for both races this season. He is quickly becoming a fan favorite and he is making it worth his while to attend each and every Sunday night.

Anderson started off 8th in the main event and it took just a few laps to get up alongside leader Alex Boyden.

Boyden began to have some issues with his car and Anderson took advantage. Anderson would take away the top spot.

Tyler Hinrichs would give chase to Anderson during the main event, but Anderson, in just a short time, has become a master of Heartland Park Topeka’s Dirt Track.

Anderson would speed off from the competition and pick up his 2nd win of the season in as many races.

Hinrichs would race his way to 2nd, 3rd would go to Eric Cross, Nicholas Ronnebaum would finish in the 4th position and Cody Williams would start 9th and moved up all the way to 5th at the end of the night.

Steven Bowers Jr. speeds off to an easy win in the IMCA Modified Feature. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

After the heat races in the IMCA Modified division it looked as if Darron Fuqua, the winner from opening night, would be the favorite once again in the feature.

Someone forgot to tell Steven Bowers Jr.

Allen Halderman would lead the laps 1 and 2, but it was Bowers that would move into the lead on lap 3.

By lap 4, Fuqua made his run to the 2nd spot. Here he would apply some pressure to Bowers, but carburetor problems would take him out of contention late in the race.

Clay Money was he next driver to apply some pressure to Bowers, but on this night Bowers was more than up for the challenge. Each time anyone would get close to Bowers, he would stand back on the gas pedal and motor away from the competition.

Bowers would come to the checkered flag first getting win #1 on the season at Heartland Park Topeka.

The runner-up spot went to Money, Fuqua was able to hang on for 3rd, 4th went to Danny Holt, who started 9th in the feature and rounding out the top 5 was Josh Blumer.

Casey Woken #35JW looks to make the pass on the leader, #27 Dominic Thyfault. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

One of the most exciting features of the night came in the IMCA Stock Cars.

Christine Holt took out to the early lead in this feature. She took over the lead with a great display of driving as she navigated some tough waters to pull into the top spot. The competition was fierce behind her and they weren’t waiting around.

Dominic Thyfault started to work on Holt at the front of the pack. He would wrestle the lead away from Holt by lap 3.

Thyfault, a former feature winner at Heartland Park, took command of the lead.

An early yellow flag would send Bryan Rigsby and Jim Powell Jr., the winner from opening night, to the rear of the field. Both would have to work their way back up to the front.

Casey Woken worked his way up to Thyfault and was looking to take the top spot. Back and forth the two drivers would go. Side by side, neither giving an inch.

Woken, also a former feature winner at Heartland Park, took the lead from Thyfault with just a few laps remaining. He would hang on to the lead and get his first win of 2017 at Heartland Park.

Behind Woken was a great battle between Thyfault and Rigsby. Rigsby would race his way back up to the front and as he came to the flag stand he got a good run on Thyfault. It was a drag race down to the stripe and Thyfault would take the runner-up spot by mere inches. Rigsby would finish 3rd after his great run from the back to the front.

Colton Miller had a good start to his 2017 race season as he finished 4th and 5th would go to Jason Schoenberger.

Brian Davidson logs another Heartland Park Topeka IMCA N. Sport Mod win. Reed Bros. Racing Photos

The IMCA Northern Sport Mod Feature also saw another new face in victory lane on Sunday night.

A pair of youngsters, Sturgis Streeter and Zach Nitsch brought the field to the green flag.

Nitsch would be the early leader as he got out in front quick. It wasn’t going to be easy at the front. Brian Davidson was hot on his tail and made a move to get by Nitsch as he pushed up the race track. The move would work and Davidson became the new leader.

Davidson would hold on to the top spot the rest of the way out. It would be his 1st win at Heartland Park in 2017.

Behind Davidson there was a lot of moving and shaking going on between the competition.

Jaylen Wettengel and Matthew Crowell made their way into 2nd and 3rd on lap 9. The two would battle back and forth but Wettengel would get the upper hand and finished in the 2nd spot, Crowell would finish 3rd on the night.

A pair of brothers, Austin Charles and Jarret Beach, put on one heck of a show for the 4th and 5th spots. In the end Charles, the opening night feature winner, would win the battle for 4th and Beach would settle for the 5th position.

The Karl Performance Sunday Showdown will be on hiatus for the next 2 weeks as the NHRA comes to town for the Menard’s Heartland Nationals. The dirt track will resume action on May 28th with the 3rd points race of the season.

For more information visit Heartland Park on the web or visit them on Facebook at Heartland Park Topeka.

IMCA Modified
A Feature 1 20 laps
1. 77-Steven Bowers, Jr.[5]; 2. 7M-Clay Money[6]; 3. 87-Darron Fuqua[7]; 4. 7D-Danny Holt[9]; 5. 21-Josh Blumer[10]; 6. 81-Tom Charles[4]; 7. 11-Scott Brown[12]; 8. 17JR-Ricky Abrams[11]; 9. C4-Curtis Dreasher[2]; 10. (DNF) 178-Allen Halderman[1]; 11. (DNF) 44-Jared Rogers[8]; 12. (DNF) A2-Randy Wilson[3]

Heat 1 8 laps
1. 87-Darron Fuqua[4]; 2. 178-Allen Halderman[1]; 3. 77-Steven Bowers, Jr.[3]; 4. 7D-Danny Holt[5]; 5. A2-Randy Wilson[2]; 6. 17JR-Ricky Abrams[6]
Heat 2 8 laps
1. 7M-Clay Money[3]; 2. 44-Jared Rogers[4]; 3. 81-Tom Charles[2]; 4. 21-Josh Blumer[6]; 5. C4-Curtis Dreasher[1]; 6. 11-Scott Brown[5]

IMCA Stock Car
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 35JW-Casey Woken[8]; 2. 27-Dominic Thyfault[3]; 3. 12B-Bryan Rigsby[5]; 4. 74C-Colton Miller[10]; 5. 6X-Jason Schoenberger[7]; 6. 20P-Jim Powell Jr[6]; 7. 11-Christine Holt[1]; 8. BIG0-Ron Edwards Jr[9]; 9. 91-Shane Wettengel[4]; 10. 12S-Dustin Sievers[11]; 11. 03-Lance Dixon[13]; 12. (DNF) 127-Tommy Fose[2]; 13. (DNF) 39K-Shane Schmidt[12]; 14. (DNF) 24C-Brandon Conkwright[14]

Heat 1 6 laps
1. 27-Dominic Thyfault[3]; 2. 35JW-Casey Woken[6]; 3. 91-Shane Wettengel[4]; 4. 20P-Jim Powell Jr[5]; 5. 74C-Colton Miller[7]; 6. 12S-Dustin Sievers[1]; 7. 03-Lance Dixon[2]
Heat 2 6 laps
1. 6X-Jason Schoenberger[5]; 2. 12B-Bryan Rigsby[4]; 3. BIG0-Ron Edwards Jr[6]; 4. 127-Tommy Fose[2]; 5. 11-Christine Holt[7]; 6. 39K-Shane Schmidt[1]; 7. (DNF) 24C-Brandon Conkwright[3]

IMCA Northern Sport Mod
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. B55-Brian Davidson[3]; 2. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[8]; 3. 2C-Matthew Crowell[10]; 4. 81-Austin Charles[11]; 5. 27-Jarret Beach[9]; 6. 34S-Sturgis Streeter[1]; 7. M16-Kolton Vogel[4]; 8. 45W-Kyle Williams[14]; 9. 007-Zach Nitsch[2]; 10. 21S-Mark Smith[13]; 11. (DNF) 1M-Brian Murphy[5]; 12. (DNF) 45-Dustin Thulin[6]; 13. (DNF) 77B-Bryan Bowers[7]; 14. (DNF) 34F-Tony Filbert[12]

Heat 1 6 laps
1. B55-Brian Davidson[2]; 2. 1M-Brian Murphy[3]; 3. 27-Jarret Beach[6]; 4. 34S-Sturgis Streeter[1]; 5. 77B-Bryan Bowers[5]; 6. 81-Austin Charles[7]; 7. 21S-Mark Smith[4]
Heat 2 6 laps
1. 91J-Jaylen Wettengel[5]; 2. M16-Kolton Vogel[2]; 3. 007-Zach Nitsch[1]; 4. 2C-Matthew Crowell[6]; 5. 45-Dustin Thulin[3]; 6. 34F-Tony Filbert[4]; 7. (DNF) 45W-Kyle Williams[7]

IMCA Hobby Stock
A Feature 1 15 laps
1. 78-Shannon Anderson[8]; 2. 25-Tyler Hinrichs[5]; 3. 57-Eric Cross[7]; 4. 7N-Nicholas Ronnebaum[3]; 5. 77-Cody Williams[9]; 6. 14-Ricky Tanner[2]; 7. 11P-Dodd Proctor[13]; 8. 17-Randy Kohn[4]; 9. 86D-Travis Darnall[12]; 10. (DNF) 4D-Alex Boyden[1]; 11. (DNF) 250-Tathan Burkhart[11]; 12. (DNF) 79C-Chris Lierz[6]; 13. (DNF) 2-Jason Cleveland[10]

Heat 1 6 laps
1. 17-Randy Kohn[4]; 2. 2-Jason Cleveland[7]; 3. 78-Shannon Anderson[6]; 4. 79C-Chris Lierz[5]; 5. 14-Ricky Tanner[2]; 6. 250-Tathan Burkhart[3]; 7. 11P-Dodd Proctor[1]
Heat 2 6 laps
1. 25-Tyler Hinrichs[4]; 2. 4D-Alex Boyden[1]; 3. (DNF) 7N-Nicholas Ronnebaum[3]; 4. (DNF) 77-Cody Williams[6]; 5. (DNF) 57-Eric Cross[5]; (DNS) 86D-Travis Darnall

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